Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Inspirational Snippet: Your Day of Independence

Good Morning World,

Happy Fourth of July to my fellow American friends. I wish to say that today should be a day of Independence on many levels.  We should seek freedom to be who we are.  In that freedom alone there are many freedoms: freedom to love one another, freedom to let go of the illusion of the material world, freedom to seek truth from one another and the organizations that we have held in such high regard, freedom to speak our truth and change our reality, freedom to separate from things, people and places that no longer serve us, freedom to rise above the challenges we have been given, freedom to be at peace no matter what ensues around us and just simply freedom to feel.

Those are a lot of freedoms I know, but that is just the tip of the iceberg as I am sure each of you can add more that I may have forgotten at the moment.   What have you been living in that you no longer want to hold you back?  What thing, person or place is not for your highest best good? Today free yourself from them or let today be the day to discover it and make those steps forward. What past pain or hurt have you been wanting to be free of?  Today, declare it is no longer a part of you and make it.  How you ask?  Do not feed it anymore.  Step in the truth of who you are. Every thought, word or feeling helps to shape the reality around you so it is time to honor the truth inside of you.  No longer express yourself in a way that is acceptable to others, express yourself as you are.  Accept yourself as you are.  See today as the beginning of the rest of your life...

As I type this I keep hearing the song in my head...This Magic Moment by Jay & the Americans...the key is not all the lyrics I am told. The message here is simply this Magic Moment is being offered to you today with the energy of the full moon from last night and the powerful energy that has been created on this day as the Day of Independence--the whole world fuels this day with more power because everyone recognizes it. 

Use the magic of the day to create that new reality you so wish to experience--you have all the magic inside of you and everything you want is all yours if you allow it to be. 

Today I wish for each of you to declare your own independence.

In love,

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