Monday, April 30, 2018

Energy Thoughts: Is it a Bleep or a Leap?

Hello Beautiful People,

I know it has been a long time since I wrote a full Energy Thoughts Update. I have been offering Quick Updates here and there, and a message each day on social media, but I haven't done one of these in awhile.  This morning I had the time to sit down and write what is happening now.  I want to express my gratitude to everyone who shares my work and likes what I am doing, I truly appreciate you.  I love writing these because quite honestly there is always information available, I just don't always have time.  I hope to make more time for writing in my future.   Onto the update.....

We are just coming off a weekend of the Scorpio Full Moon.  This energy coming in pushes us forward to embrace the gifts of renewal of strength and courage as we are ready to move toward our dreams and goals. 

Mercury Retrograde's shadow period is finally letting go of its grip on our life, I don't know about you, but the last two weeks during the Mercury Retrograde period so much schedule shifting/changes happened for me and I feel now we are on the tail end of it with some bumps and bruises to show for it.  I actually have to say that I have been excessively more tired than normal and feel like I have battle scars to prove that I have done the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical work the last few months. Of course, I am still in the recovery times after the Flu Virus wreaked havoc in my life; and the virus has lingered on.   But I don't think it is the Flu Virus that is making me tired, I think it is the constant healing/light infusion that I have been downloading that is creating opportunities for rest as my body works to catch up to my spiritual, emotional and mental shifts taking place within my DNA.  By the way, that is true for all of you too--the only difference may be that some are more aware of what is happening while others may not be.

We entered 2018 with this vast amount of energy shift toward the light.  The light continues to build on our planet, increasingly the light quotient daily  and will continue until we reach mass consciousness shift.  When will that be, you ask. I was hoping yesterday. hahaha  Seriously though, Spirit is certainly trying to move us forward into the direction of our soul's path.  It is like we came into incarnation this lifetime with a blueprint of what role we are supposed to play in the ascension of Gaia (Earth's Spiritual Name), and then coffee, or some other comforting drink, got poured all over it; and now we are arriving at the point where we are just about finished soaking it up carefully with towels, hanging the blueprint on the proverbial clothesline to dry so we can see it our blueprint more clearly.  And if you have been living in the Northeastern part of the United States and other parts of the world that have been getting pummeled with ridiculous weather extremes, you are probably just about now, if not sooner, asking, where's the sun?  I mean this quite literally, and figuratively.  Where is the light?  We need to have the light come out (read: come together).  The light is needed and it needs to be more visible (read: needs to be easier to find one another, and no I am not accepting those that pretend on the surface when it is comfortable to be the light, I am talking about the warriors, the ones that stand in their truth despite all that is happening).  Then, Spirit reminds me of what we may be forgetting is that perhaps we need those special glasses that come with age and wisdom, meaning we need to be at the right age and point in our journey for our awakening.  This thought alone makes me a little crazy because our Timelines have been shaken up, trampled upon, revamped and new ones have appeared; and yet, we are still asking when.   

I feel the last three weeks have reflected a massive change within myself not only on how I view the energy going forward, but on how I have been experiencing it and using it.  As Mercury prepared to go direct, the planet Saturn decided it was time to show and begin its Retrograde motion.  What does that mean for all of us?  Is it over some of you may be hoping.  Well, Saturn is here to help you explore the core parts of yourself that bring up discomfort, fear, and more importantly, require you to heal/clear/release them to get to the next place. (Read: Core lessons you have no choice, but to face and deal with. It is kind of like in the game of Monopoly, when the card says: Do Not Pass and do not collect $200.)  Oh yes, Saturn is the mixer of the pot of thoughts/feelings/emotions/dramas/traumas that make a not-so-happy-meal, but sets you up to know when something is good; like your empowerment to use all the tools in your spiritual toolbox that you have garnered over this journey to create the life you want to be living.  With that being said,  Saturn will kindly give you plenty of opportunities, especially if you miss any, as it will be in retrograde for the next 6 months.

Yes, there are other planetary influences happening too, but I am not an astrologer these are just some insights into what is happening.  I know you all think this is crazy, when will it ever end?   I hear you.  Sometimes, I sit here and twiddling my thumbs, thinking to myself, will it be today?  Will my family get it?  Will my twinflame follow his truth, the good news is, he does know what it is, but when and what will he do with it?  Will our world ever stop fighting about stupid things and look at the bigger picture of what we need to do to relieve the old regime to replace it with light?   Then out of nowhere, I meet someone, speak to someone and in conversation I get to experience their awakening/knowing,  I realize that, "woah, this denotes huge change; and not only with regard to the person I am speaking to--with regard to everything I am wondering about.  The surprises on this journey are endless, but even more than that the twists and turns, could be enjoyable, if we could remember that is all part of the plan.  How do we remember? 

