Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Inspirational Snippet: You Always Deserve the Best

While last week was Valentine's Day, I really believe that it is every day that the media and advertising conspire to make the single person feel alone, unworthy, unattractive and just plain horrible about themselves. (I am not disputing that it makes married people feel the same things because it does, but you will get my point as you read on. At least, I hope you will. hahaha) I noticed of late it really doesn't impact me as it did when I was younger (and not since I have been on this path of light)and if anything I am really loving being my unique self and not buying into media or advertising; however, I do know many people buy into it and their lives are truly impacted by what is essentially the vibe running out there.

Around Valentine's Day and really any holiday; our media and society put such an emphasis on "love" or should I say "lack of love" (they really mean lack of relationship because on a whole I don't think society knows what love is with the exception of what is projected out by way of media, Hollywood and even internet dating); essentially pushes people to a state of pairing up and avoiding being single and alone. When did alone become such a bad word? The definition (yes I did look it up) states that it means separate or apart. It is okay to not be in a relationship; it really is okay to be alone. It is not a necessity or a requirement to have a relationship the entire time you are a human upon the Planet Earth. It is okay to discover you.

"Pairing Up" really does seem more accurate as I write this post. Pairing Up appears to be what is happening and I wouldn't even say that it is necessarily the best of the worst. It simply is a desire to not be alone. I would even go as far as to say it is a desire to not be alone with oneself. The whole point is that no matter what messages you are receiving outside of you that you always listen to your heart and not succumb to the "pairing up" process to avoid being alone or even worse staying together with someone to avoid being alone. You are more valuable than just settling to avoid being alone.

So when I began to write this post yesterday it was supposed to be part of my daily blogging, but as I started to write more, I found that it was something that needed to be shared and then this morning when I woke up, it was confirmed with the message for the day for my facebook fan page:

Today's message is you deserve people and situations that are aligned with love, dear ones. You do not ever have to settle for anything less. Call on the angels to assist you in remembering to be true to yourself for it takes courage to see the truth of your life and make changes for you always deserve love, you always deserve the best.

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