Thursday, February 16, 2012

Channeled Message: Power Inside of You

Channeled Message from The Masters of Light through EstaRa in Guilford, CT on Thursday, February 16, 2012.

Dear Ones,

The time has come for you to no longer stay away from who you are…the fears you have been learning to overcome and conquer have been like classes you were taking in your schools to assist you further upon your path. The release of your fear is like graduation day. Graduation, dear ones, is another way of saying you climb the path of ascension—path of the dimensions. You will climb to the top as you begin to remember who you truly are. As that becomes your new reality you will step into that gift that is you. The power inside of you will be attainable and you will no longer seek to find the power outside of you.

The days to come in your year of 2012 will be ones of empowerment, transition; gathering of knowledge for soon you too will be the ones sharing the knowledge of what is within you and the Earth.

It is with love, honor and respect that we bring this message to you today.


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