Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Day 3 of 45 Days of Releasing Negativity

This morning I am going to share a snippet of information with you from Yeshua.  This was from a channel I recently did over the weekend.  Here it is:

Several years ago, I would often go to Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine, in Litchfield, CT for peace and sanctuary particularly when I lived in Bristol. I would often take someone with me to experience the peace and beauty,  but truly I preferred to go there alone I got more out of it for me.  So one day (gosh it has to be 10-12 years ago now), I was walking down the "Stations of the Cross" (for those of you who do not know what that is, to put it as simply as possible it is a path that resembles the story of Jesus from death to resurrection).  Near the end of the "Stations", Yeshua (Jesus prefers to be called his Hebrew name) greeted me and walked with me.  "I am the way."  He must have repeated it three times before I stopped to listen to him and understood, really understood for the first time ever!

He said:

"I am the way.  I am (not me the person), but the "I AM" is the way. This is the divinity of God within you and it is your power to create in this earthly realm. Whatever words, thoughts, feelings you place after the words "I AM" creates your reality in the physical world you live in."   ~Yeshua

This was by far one of the most profound experiences I have had with Yeshua.  It taught me so much, I remember crying and being really excited with this information, but I had no one to share it with.  Back then, I was still transitioning out of my old life and burgeoning on birthing my new life. The message above is just as significant today as it was back then.   Yeshua is here with me now with another message for humanity. And today, Yeshua stood beside me to fill in the gaps and to add more information for me, for us. 

"It will take you many years to fully comprehend and embody this truth for you will have to undergo deconstruction of a program that has been deeply embedded in your DNA and cellular memory, for when you have incarnated into human form on this planet, you have taken on the prevailing consciousness and your job is to rise above that consciousness to help humanity change the very consciousness that is holding them back.  I will assist you dear one, to reclaim your divinity and essence of light that you are, and have been taught to believe you are not.  You are not a sinner from birth, for you are the light and love of God, the creator of all. As humanity begins to awaken and question what they have been told to believe the more quickly the energy will move upon the planet and the more quickly consciousness will begin to resemble the light that you are.  Your powers of creation are more magnificent than you can imagine from your limited human perspective. Look into your heart and begin to see the transformation of your very being." –Yeshua

Something to truly ponder, what words do you put after your “I am”?   This is journal worthy—take a gander and make a list.  I know one of mine is “I am tired.”  I have to find a new way to convey I am tired perhaps coming up with something like “I feel energized”…Maybe I can reprogram a tired body to feel energized with that simple of words. 

It is hard to get into a new habit and say you are fine when quite frankly, you are not. I struggle with this everyday because since my car accident I have not had one day free of pain in my body.  However, my belief is to not "feed" the energy what you do not want so I don't always say what is happening in me, but then when I go to the doctors I struggle because I don't think I convey enough how bad my body feels.  This has been such a difficult journey because to deal with the medical world, you must over and over again present the same information --nothing like keeping you stuck and locked into a diagnosis.  I try to use words to describe what is going on with me avoiding the "I am".  Yesterday was a tough day for me---I feel like time is moving more quickly than I can keep up with and find their is little time for the things I want to do so I am going to make more of an effort to make time for me by accomplishing a few things that need to get out of the way.   This is short but brief.....will check in later or tomorrow.

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