Sunday, February 12, 2012

Inspirational Snippet: The Power to Change Someone's World

I opened up my facebook page and saw that Whitney Houston had died. (Oddly I know, often that is my source of news since I don’t watch television.) Everyone is commenting how sad it is and saying rest in peace; and providing all the appropriate comments that one does when some leaves this lifetime. As I sit here, I feel such interesting emotions. I wonder why all these people were so touched by this soul and only share openly their feelings when she died. I wonder why it is that someone has to die before people can recognize the beauty of a soul. It is as if when a person dies, they receive this honor of being accepted, loved and respected. It is as if it is only possible to see the light of someone when they die. Quite often when the person is alive, they go unnoticed (particularly in the media) and are not acknowledged unless of course there is some sort of scandal occurring.

Teach one another that where attention is focused is what they receive. Even if the attention is on someone else, you are all powerful and make impact upon their life.—Masters of Light.

After I saw the comments, I googled Whiney Houston to see what happened; the articles I read said drugs had overtaken her world after 2009 and it destroyed her career and ultimately her. Her cause of death is unknown. Is it? I mean, is her cause of death not lack of love? They described her as: beautiful, promising, hopeful and the queen of music until her addiction took a toll on her success. Why? I know some of you reading this may be thinking, isn’t it obvious. The thing is we need to start changing things pretty quickly in the world as I am seeing it more clearly than I ever have. Perhaps if the love that is being showered upon her with the ending of her life were showered upon her prior to her death; maybe she would not be dead at age 48.

Unfortunately, love is not often what is showered on people particularly people in the media. (At this moment, I speak only of the people in the media, but the reality is that you will find that this is true even on the small scale in our personal lives.) As soon as someone steps into the spotlight, their entire world is on display, but it isn’t often focused upon her beauty, her promises of a great career; it is often focused upon the gossip, the not being good enough, the tiny details that really in retrospect have little matter in the world with the exception of making someone else look better. It isn’t news to say: “her voice is so beautiful. I wish to send her some love because she looks to be going through something. Let’s unite together to assist her through these difficult times.” Instead, it is news to find some kind of “dirt” on someone and make them feel less than. We have this whole competition energy on our planet that needs to shift. It is the competition energy that focuses people’s attention upon the negatives to raise themselves up.

This is one of the greatest problems on the planet at this time and it is so ingrained in human society that even children are raised to compete at an early age whether it is sibling rivalry or upon entrance into school systems. Dear ones, this needs to change. –Masters of Light

(I am not saying everyone is this way as I have learned to step away from the media as have many of you, but quite a few people do buy into it; otherwise, our media would be focusing attention upon different things.)

Media in your world is not evil or negative. It is your creation, dear ones. In essence, it means it is what each of you is projecting collectively thereby creating it in your reality. Can it be changed? Yes, dear ones, it can be changed when you are ready to see that you have the power to change what you are projecting. Then you will empower yourselves to choose to create a different kind of media. One that focuses on love and empowerment rather than one that focuses upon fear and struggle.—Masters of Light

I wonder how we can be so “upside down” in our thinking. I mean all these outpourings of love from society now that she is gone are useless really. I think the time she needed to hear these magnificent things about her was when she was alive; perhaps her knowing that she was valuable and important to this world would have changed the direction of her life. Clearly, her choices showed a lack of love in her life and maybe reminding her while she was alive that she was loved by simply being and sharing her voice, her gift to the world.

It reminds me of something my mom told me a long time ago. We were driving to the cemetery to put flowers on my grandmother’s grave. My mom said, “don’t put flowers on my grave when I die, especially if you don’t bring them to me when I am alive and I can appreciate them.” That was something that always stuck with me. I don’t think my mom realized exactly what she said at the time, and perhaps I didn’t even get it at the time; but I understand it now. Flowers like words should be given when someone is alive; for then people not only enjoy the beauty of them, but feel the love too.

My wish is to know I am loved now, not when I am gone. My wish for you is to speak your words of love and appreciation to those you feel it for as you feel it; and, may you to receive the same back. You never know what could change someone’s world; just know you have the power to do so now.

My love to you,

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