Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 17:

It is the eve of day 17 so close to day 18 that I have to finish writing pretty quickly. I missed out on writing yesterday and this morning too. (Really busy schedule, but I didn't forget really.)

I wanted to share something from yesterday. As I worked on a couple of clients, I kept feeling my twinflame's presence, but I was working so I couldn't connect with him. Then later in the day, I felt him again and had the opportunity to connect with him. I felt him, but could not connect. I wasn't sure why. It made me really sad to think I can feel him, but can't connect to him.

I had to ask my guides what was happening. This is the answer they gave me: You and your twinflame are at different vibrational levels at this now time. You are such high vibration and he is still at a lower vibration. While he is working in the higher dimension to raise his 3D self to a higher vibration--he is not able to be experienced by you in the same way because you are of higher vibration. It simply means that you are being protected from his human drama. (I get this! I get this! It means that I am at such a high vibrational level that I am being protected from being pulled into lower vibrations where I could potentially get stuck; and therefore, inhibit my ascension. It also helped me to understand why I was able to have such power in telling him that I could not speak with him until he was ready; hence why we are not talking at this moment.) Unfortunately, the lower vibrational energy wins in this case and would pull me down to his vibrational level which could cause all kinds of ickyness. Meaning, I would feel all the emotions and drama that he is going through in his current life, etc and I would get pulled into the emotions and not know if they are mine or his. That is a "symptom"of the twinflame connection: you feel all their stuff and sometimes don't realize it is theirs and not yours until well after you expend a lot of emotion, energy and frustration. It helped give me perspective as to why I didn't feel him and why I am not speaking with him at present. (Just in case you are wondering--he will catapult up to my vibration when he takes that leap of faith to trust his heart.) Now, I understand this and am quite grateful for this tidbit of information, but please all of you remind me of this when I am feeling the disconnect again and have forgotten this reason. (I know, I know, you would think I wouldn't forget such things, but I do especially when I allow myself to get caught up in the longing for I am just asking for a little reminder. hahaha)

Now, once I got that out and understood, I had an experience with him today. I went to my first ever painting class. I loved it! I have never painted before in my life; but my spirit was calling for the opportunity to do such. The opportunity showed itself to me and I took hold of it. Now, I am not a Picasso or anything, but I think I did good. Here is a picture of my painting..

I went to the art studio and while I was there I felt him. He was with me and I felt like this is something we could do together. I loved every minute of it. By the way, the place I went to paint at had a problem with their cd changer; it kept playing the same songs over and over. The one song that I heard at least 3-4 times was Up Where We Belong by Joe Cocker. The lyrics that kept playing that I caught were:
Who knows what tomorrow brings
In a world where few hearts survive
All I know is the way I feel
When it's real
I keep it alive

The road is long
There are mountains in the way
But we climb a step every day

I really felt like those words were for us. It is to help me keep my feelings alive (faith alive for who knows when the surprise will come with him at my doorstep). Then the mountains--that is his life and his spirit letting me know he climbs a step each day even if it is taking him some time.

Well, I am tired an ready to go to sleep and guess what time it is? If you said 11:11 p.m.--you guessed it. I am grateful for my twin peeking in on me energetically even if I can't talk to him like I would like. Regardless, he was with me today. Thank you my beautiful beloved man. I am grateful for all of you who support me with your love and faith in me and my journey. Laptop about to to bed I go...sweet dreams...

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