Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 28: Courage, Determination, Faith & Protection All in a Bracelet

My day yesterday was wonderful, but I have to be honest the night wasn't so easy. I had an amazing day speaking to and channeling live to an afterschool group at a local high school. (Just need to say awesome!!) On my way home, I was guided to a store to buy some beads to make a bracelet for myself. This past month or so I am being prompted to tap into the artist side of me, first with my painting class and now with making jewelry. I used to "create" all the time when I was younger, but since taking on my business; I have not had the opportunity to create because unfortunately there is this requirement when you own your own business that you have to be a business person. (I do not enjoy being the business person --I enjoy what I do, but not the business aspect--I am a creator and I wish to create rather than do paperwork, network and do all the things that are required socially to maintain a business. I simply wish to do what I love and allow the rest to follow. I could use all your help to maintain that so I can keep doing what I love and not stress over the details.) But I digress, so my main point was that I went to a local beading store and bought some beads. It is a friends birthday and I have decided I would make her a bracelet. (I don't have a lot of spending money (if any really) so I was trying to stay focused on beads for her.) I kept getting pulled over to these other beads, it was as if they were calling out my name. So I bought those as well...I got caught up in the beading know when you go in to buy one thing you end with with many? hahaha

After I left, I was prompted to stop by Walmart (not my favorite place in the world, if anything but) to purchase a container to hold my beads. My guides brought me over to the card aisle where all the Valentines sat. Now mind you, for the last several days I have been prompted to go over to the card aisle whenever I was in a store, but I avoided it. Well, last night, I walked over and it was my twinflame's energy telling me to read the cards. His energy assisted me in picking up three that were practically jumping out at me. They were definitely from him. I could feel that these were the words he was saying to me (and wants to say to me). They were most appropriate and when I finished reading the three that I was guided to read. I looked up and it was in the section "Cards for her"...just so you know, I had no idea that is the section I was reading in. This made me really miss him. I got all caught up in a bit of emotion and then realized as I was on the phone with one of my friend's that it was his emotion. Not mine. Unfortunately, as a twinflame you literally experience what they are experiencing. I experienced his emotion and I knew because the way I was talking was not how I talk, it was more of how he speaks. (Long story on that so won't go into it, but suffice it to say that I have a few friends who point out it is often his personality coming through me not mine when I get to these real emotional bits because what I have found in the last few months is that I am more in neutral which is mighty powerful considering I was always feeling all the emotions. By the way, neutral is not is knowing, trusting and believing (hence keeping the faith) that I will be with my twin and everything else (like him humanly not with me at the moment) doesn't affect me.)

When I got home last night, while my dinner was cooking. I tried to make the bracelet for my friend, but that didn't happen. It kept undoing. Besides my eye kept catching the other beads, the ones I bought for myself. They were amazing! They spoke right to me and I ended up making the bracelet for me. I loved it. It was funny because these beads are not the beads I would normally be drawn too and yet here I was creating a bracelet for me. The beads I picked out were Mookaite Jasper and some garnets (by the way, the garnets reminded me of Egypt when I gifted Sekhmet with my garnet crystal. The Goddess Sekhmet if you read my earlier Egyptian blogs promised that if we gifted her with something of ours she would gift us with courage, willpower and determination. that makes sense....I simply need to tap into my garnet in Karnack, the temple, I left my garnet at so as to bring in those qualities. Thanks for letting me remind myself of I have the perfect bracelet: Will Power, Determination and Courage along with all the healing properties of Mookaite Jasper below(I should be all set for this path of Faith):

It is a stone that is an emotional protector. (How appropriate for my twinflame journey.) Shields against negative or dangerous situations. (Again appropriate because of my heightened sensitivity.) Provides flexibility and openness in our opinions and faithfulness in promises. (Faith-fulness? There is that word again...about keeping the faith) There is more about the stone, but these are the things that resonated with me and why I had to make a bracelet of these beads last night. I highly recommend Mookaite Jasper for all of you twinflames going through a similar situation. Well, I am off to nap again before waking up. I am grateful to you all for following my journey.

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