Our mission now is to simply be present in our journey and one way is through surrender.  In the last few weeks, I have found that the  word surrender has taken on a new meaning for me.   No, the definition has not changed, it is still what it says in a dictionary, but I have applied it differently than I have learned or have been taught it means.  Often, the energy of defeat or giving up is worrisome to say the least, but in the Spiritual sense, I think it has a different intention.   (This is particularly important for twinflames to hear.)

Recently, I kept getting the message to surrender, so have several of my fellow spiritual friends; and we did, or so we thought.  We assumed it was to surrender to our journey and it turns out it was and it wasn't.    I discovered that Spirit meant let go.  Let of what you ask? (okay, so maybe you didn't ask, but I'm gonna tell you anyway.)  We are in ta time of great change, and along with it is a time of great power to manifest that which we want to create.  Remember dear hearts, in order to create, things need to come down--do you see the world around you, perhaps within you and those around you coming down?  That is how we begin to rebuild/recreate/manifest anew.  So what does all this have to do with surrendering?   When we want to manifest something, we attach not only to the outcome, but to the way(s) in which we get there or not and that attachment is what causing a great deal of interference.  Spirit is saying to surrender to the journey of manifestation.  This is where the real work comes in, learning how to let go of the how, the why, the when, the where, and even sometimes the what of what it is we are trying to create. When the word surrender comes in to play, many of us subconsciously try to take more control of the things in our life, rather than loosen our grips/hopes/attachments.    It is in learning to let go, that you surrender to complete trust not only with yourself, but in the universe to hear your wish and command it as so.   I have always done this with simple things like my trip to Hawaii, my dining room table,  and pretty much every other thing I have manifested on my journey; but I also recognize, that for me there was very little to no attachment to these things and they just showed up; almost miraculously, but my guides like to remind me that it is simply that I am remember that I am a master at manifesting. This is why I am preparing to teach Manifestation more and more, stay on the lookout for my upcoming classes in May and June where I will offer an opportunity to learn this wisdom more fully.  Yes, it will require work, but not the work you think you must do. 

The one message Spirit keeps conveying is: "Stop taking yourselves so seriously."  It is meant to be a joyous ride through the blueprint, which allowed alternate routes to get where we need to be.  Just like in the game Monopoly there are other ways to get where you are going, sometimes there are bleeps in the path and other times there are leaps in your path.  Ask yourself, am I ready to jump?  This astrological set up is the universe helping you take a deep breath and leap forward.    The karmic clearing Saturn is providing can be viewed a bleep for some and for others as that opportunity to leap.  Either way, my words of wisdom are just BE; be you in the moment, be present in the moment always and in all ways; above all, have fun and find your joy.


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Saturday, January 6, 2018

Inspirational Snippet: Epiphany

Today is known as the Feast Day of Epiphany which means the day in which Christians recognize Jesus Christ as God incarnate.

Seven years ago today, I left on a flight to a destination that changed my life forever. I went to Egypt and reclaimed parts of my soul that had been lost and I became more fully who I am today. In some ways, that trip to Egypt was my own self discovery that is God incarnate within me (as God is in every living being upon this planet).
Several years prior to that, I would often go to Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine, in Litchfield, CT for peace and sanctuary particularly when I lived in Bristol.  I preferred to go there alone I got more out of it for me.  So one day, I was walking down the "Stations of the Cross" (for those of you who do not know what that is, to put it as simply as possible it is a path that resembles the story of Jesus from death to resurrection).  Near the end of the "Stations", Yeshua (Jesus prefers to be called his Hebrew name) greeted me and walked with me.  "I am the way."  He must have repeated it three times before I stopped to listen to him and understood, really understood for the first time ever!

