Sunday, February 12, 2012

Channel: Sensitivity

Channeled Message from The Masters of Light through EstaRa in Guilford, CT on Wednesday, February 8, 2012.

For the month of January, I was told by my guides that I was to be in hibernation. Hibernation by definition means a state of inactivity and metabolic depression in animals, characterized by lower body temperature, slower breathing, and/or lower metabolic rate. Hibernating animals conserve energy, especially during winter. At first, I resisted and didn’t understand why I had this need to hibernate, but I found it easier to do because the reality is that last year, I was going and going and going so it made logical sense that I would need the time of hibernation to recuperate and recover from living. While the weather has been anything, but regular winter in Connecticut, I have been hibernating like it was a real winter. They suggested that I slow down and do just the bare minimum that is necessary to help others and myself.

However since we have moved into February, I have begun to question my guides as to why they still want me to hibernate and work less than I normally do. I have been so tired and weary from the journey thus far and I feel like I have not replenished or rejuvenated myself even though I was in hibernation. I wanted to know what this means for me and others living a high vibration life. I have been seeing how my vibration has been affected living a day to day life helping people out in 3D. If you are of high vibration and entering the 3D world from time to time, you most definitely will be impacted. So they did a little question and answer for me about some things happening in my life, but the information may be helpful for each of you too!

Why am I hibernating?

First of all EstaRa, you are a very high dimensional being. It was accurate when your friend told you that you live in the 8th dimension and it was accurate when your beloved said to you that he thought he saw you in 7D. Now, on a human level dearest one your beloved was making a joke out of that, but the truth is that he did and does see you in the higher dimensional energies. Your twinflame is of high vibrational energy like you; however, the work that is being done behind the scenes is the connection of his high vibrational self with the connection of the man who functions in the 3D world. A bridge between is being created so that he can access it. What does that mean you ask? It simply means that he is high vibration in his higher self; however, his higher self is not fully functioning in the lower dimensions as of yet. Things need to fall apart in 3D for him to look up dear one.

EstaRa many changes have been occurring in your auric field for some time. Dear one, to channel us a great deal of changes needed to occur for your physical body. Much clearing away is and has been happening. Last year you were selected to go to specific locations for more than what you can comprehend in the 3D world at this time. Dear one when you went to bed in the earth locations you were at in your last human year, you were being downloaded with information that you were not yet able to comprehend. Your system dearest one has been upgraded much like you witness in your healing sessions with your clients, the body template has been upgraded to reflect the necessary components for a multidimensional physical body. Your body may appear 3D, but dearest one your body is your vehicle of light.

Your time in Sedona was the culmination of your year long process of integration and upgrading of your body template. What does this mean you ask? It means that as of 11-11-11 you now have your vehicle to travel the dimensions that is your physical body is now prepared as your vehicle. Since that time, you have been undergoing numerous integrations of light transference. It is important for you honor your body temple as it is your only vehicle on this planet at this time. The symptoms you are experiencing as a result of the upgrades are due in part to what you are eating, where your energy is spent, what your energy is spent doing and the rejections of such things that no longer serve you.

In essence dearest one, hibernation is to protect your physical being from the harsh world in which you are living. As you complete the integration of the changes you have undergone, you will begin to understand the challenges that are upon your earth in a different way. We caution you to listen to what it is that your body is telling you for if you need to rest; then simply rest. If you need to eat more or less, then select what is appropriate for your integration. Hibernation is simply something we ask you to do while you are in this process of transformation as your body’s vibration continues to rise.

What about my twinflame, will he be able to understand me? I mean I feel so different from him at this time.

Dear one, your twinflame is just that he is your twinflame. Nothing will change that relationship; nothing will hinder your reunion with him. As you are being upgraded so too is your twinflame; however, his awareness is less than yours due to the lifestyle in which he lives currently. If the circumstances were reversed dear one your twinflame would be asking us the questions about you. Your twinflame is being raised in vibration to match your vibration. It is with honor, love and respect we say to you that you did exactly what is necessary to protect your vibration when you told your twinflame not to contact you any further until he comes to you. We have seen the pain you have put yourself through over the last several weeks in terms of whether or not you did the right thing. On a spiritual level it is easier to perceive it as the right thing; however, on a more human level it is difficult for no contact with someone as it appears to be no contact, but dearest one you are always in contact with your beloved. It simply is not in the 3D at this time. We wish to remind you that you are the carrier of the vibration at this time; therefore, it requires you to honor your path more than you have before and to be more selective than you had been before. Your beloved’s energy does reflect yours. That simply means if you are maintaining your vibration then it is making it easier for him to climb the vibrational frequencies that he must. If you are not maintaining your vibrational frequency then it puts your beloved one step further away to reconnect. It doesn’t seem fair on a human level for you to be the sole bearer of the frequency for you and your twin ; however, dear one this was agreed upon prior to your arrival to the planet.

Why does it seem that everyone else can be out in the world working and I can’t? I feel like something is wrong with me.

Dear one, you are simply perfect as you are. You are the only one who can empower you with the ability to know you are perfect as you are. Your vibration is so high because you are a pure channel of light. There are some who claim to be in high vibration; however, they do not live authentically in the way to make themselves a pure channel of light. In which case, they are not as affected by the energies prevalent on your planet. You are tremendously impacted by the energies prevalent on your planet and with the continual rise in your vibration you continue to grow in sensitivity. In your human world, the perception is that sensitivity is wrong and a problem when in fact, sensitivity is to be honored and respected. For that sensitivity is what will transform the people of the earth. It is difficult dear one for we know you struggle with feeling at home on the earth. It is your temporary home dear one and we wish for you to experience it as such. However, when we say we wish for you to experience it we do not mean to say that you are meant to endure the sufferings of earthly living. We wish for you to utilize your sensitivity to create a more healed earth. Dear one, in time you shall see that sensitivity will be honored and respected. You will be one that will be sought after for more information as you are receiving all the time.

Can you explain what happened to me at the health fair I was at?

It goes back to your sensitivity dear one. You are forgetting that we have you hibernate to protect the magnificent energy that you are. When you place yourself in the middle of a fair with people of all backgrounds; therefore, all frequencies of vibration you are not open solely to the person you are reading, but you are open to everyone in the room. So if there were 30 people present you were receiving information from 30 people and you would be receiving information from 80 if there were 80. You were over stimulated dear one …over stimulated by energies. That is how heightened in awareness you are. Notice that many humans are immune to that energy and easily fall into what is prevalent on your planet. It is important for you to know that your ability to rise above the prevalent energy on your planet is of great importance to you and your work. You have removed yourself from living as other humans do upon your earth; however, you have kept one foot in it as necessary to assist in your mission to turn people’s lights on. We encourage you to know that you are different from many and it is exactly as it should be. While it may be difficult for you dearest EstaRa, it is simply what you have chosen in order to create the world in love.

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