Thursday, June 23, 2016

Twinflame Message: Heal Past Relationships, Clear Subconscious Connections

I was channeling my Energy Thoughts today and during my channel, I wrote the following, which prompted me to create this post:

"Well, if you notice we are in a completely different place than where we were last summer.   Stop for a moment and think about what life was like 3, 6, 9, 12 months ago.  Life is different, eh?  Far different or just subtly different?  I know for myself, the energy has opened up more to new possibilities, but boy was it a bumpy ride over the last year at times.   That ride was courtesy of all the healing/clearing work I have done on myself, waves of emotions that reverberate back and forth between me and my twinflame and just learning to navigate this new energy and  new light body.  (Sidenote:  Yes, I have done more twinflame work in the past year than I ever dreamed I would be doing--that is where my journey took me. Think about where your journey took you through the last year.) 

So, I did just that!  I thought for a moment through the last several months and brought myself to last July and realized in that instant something powerful happened; I had consciously closed down one timeline. Today as I am writing to you, I recognize what I healed and closed was a subconscious block/obstruction between me and my twin.  Let me explain.  Before meeting our twin, we are have likely been in intimate love relationships with others.  Each time we interact with someone a cord is created, but when we are in romantic relationship with someone and share intimacy that not only the thickens the cord, but creates an energetic exchange where you receive a part of them and they receive a part of you.  This bond stays in tact until it is severed/broken consciously.  We travel with the same souls for many lifetimes so it makes that soul connection stronger and the bond tighter. Many times it is done through a grieving process, consciously releasing the other person or by natural separation if done in a healthy exchange.  Other times, even long after the ending of a relationship, the connection is not completely released; either because an aspect of one or the other doesn't let go or and aspect of both of you don't want to let go.  This is a very simplified explanation to help you understand how the subconscious energy works.

Before meeting my twinflame, I had three relationships where I truly felt a connection on the soul level and experienced what I consider real love for them.  Looking back now, none of them compare to my connection with my twinflame, (whom I just smile about as I write this), but it doesn't mean I didn't feel the love and feel a connection on the soul level that was beyond most of my other relationships.   Last year I was visiting a friend that was away and staying about four hours from where one of those men lived;  I will refer to him as J. I didn't realize that we still had a strong connection, yes I had fond memories of being with him, but I didn't realize what that meant.  I hadn't spoken to J in nearly 10 years, but as soon as I crossed the line into the state he lived in, my antenna were up and I could feel him.  As I continued to drive through the state, I got the sense that he felt me there too. My entire trip I had this awareness of J and it really superseded me feeling my twinflame, in other words, the connection literally blocked me from feeling my twin.  I started to remember all the times I spent with him and would even dream of him at night.  I remember I could feel him come into my room at night.  Yes, this was all energetically. (and if you think this is crazy--believe me have I got stories for you!)  I was puzzled, and yet a bit intrigued, it got me a little giddy and curious.  His energy was all around me, and his name kept showing up everywhere and all the "good" memories were pouring in.  Finally, on the last day of my trip I couldn't take it anymore and decided to call him. I didn't have his phone number because it has been so many years, but voila, his phone number came pouring back in to me and I called him.  We chatted for about 15 minutes and he recognized my voice right away.  While we were talking, I realized that it was easy to talk with him again, as if time hadn't passed.  I also knew that if we were closer geographically, we would definitely have met somewhere.  Thinking back now, it still surprises me the connection I still had with him;  there was still a place in each of us that was familiar.  That familiar place was home to our soul connection which is why it was so comfortable, you can always get a glimmer of home with a soul mate, but until you meet your twin you aren't quite sure what home is. 

