Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 42: Last Friday Night

Good Morning World.

It is a new day today and one day away from my official birthday. I am excited I will be spending it with friends; they truly are my family and I am grateful for each and everyone of them. They mean so much to me; however, I have to admit that I wish my twinflame would be in attendance. Perhaps he can make it up to me when he does finally arrive fully in my life.

So last night, I awoke minutes after he emailed. I didn't know that until this morning at 3:33 when I awoke, but I didn't respond until I finally laid back in bed and couldn't fall back to sleep. He asked how I was and my response as silly as it is the truth. "Missing you. Raise your hand if you miss me too." I know it is random, but I have to go with my heart. I really wanted to say run to me now...I love you, but that, well that might just scare him away enough to set us back a few steps. So instead, I said what I felt at that moment.

Anyway, about 3:33 this morning, I woke up to the song by Katy Perry called, "Last Friday Night". This is probably the third or fourth time in the last few weeks that I have heard it in my head. I have heard it on the radio probably once if that. The first time I saw the lyrics I was like not sure what you are trying to tell me. But this morning I looked up the lyrics and it struck me differently, I get it. I get what he is trying to tell me. I am posting the youtube up with lyrics, but he truth is that Katy Perry sings it as it is a happy time especially when the words are TGIF. However, I believe my twin is awake to the fact that this is not what he wants to be doing anymore --living the same life every Friday night, every day really, every week. He is ready for something different. I hope now that I got the message it is now out of my head. Oy you have no idea what that song sounds like in my head.

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