Thursday, December 31, 2015

Final Day of 45 Day Journey

Happy Last Day of Class Everyone.

Imagine that this time tomorrow morning you woke up with everything you need and you didn’t have to do a thing other than go to sleep and wake up in the New Year?  Well, that is what you will have if you trust that everything you need is right there inside of you.  I know , I know some of you may be saying “I don’t have enough money to pay my bills.” Or  “I don’t have the love relationship I want.” Or  “I don’t have the health that I want.”  I hear you and I understand you loud and clear—believe me I have said those things and others too.  But what I know for certain is that the outside circumstances do not matter so much as what you are feeling inside of you.  Those of you following my journey must know that  it has been a constant struggle every day for me physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and even spiritually to maintain my beliefs because everything outside of me appeared as if it were against me; and believe me in many ways it was/is.  That being said, it was what I knew to be truth inside me that has kept me moving forward—surviving and not dive into a deep, dark depression when the reality is—it would be completely acceptable for me in a deep, dark space! The thing is that being in that energy for longer than a day or two is no longer in my DNA—not because someone removed it from me, but because I removed it from me several years ago when I began this journey of infusing myself with more light and more healing and definitely doing the work to fall in love with myself, connect with my inner little girl to find her needs and embracing change/my path rather than resisting it.   I changed my DNA and you can change yours too.  The one thing I learned over the last few years was another dimensional level of healing that has given me the opportunity to clear from my Ancestral, Geographical and Soul Lineages as well as my expanded soul groups.  It takes time to heal and remove pain, but it doesn’t have to! 

Take some time today to contemplate this past year, I know for many it has been difficult—and for myself included I started 2015 off in a hospital with my back in horrible pain, but even with that—I had a pretty amazing year.  I would say write in your journal for yourself, but some of you resist the writing of experiences, but I feel it may truly assist you to write down your experiences and really see what your year was like—a life review perhaps.  It will show you how far you have come even when things do not look as good as you would like them to.  This will help put you into a better energy before you decide to think about what you wish to create in the new year.   Every year, I write out a list of things (everything I wish to do) I would like to manifest, and that list is as long as the age I am.  This new year, I will be 44 I March so my list will have 44 things, some may be simple to attain while others may seem like a dream, but I believe they are all possible.  If you have watched my journey, you know that many things have happened to me that are unbelievable!!  (One day I will write more about that!)

I’d like to end today’s class with a few thoughts for you to ponder…

Are you willing to commit yourself to Love - the infinite presence of Spirit in your soul?
Getting in touch with the love within you is the most important step you can take on your spiritual journey. It will also be your most rewarding. Being in touch with the love within allows you to be accepting, understanding of yourself and others, vulnerable when you need to be. It allows you to look at your shadow and heal yourself while being supported by the love of Spirit and the soul within. It allows you to be truly who you are.     
Every guru of this earthly time that has the ability to channel and receive guidance about life on earth; has imprinted that this year is the time for the embodiment of our “Christed-Self”, that is the Christ Consciousness the energy of Love, Miracles and Blessing will be bestowed upon us because access to these things increases with your vibration. I echo that as well. I know I am ready to allow mine in, but I also know that it is not without work. But not work in the way we think of work; instead, it is about how we use what we have learned about living life in this time on our planet. It could mean going against what we used to know, leaving our comfort zone and entering unchartered territory.

Is this something you are ready to do? Are you willing to give up your attachment to how things have always been and see real miracles in your life and allow the blessings of abundance to fall upon you? If so, then this is the year for you to change your life to the one you really want to be living. Let go of the attachment to how things have been or how you think they should be.  Let things/experiences be just what they are supposed to be---just what they are in this moment. Stay in each moment as best as you can and don't cloud your mind with distractions and useless clutter, instead allow yourself to face things in your life as they may happen. We’ve allowed so much to clutter us and prevent us from going forward.  It is time to be present in our life, our community and the global world around us.  We are the light we have been waiting for…tt is time for us to speak our truth, lead by way of doing and join in the energy that is building the momentum of change in our country, our planet.  It is our time! 

Blessings of love and magic to you all and happy 2016!

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