Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 43: It's My Birthday

It's my birthday today and I woke up and cried. It isn't because I am another year older. It isn't because it is my birthday--it is because my longing for my twinflame is greater than ever before. I feel it is so close for us that now all the feelings are so intensified.

I had an early birthday present last night. I talked to my twinflame on line for two hours through instant messenger. It is the first time in a long time that we talked back and forth through that medium. Towards the beginning of the conversation. He wrote "I miss you." I could feel his sincerity from just that message and then he followed it up with "raising hand." So I guess my guides were right (as if I doubt them), I do need to say whatever I feel at the time I feel it. He was really cute last night and I really had fun. I felt like we were on a date. I know that sounds weird, but it is true. It was different--all of it was different...but truly in a very good way. We ended our conversation with a simple thank you for the fun conversation and bye. We didn't say we'd talk again...we just enjoyed each other in that moment. Of course, when we finished I cried, but the tears were both mixed happy and sad. Happy because I love him so much and have missed him and sad because we had to go and I don't know when I will talk with him again. I do know that I will. I feel him and he feels me more than he ever has. I logged off the computer last night and just laid back down on the couch with my arms crossed around me as if I was holding something and I fell asleep there as if he were holding me. I woke up and was able to go into my bed feeling really warm and safe and felt like I slept in his arms most of the night.

This morning when I woke up, I cried. I have this feeling it is time. This is the month where everything changes...this is the appropriate and today is my birthday....hmmm I must have put this in the divine plan.

So I did a little gift for myself---I did a little reading for me with Angel Cards. As you all know, I don't use cards when I do my readings, but this is me doing it for me so I used cards so I couldn't dispute what I was feeling or sensing (believe me when you want to hear something and you hear it sometimes you doubt it thinking it is just because that is what you want to hear). So I want to share this reading with you all...

The card reading I just did for me is below. The question I asked was, what message do you have for me about me and my twin:

Overall: a happy new move or place of employment is in the works. The movement will usher in new positive energy. (I have pulled this card twice recently when I asked a question about my twin. So I feel this is about him and changes he is making or about to does involve me.)

Possible Block: Make a Decision Feeling Stuck or indecisive. Listen to your intuition and make a decision. (I feel like this is for him and me. He does have decisions to make and they are being placed in front of him each day until he makes them. But I also feel this is for me, it is reminding me to just listen to the intuition I am receiving about us and go with it.)

Angel's Guidance: Yes, the timing is right for this new happy adventure. A Happy Outcome follows your positive expectations. (It is NOW!! Resonates with the message I got about this month ushers in a new beginning.)

Have Faith: Prayers are manifesting. Remain Positive, and follow your guidance. (This one well you know this is about me keeping the faith, but as I type this I think it is also for him to hold on to the faith of my love for him. It will help him through this time too. As for me, I'm working on keeping the faith.)

Thank you all for witnessing my evolution.....and for being there perhaps silent witnesses sometimes to my journey, but nonetheless for supporting me by way of witnessing me. My love is here to share with the world and I share it all with you today....

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