Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 57: It all moves into place

Good Morning World,

Yes it appears that I have been MIA for the last few days. I have been meaning to write each morning I started a blog post and then something took me away from the computer. I ended up starting it and not finishing it. Of course, I had good reason...nature was calling me to go outside and enjoy the weather so I did. I went to the beach Saturday, Sunday and Monday and boy it was a great thing for me to do. It felt refreshing and relaxing. A necessary. Anyway, I digress this is supposed to be about my twinflame. It is day 57--the number year my twinflame was born. So I am on day 57 of my journey and I was like yay I am almost finished and my guides so poignantly, through a friend, reminded me that I did not write for 60 days--perhaps I lived the 60 days, but I did not everyone of them so I must continue to have 60 days of writing.

While my twinflame may not be reading this humanly (or perhaps he is), he feels my words and hears them inside of him. Hence why it is so important for me to keep the faith and continue this writing so he could feel it and give him fuel to keep pushing forward with the changes he is contemplating. So, I just took a look at my blog and realize that the number of days I did not write was 24 days so I am extending my writing for keeping the faith with my twin for 24 more posts.

So I truly realized that I need to continue to write when the other day, I was guided to a book and my guides told me to read it out loud. I was told that as I read it, my twin was picking it up in his vibration. He may not be completely aware of it humanly, but he is picking it up and it is having an impact on him. That is amazing to me, but then again why not? I mean we are one and what is in my vibration is often in his vibration too.

So I am sitting outside watching the birds in my backyard and listening to their song. I just heard as a cardinal sang loudly over and over a call to its partner. It was a beautiful red cardinal and I watched as the other cardinal (not a red one) came to answer the call. As the other cardinal arrived, the red one jumped to another branch. It was like, "oh look you came? Now, I'm going." It felt like the dance that humans do in relationships. I wonder if the birds are mimicking us or if we are mimicking them? ( Anyway, I digress, I just love sitting outdoors. I must say I do need to get a lawn chair that I can put out here because this carrying my treatment room chair in and out is getting old. Anyone have a lawn chair that they are getting rid of ? It can't be heavy or ugly because when it is not outside it will be in my bedroom...if so let me know.)

My guides inform me that as of the Spring Equinox all will begin...the twinflames will move into place and begin to reunite...I feel this so much inside of me--it truly resonates especially in the last several days and today included. Bring it on I tell you ...bring it on...

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