Thursday, February 2, 2012

Inspirational Snippet: Endurance

This morning I woke up and was about to make a cup of tea when on the box I saw a picture of a horse and the word next to it was Endurance. I thought for a moment, what does that mean? Why did I see this today when the box has been here for some time? I read the box and it said the following quote:

“With her enduring strength and unrivaled perseverance, the horse demonstrates to us that even the heaviest of burdens can be carried with grace.”

I made my cup of tea and sat down to get ready to write the message for the day on my Soul Star Healing facebook page and asked what does this mean for me? I thought about it. Then I opted to look up online what the word endurance means and the definition is the ability for a human or animal to exert itself and remain active for a long period of time, as well as its ability to resist, withstand, recover from, and have immunity to trauma, wounds, or fatigue. Wow! I do not like that definition.

I feel such a negative reaction to this word. It makes me feel as if we are being told we must endure something (like the heaviest of burdens as noted above). I don’t think we are meant to endure burdens; that is an old way of thinking and living. I feel we are meant to live, experience and heal; but we are not meant to suffer and withstand pain. If a wound occurs, then that is a sign that we must look at ourselves and heal it; not accept it and take no action. Everything is within our power to change. The quote above implies to me that we are supposed to carry our burdens; and act as if we don’t have burdens we are carrying. It reminds me of something I experienced in when I went to therapy many years ago. I was dealing with some personal stuff and the therapist told me to put it in a box and close it up and we will talk about it next week. Really? I don’t know about you, but life happens and that box always had a way of opening up and coming out in life—believe me it didn’t stay sealed. As I type this, I realize that the therapist at the time actually was saying the same thing as the tea box above said. As a side note, that is when I stopped going to therapy and really began healing my life by way of knowing I needed to feel things to heal and not just talk about them. I am grateful to the therapist for the first step in any healing process is to verbalize and acknowledge it, but then something must be done to heal it, not box it up.

The thing is if you feel you can’t share your burdens with your friends then I would recommend reevaluating your relationships. It doesn’t mean dumping your stuff on them; it simply means sharing and allowing you to be who you are. Friends are people you choose to love unconditionally and they are chosen because they love you unconditionally, at least that is my definition of friendship. Friends are supposed to be there for you through it all; often that is when you become aware of who is really your friends and who is simply there for only the good times. You are not meant to endure life’s difficulties alone, we are all one and with that being said we are here for one another and sometimes life doesn’t graceful, but it can be most graceful if we allow ourselves to experience life, heal those things that come up and realize that we are not victims that have to carry our burdens alone. We can change everything, we do have the power. I would much prefer to define endurance as the ability to live a long and fulfilling life.

My wish for you today is to know you have friends in your life that help you to make your life more graceful by simply knowing that you can be completely who you are with them and they love you no matter what the circumstance is. My mantra for you today is that I live fully, love unconditionally and heal my life.

Be love,


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  2. Thank you--I truly appreciate your comment. It is nice to know that someone out there is reading my stuff. Many blessings to you!