Monday, February 13, 2012

Day 26: Times are Changing

Good Morning World,

I have had a lot happening lately that has kept me busy and away from the computer--all good really. If you have been following my blog then you know all about the channels and writings I have been doing. Inspiration has been coming to me around 2:30 in the morning.

I woke up this morning with a list of human tasks that need to be accomplished and I need to do before I leave my house for the day. I haven't given myself a moment until now to write. I don't have much to say about keeping the faith. Today is a day that it feels lighter and easier to keep the faith.

Yesterday, I was driving and hadn't really left my house for a couple of days (that is left my area of Guilford) and the clouds were magnificent. I said to myself, "Wow, it looks like something is different." To which my guides responded, "It is, dear one. Things have changed more than you know at this moment." I knew they were referring to my twin. I feel his heart is heavy and that he is missing me, but he needs to feel his missing me. I've been missing him forever it seems.

Last night, I went visiting an old friend who asked me how he was...she calls him my boyfriend. (She is 91 and went to visit her for her birthday--she is psychic and took on our friendship like she is a grandma to me since my grandma passed when I was 9.) I find it amusing as he is not presently in my life and hasn't really been presently in my life so most people I am sure think he is a figment of my imagination. I know he is real, I know our love is real. She said to me that she felt him really missing me. I told her that I know. I feel it too. She said, "You really love him. I feel your heart. And he really loves you too. He is your twinflame." It was nice validation from her because often she gets very protective of me like a grandma would; instead she saw from her heart and was able to see the love that this man has for me.

I went to bed thinking about his smile, his laugh, his voice and his heart. I woke up feeling really light this morning..missing him, but knowing he is on his way to me. It is like I fall in love with him again and again. Is that possible? Does he even know? I hear his voice and my heart melts with love. My dearest man, I love you more than you do know...more than I know you think is possible...but it is possible. I am here waiting for you...

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