Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 29: Touch of Love

Good Morning Everyone,

I swear this whole twinflame thing is so bi-polar at times (to use a word in mainstream that I don't like) I really think it is overused, but if there were anytime it was appropriate to use that word it would be in describing the journey to reuniting with your twinflame. One day I feel up the next day I feel down or it is up and down all in one day. Imagine that? Oy...anyway I digress because today is an up day at least now at this moment. I shall shield myself from the 3D world as long as I can today. For in that is my strength right now.

So my quick update and story. I take a Tai Chi Class on Wednesday mornings. It is a sweet class with only a few women. And yesterday, we were told we were going to do a Chi Bath to start our class so we had chairs and were seated for about 15 minutes while we performed a chi bath. A Chi Bath is when you activate your chi and your rub your face, your head, your arms, in essence you give yourself an energy bath. Wow is all I can say! And it wasn't that the Chi was so incredible, it was the experience. We started by rubbing our face with the warmth of the Chi in our hands. With my eyes closed and then even opened, I saw him. I saw my twin's face and I felt his face. I was rubbing the chi on his face I wasn't giving me the Chi Bath, I was giving the Chi Bath to him. I even felt the stubble of his beard, saw the side of his neck, the back of his head and felt myself running my fingers through his hair not mine. I felt tears well up inside because it was so loving and so wonderful. I know he must have felt something or perhaps he felt my hands touching him. I know I felt his face. I know his face, his head and I love it as I am sure I have mentioned how much I love his head! It was a beautiful thing, but yesterday it made me long for him. I mean I long for touching his face, kissing his lips and running my fingers through his his hair (but I guess I got that opportunity yesterday even if it weren't in 3D, I felt it and loved every moment of it).

So as I sat down to write this blog this morning, I heard a song play in my head "Get Ready cause here I come." It was the song I heard seven years ago this month and truthfully, it could have been seven years ago today (I just know it was in February 2005). It was the first time I had met my twinflame in a meditation. In the meditation, I was sitting on a park bench and I remembering thinking to myself this look an awful like Central Park in New York. Then my twinflame appeared and sat down on the bench next to me. He held my hand as we talked telepathically. I didn't see his face, but I saw the back of his head (hence the love I have for his human head). He asked me, "are you ready? Cause I'm coming." I said yes, we embraced and said "see you soon." Then the next morning I woke to this song by The Temptations (literally the song starts playing in my head hence that is my musical message from the Angels):

I will put it here for you to enjoy..... By the way, just in case you were wondering, (and my beloved, in case you were wondering too) you don't have to make me love you..I already do, always have and always will.

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