Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 18: Hanging On

This journey to keep the faith is probably at the most difficult time for me. I mean I have been hanging onto faith for nearly seven years now, but the last few weeks have been the hardest I must say. Now I understand why my guides wanted me to write everyday about my love about my twinflame and the love I know so deeply within me. That is the thing I do know our love so deeply within me; this 3D illusion is so difficult sometimes. I I woke this morning feeling like it is so difficult holding on waiting for him. I feel like I am not living and when I do live and do something I feel alone without feels so trying at times. I just want it to all come together now. I have been living in the now and each year that has gone by I keep hearing hold on a little longer...what am I holding onto I ask myself some days. I wonder when we do come together am I going to have the energy needed to be with him or will I fall (I joke, but sometimes this journey has been so exhausting.

Then, I got up out of bed after all those thoughts ran through my head and some tears fell. I went into the kitchen and did my dishes from the night before and made some breakfast. I turned on the radio for what seems like a very long time--I use Pandora Radio (online) and started to listen to music and sing a bit and then as I was cooking breakfast I started to hear the lyrics..."hang on, help is on its way.. ." I thought to myself thank you my guides and angels for this message. It was needed and I trust that help is on its way to both me and my twin. Here is the song in case you were wondering...

Somedays, I need my twinflame like I need water. I mean in the other dimensions I am with is only here in 3D that I do not have him in a daily part of my life. Thanks for listening....

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