Saturday, February 4, 2012

Inspirational Snippet: Why On Earth Would Anyone Want to be Nothing?

Many of you know me well enough to know that I do not watch television. I have a tv in my apartment and yes I have the basic of basic cable which is no more than 6 channels (and yes, still have to pay for a cable box). The purpose of me having that cable is so that I can have internet. Apparently internet alone would be a minimum of $25 more per month than if I have both. Isn’t that interesting how we are forced to have something we have no use for? Hmmm…a concept for all of you to ponder.

I’ve noticed that since I have a tv, I will put a DVD in every once in awhile. Then occasionally when the movie is out, I may see that the tv has a rerun of a tv show that I enjoy and I may watch it from time to time, but truly that is the extent of my tv watching. I mean I can literally go days, even week s without turning the tv on. (I know some of you cannot even imagine it!) I preface today’s snippet with the above to give you a context of where I am coming from. And so, the following quote is from Barbara Marciniak’s book: The Path of Empowerment (A Pleiadian Channeled book ) Yep, I was reading again. (By the way, Pleiadians are star beings much like my Guides the Arcturians.) Onto the snippet:

“The media captures your attention and then programs your imagination, essentially canceling out your unique creative drive to manifest your own reality as well as your desire to know yourself. You have been conditioned to believe that all you need to know can be found in the wonderful world of electronic boxes and the information and the entertainment they hold. A paralysis of power takes hold because you become convinced that the only reality is one that is described and prescribed by the authorities in the box. Reality is created by each and every one of you…”

I loved this passage and wanted to share it with you for it speaks loudly of your ability to create your reality, but first you have to realize the impact media has on you. Last week happened to be one of those times that I attempted to turn the tv on to watch a rerun of a program (the Big Bang theory just because it is funny and I actually find myself laughing out loud when I watch). A commercial came on the screen and it was the following: A very unhealthy looking woman (extremely skinny—you could actually see her bones) was in an advertisement saying the following: I went from a size 8 to a size 0. I was horrified. I couldn’t believe it! It actually prompted me to text a couple of friends about it and talk about it with a few people over the past week.

First, the woman looked completely unhealthy physically. Second, since when is zero the optimum size to be? Third, the biggest message I found was this: when I went to school and learned math (even basic addition and subtraction) I remember if you have 8 and take away 8 then what is left is zero, in other words, nothing. Why on earth would anyone want to be nothing? And finally, I think the shock took over because I am not a tv watcher and it came across as truly disturbing to someone who is not influenced by media (someone who sees clearly). What a distorted image our media is putting out there?

Now, I realize that some of you watch tv, see the models and what is going on out in the world today on a regular basis and think nothing of it (often because you have become immune to the media) but please think something of it. Immune to the media means that you have accepted what is out there as truth and what is even more disturbing is that your “imagination is being programmed” by media verus allowing your own imagination to flower. The thing that scares me the most about that commercial is that in reality some (if not many) women strive for that; perhaps not to be a size zero, but they strive to be anything but what they are.

Ladies, you are perfect and beautiful as you are. The message from today’s snippet that I really want you to take is “Reality is created by each and every one of you!” That means you each have the power to see the truth and create your reality. You can help change the reality we see by way of your thoughts and by choosing not to be programmed by the media (simply turn off the tv). Remember television and movies are only the “creator’s perception” (that is, the person who created the movie, commercial or tv show). Hmmm…something else for you to ponder: perhaps our thoughts and imagination should influence the creator not the other way around? Or as a society, perhaps we need to examine our thoughts so that the creator picks up a much healthier influence from us?

My wish for you today is that you turn off the tv and create your reality from within your heart not from what is being fed to you by way of the “box”. I wish for you to strive to be anything, but zero. (That was the most horrifying message I think I have seen in sometime.)

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