Friday, January 13, 2012

Inspirational Snippet: Forgiveness

Good Morning Everyone,

I was sitting here in my apartment watching the sunrise over Guilford. It is truly quite amazing I have this beautiful picture window that my sofa faces and it is like having a giant television in my living room that lives and breathes. I get to watch the sunrise, the sunset, the clouds move all day long in the brillant blue sky, the moon rise with all its magic...I love it and I really don't want curtains, but I believe I probably should have them, but then I have to? Probably not! That will be determined later anyway I digress.

I just had a brief meditation and Mary Magdalene came in with a message for me and all of you and I wanted to share.

The message is about forgiveness. Now is the time dear children to make a list of all the things that are holding you back. Look closely at this list and make a connection that person who you felt assisted in the process of hurting you and begin to forgive them. It is as simple as getting a piece of paper and writing a letter to them telling them how they hurt you, telling them how it made you feel and then allowing them to come through your writing as to why they did what they did (if you are open enough to allow that--do not let ego get in the way here --this part is from EstaRa) and then tell them you release them and forgive them. Dear children, you can change the very nature of that relationship by simply forgiveness. It does not mean that you will necessarily want them to be a core part of your life, but children you are them and they are you. It is the truth of who you are and forgiveness will open your blocks. Now is the time, now is the moment you can release and let go.

I wish you each of you the process of your journey of forgiveness to be one of love and peace.

In love,

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