Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 35: The Look of Love

I have been trying to write this blog post for the last few days so I haven’t been avoiding writing about my twinflame. I feel him and I love him. I keep hearing the song, “Yes, I’m Ready” over and over in my head; so he is ready is what I think. I almost finished the blog yesterday, but instead my writing evolved into a small inspirational snippet called, “You Always Deserve the Best.” So this is like the second part, I guess.

I have this gift to really see people clearly--I mean more than just the average psychic who can read someone's energy, I have the ability to see what others cannot; especially, when looking at pictures; I guess you can say that I see the truth of people. In essence, I can see the connection between the people in the pictures or the lack thereof. (I see more than just that, but suffice it to say for this article that is all you need to know.) I remember when this started to develop a stronger role in my life; it is as if I can't just look at pictures without seeing so much more.
It must have been four years ago when I saw a picture of someone in my family who was newly married. The couple each had children separately so they did a family portrait. I was horrified by the picture. It was so disturbing to me. I mentioned it to another family member who asked if I was crazy. It didn't occur to me that no one saw what I saw or didn't even have a glimpse at what I saw. The people in the picture (two adults, three children) all looked distinctively separate even though they were posing next to one another. It was as if each of them was pasted into the photo. I thought to myself, why did the photographer take this picture and not try a different angle. I wondered how on earth anyone thought that this was a good picture. Then it occurred to me that there was no way around it in my vision. Perhaps no one else noticed, but for me it really disturbed me. I can't help, but to see the truth every time. (As an aside, it is about four years later and that couple is divorced.)

Recently, I saw pictures on facebook of someone who got married; I looked at the pictures and felt sad. I just don’t “see” it. Love , I mean. I don’t see the look of love. I didn't even see the connection between them and their eyes exuded so much sadness. I didn’t know what that look of love was until last week when I really thought about it. I mean when I look at my twin I see love in him. He looks like love to me. I am unable to contain myself when I look at him because so much love comes from me to him and from him to me. It is love. Isn’t that what relationships are supposed to exude? I mean no matter what you have been through and believe me; He and I have been through so much over the last several years, yet I still look at him with love. He still looks like love to me. It made me think that when you are first getting married that is the kind of love we should have otherwise, marriage shouldn’t happen, but it goes back to my theory that people tend to settle on their situations simply because they are told (perhaps not literally) that they have to be with someone and not alone. It is not an acceptable standard in our society for you to be single. Oh sure they show television shows where the single people are always trying to find love (but love outside themselves). I wish they had a show showing someone discovering love within themselves to ultimately assist them in finding their true partner.

Yes, I know the argument from people who disagree and would say you don’t always look at someone that way. That kind of feeling only lasts in the beginning of a relationship and then it gets real. What does get real mean? Really? Is that just an excuse people tell themselves to keep settling for less? Is it an excuse to not really look within for the love they truly desire? My belief is that look of love is always there when you are in love with someone. I can’t imagine looking at my twinflame and not seeing love when I look at him. Believe me he makes me so angry and I react, but as soon as I see his face, I can’t help but feel love.

I did feel love before in other relationships and it faded when the lesson was learned and it was time to move on to the next healing relationship. (I don’t wish to go into detail here, but you may want to read my blog post entitled: Relationships: Roadmap of Our Soul’s Journey. That will help in explaining what I am speaking of. ) I think if some people took out the distractions (escaping) in their relationship they would see it all more clearly too. The greater problem is that the media, entertainment industry and general society do not want that to happen because then there would not be a market for "making you better so that you can find a better mate" (Even that is not accurate because what is being pushed on us through society is everything, but love in a relationship. I want to see everyone look at their partner the way I see love in my twinflame. Everyone deserves the kind of love I am talking about.

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