Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 24: Do Your Homework

Okay, yes, it is day 24 and I have not written a blog about my twin in four days. I have been in a funk and really tired. Unfortunately, I feel very sleepy tonight too. But I was talking with a friend earlier who was "yelling" at me to write. (I put that in quotes as she was not really yelling at me; it was more like doing what I told her to do...holding me accountable for my blogging.)

So here I am writing tonight. Lots of things happen all the time with me and my twin which I perhaps deem unnoteable (is that even a word?), but the truth is many people would be completely amazed with some the experiences and I plan to write about them more as I go because my guides are emphasizing the importance of my keeping the faith and hence doing my homework.

I was out of faith earlier this week and then jumped back the last day and a half. I love him that is the one thing I know to be true. Everything else like when, where, how, what will happen is up in the air so to speak. I feel soon, but as I learned several years ago soon has a whole different meaning to me. By the way, just in case you don't know...I don't like the word patience and that was the message I got all week. Okay, it has been a long day and I am off to bed...going to join my twin's energy. Each night since Wednesday, I have gone to bed feeling as if he is wrapped around me and it is has if he is there holding me until the morning when it is time to wake up and work. It is not the same as a human body next to you, but a spiritual connection will be comforting and wonderful tonight.

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