He said:
"I am the way.  I am (not me the person), but the "I AM" is the way. This is the divinity of God within you and it is your power to create in this earthly realm. Whatever words, thoughts, feelings you place after the words "I AM" creates your reality in the physical world you live in."   ~Yeshua
This was by far one of the most profound experiences I had with Yeshua at that point.  It taught me so much, I remember crying and being really excited with this information, but I had no one to share it with.  Back then, I was still transitioning out of my old life and burgeoning on birthing my new life. The message above is just as significant today as it was back then.   Yeshua is here with me now with another message for humanity. And today, Yeshua stood beside me to fill in the gaps and to add more information for me, for us. 
"It will take you many years to fully comprehend and embody this truth for you will have to undergo deconstruction of a program that has been deeply embedded in your DNA and cellular memory, for when you have incarnated into human form on this planet, you have taken on the prevailing consciousness and your job is to rise above that consciousness to help humanity change the very consciousness that is holding them back.  I will assist you dear one, to reclaim your divinity and essence of light that you are, and have been taught to believe you are not.  You are not a sinner from birth, for you are the light and love of God, the creator of all. As humanity begins to awaken and question what they have been told to believe the more quickly the energy will move upon the planet and the more quickly consciousness will begin to resemble the light that you are.  Your powers of creation are more magnificent than you can imagine from your limited human perspective. Look into your heart and begin to see the transformation of your very being." –Yeshua
Something to truly ponder, what words do you put after your “I am”?   This is journal worthy—take a gander and make a list.  I know one of mine is “I am tired".  I have to find a new way to convey my feelings,perhaps I can reprogram a tired body to feel energized rather than tired.

As many of you know, several years ago, I began studying Judaism and have longed to study Hebrew.  Recently, I have begun to study Hebrew and the gates/doorways of my soul lineage have been opening.  The "I AM" that I am referring to above is not limited to Christianity.  If you study the old testament with Moses when he asked God, what God's name was, the answer was "I am that I am".  This is clearly an earlier teaching of the power of  the "I AM".    I would venture to guess that in every major religion in this world, there is a a teaching about the "I AM". I, of course, have not had the opportunity to study other religions, but I believe this is the most important concept that needs to be taught.  This opens me to so much more that I'd like to share, but perhaps another day because this has already become longer than anticipated.

My suggestion to all of you is to ponder and celebrate the Day of Epiphany, but not as the religious holiday, rather as the celebration of the "I AM" within you, simply because we are all God incarnate. We create the life we live every day in every way.  Blessings to you my soul friend.   
Love to you,

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year Message

2018 is here...the year of 11.

If you don't know the meaning of the Master Number 11, suffice it to say that is all about faith in yourself, faith in your journey and the faith that you have the power to create the life you desire.

onto a message for you...

Dear Humanity,

I want to wish you a happy beginning to a new year in the best way that I can!

Imagine that this time tomorrow you woke up with everything you need and you didn’t have to do a thing other than go to sleep and wake up in the New Year. Well, that is what you will have if you trust that everything you need is right there inside of you. I know, I know some of you may be saying “I don’t have everything I need, like food, relationships, healing, money etc. I hear you and I understand you loud and clear—believe me I have said those things and others too. But what I know for certain is that the outside circumstances do not matter so much as what you are feeling inside of you.

Those of you that know me, know that since my car accident, it has been a constant struggle for me physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and even spiritually to maintain my beliefs, inner truths because everything outside of me appeared as if it were against me; and believe me in many ways it was/has been. I follow my own path and live differently than most can comprehend. That being said, it's the truth inside me that has kept me moving forward—surviving and not diving into a deep, dark depression when the reality is—it would be completely acceptable for me to be in a deep, dark space! The thing is that being in that energy for longer than a day or two is no longer in my DNA—not because someone removed it from me, but because I removed it from me several years ago when I began this journey of shining my light; oh and definitely doing the work to fall in love with myself, connecting with my inner little girl to find her needs and embracing change/my path rather than resisting it. I changed my DNA and you can change yours too.

Some wisdom I'd like to share with you today.

Take some time today to contemplate this year ahead and what it is you would like to experience.   Ask yourself, are you willing to commit yourself to Love - the infinite presence of Spirit in your soul?  Getting in touch with the love within you is the most important step you can take in your life. It is rewarding in so many ways: allows you to be accepting, understanding of yourself and others, vulnerable to allow love in from those willing to give it to you, it gives you the courage to look at your shadow and heal yourself while being supported by the love of Spirit and the soul within. It truly allows you to be who you are!

