Friday, February 17, 2012

Day 30: Bridges of Madison County

Hello World,

Last night I watched a movie, The Bridges of Madison County. My friend brought it over for us to watch and Wow, talk about movies about twinflames. I know it is an older movie that came out in 1995, but I never did see it. To be honest, not sure how I missed it other than perhaps I was being protected from it. The time that it came out I was still in that denial phase of who I was and am to this Earth. I was living or trying to live like everyone else at that point and perhaps if I saw this I would have had a remembrance too soon of my twinflame.

Anyway, I digress because what I wished to share with you all about the movie is what Robert (Clint Eastwood) said to Francesca (Meryl Streep) are the words I've said to my beloved. (I am sure the words that every twinflame couple has had upon their journey.) OMG It made me cry. I cried because he is everything to me. I cried because right in this moment he is not in my arms. I cried because this movie was one of the most perfect portrayals of twinflame love I have seen. It just spoke to my heart.

Then as the movie ended and I was crying, my friend said to me. That is how it had to happen at that time. (the movie took place in the 1950') But this is the time for twinflame love to come together. It is a different time and twinflames will reunite. So perhaps if this were a real story (it sure was inspired by someone who experienced twinflame love), and it occurred now they would end up together because it is the time of twinflames reuniting.

This movie made me love my twin more. (is that possible? I know it is because I fall in love with him over and over again.)

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