Thursday, February 20, 2014

Energy Thoughts: It's All About the Heart, Baby!

Hello, my fellow beautiful beings of light.

We've now been under the spell of  Mercury Retrograde for the last couple of weeks. Only one more week to endure the energy of stagnation. Are you feeling it?  Are you having some electronic issues? I've had several which is why this email never gets out there.   Are doubts and fears creeping up?   Are you second guessing your decision to stay and make it work whether it be in a relationship or career?  Are you seeing that your truth from two weeks ago is the same as your truth currently or are you seeing a whole new truth?  What are you noticing that is different.  What are you noticing that is the same strong urge you've been having? Thanks to Mercury all this rethinking/reworking is happening within the realm of humanity at this time. 

I have to laugh, I have been trying to get this Energy Update out to you for several days now. I thought that I would be lucky enough to get it down, but oh no--the universe has had other plans--I felt stuck and unable to do it. Not only does my internet seem to need a reboot every morning, but I myself have been in the goo with ideas. I mean the thoughts/ideas/information has been floating around me/in my head/auric field (thanks to Aquarius air energy--those air signs got to love them for ideas), but it feels as if I have been in a tornado of thoughts/ideas and yet they have had no where to land as of yet due to Mercury Retrograde. It is almost like building up of a storm that will soon set itself down in March, charting a new path for many of us. A good example is that I've even been in the middle of writing four books, yes four, but the kicker is that I have not been able to stick with one of them because it all varies on the way the energy flows in that moment that I sit down to write.  .Sound familiar? 

This energy that we are in is equivalent to a murky swamp of sorts.  More like murky swamp of emotions for some, ideas for others.  All wound up around confusion/lack of direction/focus and waiting for a place to settle (like I just mentioned above).  I bet you are wondering/asking/even pleading to get some clarity.  Unfortunately, we are in this swamp for the next several days.  Can we wade through it to make it to the other side of the shore or are we just embarking on a journey that will go no where?  I think that best sums up the view of life at this time.   Last minute re-engineering of our thoughts/reality is taking place in these last days of Mercury Retrograde.  Yes, the universe is giving you yet again the opportunity to clear/release/let go of/get pulled out of what is not your truth.  Are you ready for this stream of egoic clearing because Pisces energy is all about the heart/soul connection?  If you are not living it/following it/exploring it (the heart, that is) then you are not fully ready to merge into wholeness and the universe will slam you once again.  It is time to make that decision about your life that you have been contemplating, that your heart is leading you to.  It might be a bit more difficult to access the logic of it  as Mercury moves through Pisces, but then again in this new paradigm there is very little room for logic to take place. It is all about the heart, baby! (hahaha--yes, those were the exact words in my head!)   When you are in the Pisces energy, it is easy to want to distract/daydream because that is where your heart and your spirit take you to a place where your eternal truth lies far beyond the boundaries and limits of this third dimensional realm you have come too know, love/hate and appreciate.  But no need to fear, your angels are guiding you and if you ask, quiet your mind, you will get the intuition that you have longed to receive.

Today, seems like a day that I can be verbose, but it will suffice it to say that until next week when Mercury moves forward, expect the unexpected from yourself and others. Oh and  don't judge, simply love it!   For me, it will be just in time for my birthday on March 1st which this year, a miracle is about to happen---I've turned that corner--I've always known it inside of me, the possibility and the it is time for it to happen. 

For a Mercury Retrograde time is moving quickly by which I can honestly say I am very grateful for---big surprises, momentum and love move forward soon enough!

With Love,

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