Every guru of this earthly time that has the ability to channel and receive guidance about life on earth; has imprinted that while things in our physical world may appear to be falling apart around us, the truth is that the falling apart is necessary for the putting/coming together of things. The energy of Love, Miracles and Blessings will be bestowed upon us now; access to these things increase with your vibration.  I know I'm ready to allow mine in, but I also know that it is not without work. But not work in the way we traditionally think of work; instead, it is about how we use what we have learned about living life in this time on our planet. It could mean going against what we used to know, leaving our comfort zone behind and entering uncharted territory.

Is this something you are ready to do? Are you willing to give up your attachment to how things have always been or should be? Are you willing to see real miracles in your life and allow the blessings of abundance to fall upon you? If so, then this is the year for you to change your life to the one you really want to be living. Let go of the attachment to how things have been or how you think they should be. Let things/experiences be just what they are supposed to be---just what they are in this moment. You will be amazed at the boundless opportunities and expansive magic that is available to us now, but it is only accessible moment by moment.

Stay in each moment as best as you can and don't cloud your mind with distractions and useless clutter, instead allow yourself to face things in your life as they may happen. We’ve allowed so much to clutter us and prevent us from going forward. It is time to be present in our life, our community and the global world around us. We are the light we have been waiting for…it is time for us to speak our truth, lead by way of doing and join in the energy that is building the momentum of change in our country, our planet. It is our time to shine our light for all to see and share our love for all to feel.

Blessings of love and magic to you all and happy 2018!

EstaRa April

Friday, December 15, 2017

Quick Energy Update: 12.15.2017

Hello Everyone,
On 12:12, I performed an Energy Body Upgrade for my clients and channeled a message to them verbally from the Masters of Light, but then some other details from the Elohim and that is what I am sharing here with you today.

I am being told that all that is not in alignment with these shifts/changes will likely surface so understand that the world is not falling apart around you (well I will joke here--if you are in America--it might be lol), but seriously while things may seem glum, it is simply you letting go of an old energetic and egoic template, one that no longer is being supported, because with your guides you have selected a path that is more in alignment with your energetic frequency.  Basically, they are telling me as I type this that the old path you were on was not allowing you to fully step into your mission; it only allowed you to move through in a specific, limited 3D way keeping you from evolving past that.  Now, your path, your mission and union (union: if that is part of your mission) are the most important things and this new energy infusion will assist you in leaving behind the limitations embedded in your old path/blueprint.  We are already in a new time; yet,  still clinging to the old way, when the truth is that everything is possible, but our programming/systems have been trapped in the old. 

Imagine an older computer (I have one) and you add a new programming to it, but the old programming running on your computer does not allow the new programming to run because they are not compatible, that is the time that we are in.   We cannot implement the new without the releasing/clearing/purging of the old; that is why it seems so difficult during these times we are in.  The new programming is not compatible with what you are currently running, but because we are in the new energy, the clearing/purging/releasing are having a lasting impact as you face these things as they come up.

I know, I know many of us have been through all of this clearing/purging/healing before, and you are probably thinking, been there and done that.   What has been given to me this day clearly is that the tools/healing/clearing that we have done, was being managed within the old programming that had set limits because of the 3D reality we were born into.  Because there have been a great deal of delays along the way to ascension, many of us have been trying to navigate the two worlds, so to speak, (3D/5D) and the new was not able to flow harmoniously (read: collided/stumped our old templates) and allow for permanent shift.   Over the past year we have been downloading new templates/upgrades, but have been still clinging to the old ways as the world around us has not changed greatly.  While the world around us in the physical reality may appear that change hasn't happened, it truly has for each of us internally; it is a matter of letting go of the old beliefs that have been so embedded that many of us are trying to bring those along to the new.  Those beliefs cannot simultaneously exist.  (example: you can't hold a belief  that says "you are not good enough" from your past and expect to see/experience in this new time that you are good enough by way of holding a belief such as: "life is good to me and I get everything I need."  Instead, your energy has been invested in holding the old belief that the new one can't take hold.)Now, is the time to recognize the possibilities of having a new life and experience upon this planet.   There are vast differences/possibilities in this energy, but we must be willing to allow them in.  In doing so, we need to clear/purge/heal those beliefs permanently that have been showing up in your life.  Unfortunately, those beliefs do not coming knocking on your door and say, here I am; instead, they are shown to us through life experience. 

What will you do with this information?  The times, my dear souls, the times are a changing, will you change too?

This message was brought to you today through me with the assistance of the Elohim.   Namaste.