I hadn't realized at the time what was happening--or did I? I think I may have had a thought of it , but as I
recall it now, this experience with J ultimately set me free from not only that old timeline, but set me free to unite fully with my twinflame when the time arrives.  One of the things we don't recognize enough is that our subconscious energy really does play a role in our life (and union if you are a twinflame).  Relationships are our greatest teachers in our life on this planet; that being said, we are not always aware the effect those relationships have on us long after the physical relationship has ended.  I physically had moved on and so had this person, but energetically, we still shared an energetic tie/cord to each other.  It is so evident now to me why I experienced feeling J from the moment I crossed into the state he lived in.  To break the energetic tie,  it required me to speak with J one last time and having the universe and my twinflame send me the clearest of messages.  When I say clear messages, I mean indisputable messages that my twinflame is going to do this!  Before I called J, I asked spirit to help me understand and guide me because I didn't understand why I hadn't felt my twinflame and why I was feeling J so strongly, to be honest I was questioning/doubting my twinflame. Yes, that still happens from time to time.  At the end of the conversation with J, he said, "Bye for now." I was in shock--that is how my twinflame has always ended our conversation. I walked to sit down on a bench and just cried.   I cried because my twinflame was not with me and because our contact had been far and few in between, but that message was clearly from him.  I knew in that moment I would never hear from J again and that my twinflame made it clear to J as well that I belonged to him. It was extremely powerful, but it also allowed me to grieve that part of me; the part of me that experienced love/pain/happiness/sorrow etc in various timelines with that soul known as J.  I wiped my tears, walked into a restaurant to have lunch, but first headed into the bathroom. Then I heard it, I heard our song. It was playing and I started to cry again, this was from him. Our song is "How Deep is Your Love", okay he may not know that this is our song, but it is!  And in that song are the following words; "We belong to you and me."  It confirmed that he let J know etherically that we belong to each other.  When you live multidimensionally there is no separation and etheric is just as real as physical.  Here is a blog post from the past where this song came out of nowhere while I was in Egypt at the Temple of Divine Marriage: Signs.

After that time, I don't have J run through my mind, not even occasionally, except for the writing of this post. I acknowledge now that I feel free and I have set J free too.  As I was typing this, it occurred to me that there may be one more person that I need to clear from--this is the frustration and beauty of healing, it seems to never be done, but it is possible to do!  I am getting ready to go home from this life with my twinflame and I want to clear out anything that can obstruct that.   I digress and can continue to talk about my journey and how I know one of my greatest missions is to come here to find twinflame, reunite and take him home with me to another land, place, reality. 

The reason I wrote this post is so that you can look at your life and experiences to clean up anything/anyone that may still be connected to you that could be causing a block or interference between you and your twin unknowingly.  How will you know, you ask?  I encourage you to make a list particularly of the people you have had an intimate, romantic relationship with. Find a quiet place where you will not be interrupted and perform a grounding and breathing exercise so that your energy is at its optimum and as clear as you can get it.  Now read the first name and be still with it. What comes to mind for you?  What thoughts come in?  Do you feel anything in your body? These are few steps to determine if you have an emotional/mental/spiritual/physical charge with them.   The charge doesn't have to be loving like it was with mine, it could also be anger or any one of the emotions we feel.  If you experience something, then you likely may have a cord/tie to that individual or they have a tie to you; and subconsciously they are still there.  This is not always easy to discover on your own and may need assistance.  Ask your favorite healer to help you with this exercise or feel free to schedule some time with me if you think this may be a block you are experiencing. 


  1. Hi april, read your post today 23 Jun2016 and you shared a link on this blog. I was lead to read this coz i still hav a lot to cut the bonds with. While reading i was crying and i remembered this specific person that sometimes will come to my mind. He has been my armour when i am at my lowest so we really have that strong bond. I cried more and did the releasing.and i remember another lover w/whom i did not share any intimate connections but was my 1st love, right after my bubble love stage w twinnie when i went home i was led to meet him(he is residing elsewhere and seldom comes home to his home country) and then i realized that this is our closure. After that m more at peace and also my twin(coz he is bothered that i still love my 1st love).
    Thank you so much for sharing. I helps us twins a lot.
    Much love ��

    1. Janelyn, thank you so much for sharing your story. I am glad that my words help--I wonder if it is helpful or not to write, so I thank you for confirming it is helpful.

      I feel like you should definitely focus on what/who you need to cut cords with. Another example for me is I remember when I first met my twin, I had just finished a relationship with someone. For years, long after that guy disappeared my twin would ask me if I heard from him. (And no, it wasn't this guy that I wrote about here.) Actually, this story is a whole different story because the three of us had a past life connection. On another level, my twin knew who this man was for me in the previous life and remembered our experiences then and when he met me and heard about this guy who had tried to come back into my life again it triggered something in him--a fear of losing me causing an obstruction between me and my twin. Of course, I didn't recognize it at the time and several years later, I cleared that pattern/karma completely; and he is no longer a threat and my twin no longer asks about him. Much love to you!