Monday, January 25, 2010

Indigo Children: The Shifting of Human Consciousness

Recently I was asked by someone if I believed I am an Indigo Child. I look back at my life and I feel I am in fact an Indigo; and based on my intuitive experiences and such it is clear that I am one. I believe I came here early for my role in bringing peace and love to our planet.

I would like to clarify what I believe an Indigo Child to be. Indigo Children are also referred to as the "new Children". I believe being an Indigo child means, we (the Indigo Children), have come to our planet with a human consciousness that is different than the prevailing human consciousness in existence on our planet; until now that is.

How did they receive their name? Many Indigo children are recognized by the color of Indigo in their Auras. In the past, the color Indigo in an Aura indicated a spiritually advanced soul, often someone with years of developed spiritual wisdom; the color still means the same thing, but what is evident is that one does not have to have lived on earth very long in this lifetime to possess such profound spiritual wisdom. We all come back to the earth more spiritually advanced than the previous lifetime. Most humans do not remember why they are here until they are sparked, with the Indigo Children there is a part of them that always remembers!
Another distinction about the "new children" is that they seemingly have a lot of problems fitting in to society. Is that because they are difficult to deal with? Do they tend to have "more problems" fitting in? Is it that they have problems fitting in or is it that they are simply expecting us to acknowledge that they would like to do things more differently?

Indigo Children are highly sensitive human beings that have not easily forgotten why they are here. They come in eager and ready to do their job of changing humanity and helping the greater consciousness of the planet evolve. Rather than welcoming what these little beings are here to teach us, we tend to like the comfort and security of doing things the way they have always been done. These children are asking us to change the way we think and do things. They are showing us that the way we are currently doing things doesn’t work: it is time to change our systems and put them back in balance. This is what creates the problems of fitting in for these children. I use the word problems for lack of a better word. These children experience resistance on every level and become “labeled” to yet again “fit in”. I believe the “problems” that they face are due to something like “an allergy” to what is already transpiring on the earth. It simply makes sense. With their sensitivities so heightened, they are impacted on all levels. Many of the things that children undergo these days are a direct reflection of their heightened senses.

When I was a child growing up, I was sick all the time. I remember going to the doctor for them to basically tell my mother and father that it was "all in my head". Clearly, it was--I often had sinus infections, chronic headaches, sore throats and stomach aches. No one stopped to think what else might be going on if there wasn’t a clear medical reason for it. While a physician could not figure it out, it didn’t mean there was nothing wrong it just meant that they were not looking at the bigger picture.

What I know to be true today is that I absorbed all the energy around me. I am a clairsentient (translated means clear feeling), also known as an empath; that is, someone who feels other people’s stuff. Well—isn’t that interesting? I was so sensitive that I was clearly picking up other people’s stuff, but I had no idea how to handle it and even less didn't know I was, in fact, picking up other people's stuff. I just incorporated into my energy as if it were mine. (For the record, it happens to all of us; there are just those of us that are more sensitive, hence the Indigo Children.) As a tool today in my life, being clairsentient is a great thing because it helps me to live and understand people; however, as a child that was not clear to me because I lived in a society where I was the different one and not the norm. I didn’t have anyone to teach me how to handle the energy coming at me, making it difficult at best to decipher what was my stuff and what wasn’t my stuff; instead, I was overwhelmed energetically causing me physical illness. The “illness”, I believe, was more of the “allergy” to my environment. Environment doesn’t just mean the physical surroundings; it also means the prevailing belief systems, attitudes and behaviors in society. With the knowledge I have today, I realize a great deal of my health problems were as a result for me not being able to speak my truth about things and if I tried, I was unable to convey it in a way that the people around me could understand. Because of this, I blocked my intuitive senses as do many of us. As an Indigo coming into this world can be difficult if we are not faced with compassion and provided guidance humanly on our path. While we may not have completely forgotten why we are here, we do tend to shield, often in unhealthy ways because we don’t know better. We act out whether it be getting physically sick, behavioral problems or even mental attitudes; when the only thing we need is to be and feel heard. The difference between the prevailing consciousness and the Indigo is that Indigos do not do well when they shut off their feelings and try to fit in; instead it creates an imbalance and/or dis-ease.

As children we do what we need to do to feel loved, to feel accepted and to fit in. Even if that means we ignore our inner voice and go along with what everyone else expects. We are not taught that those things come from us; rather, we have been taught in our society to believe those things come from outside our self. As Indigos, our consciousness is different and as a result we (the Indigos)can come together to change everything and raise this planet's vibration; first we must overcome some of the not fitting in feelings, the difficulties and problems we have chosen to go through to accelerate our spiritual growth and do the things we came to earth to do. WE ARE NOT DIFFERENT--- OUR COMPASSION AND CONSCIOUSNESS IS! It is what the human race has been pushing for; for a very long time. And we are here to help make it happen—so rather than force us to fit societal labels, take the time to see us as the unique gifted beings that we are and allow us to show you by our perception of life on earth even if it is not convenient.

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  1. no, people with your sensitivity are not different, nor are they new... you were simply allowed to be for whatever reason... had you been born into a tribal culture in these times, you would have been one of the many as this is the way of life for tribal people and always has been...