Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 33: Yes, I'm Ready

Good Morning World,

I know I am a few days behind in my blogging, but it is all for good reasons. Here is a little catch up. I had company on Friday and some family events over the weekend. It kept me in a good place particularly with my twin. So I will update you all on the weekend. Friday night, I was talking with my friend about dating and what if I did meet someone while I was waiting for my twin--I mean I realize I am beautiful and an amazing soul. Truly someone would be lucky to have me in their life....I am tapping into my inner goddess lately. To be honest, I can imagine kissing someone who was not my twin. It is really weird to say that and for some of you to hear it, but it is the truth. Anyway, I was saying to my friend, what would happen if I met someone and fell in love and got married. Then I walked into the other room, I heard my twin's spirit clearly say to me, "You don't think I would let you marry someone else now, do you? We are so close." Then that night, I was watching a movie with my friend and I kept itching. I got itchy everywhere for about 45 minutes. The last time that happened was Superbowl Sunday and it occurred to me that it is him. My twin is itching to talk with me.

Saturday was such a busy day that I woke longing to talk to my twinflame. I miss him. I miss his voice. I his his smile. I miss his humor. I miss everything about him.

So all of this brings me to yesterday morning. I woke up with an amazing song in my head. I heard the words, "Are you Ready? Yes, I'm ready. I don't even know how to love you. Just the way you want me to to, but I'm ready." I have probably heard this song one time before in my life. I looked up the lyrics and I cried. I knew without a doubt that it was from my twin. It is so beautiful and the funny thing is that my twinflame was 8 when it came out. I imagine him as this adorable little boy.

So anyway, I found it on youtube and want to share it with all of you... (By the way, I just listened to this song again and cried, but can't get lost in my tears I have my niece staying with me the next day or so.)

Then, I was baking cookies for a family gathering that I was going to attend in the early afternoon and my phone rang. I know it was him. He blocks his phone number and hangs up on me--long story, but I know it is him. He could even say that it isn't him, but hey I am a psychic. I love that he called me....we are so totally mirroring each other. Anyway, I am off for now. I love you my twinflame. I love you.

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