Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Inspirational Snippet: Endings and Beginnings

This morning, I posted today's message which is usually a daily thing from my guides, the Angels, the Ascended Masters or any beautiful love filled energy that wishes to show up. I was prompted to share this with you today too...not just my facebook daily message viewers.

Today's message is about endings and beginnings. Know that as something ends it is simply the end of a cycle to allow growth and transformation. At the end of something there is always a beginning for something else. Humans get caught in the ending and prolong the end causing more pain and drama for oneself, whereas if the end is seen as part of one's journey then one is always left with hope for the beginning of something new. It is all about perspective dear ones.

In the moment, to change your perspective, simply take a deep breath let out a sign and then revisit the situation. You will find more clarity and perhaps motivation to change as well.

My wish for you today is to find a new perspective about something you have been allowing to rattle around in your mind. Try the exercise above and see what it brings you.

In love,

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