Thursday, August 17, 2017

Energy Thoughts: Twinflame Compassion & Gentleness

As promised this is the second part of the  Energy Thoughts from the other day: that is more specific to Twinflame Energy. I have to apologize for the delay in getting this out to you as I have been  extremely busy with human stuff getting in the way such as technological issues--but it is timely.
Explaining the message from the Galactic Federation of Light a little further.

With accessing more of the Divine Feminine energy and the tools of creation, balance and harmony it is possible to assist the Divine Masculine out of the dark path that he has been treading down and bring in more light to assist him onto his path of ascension.  This is a necessary step for all of humanity to find peace and create the earth they have been wanting collectively. 

As a twinflame and a Divine Feminine, our job is to support our Divine Masculine through this time with the knowledge that they are loved and show them compassion where there hasn't been.  Many of us have been waiting a long time for our Divine Masculine to come/arrive/remember;  and we are feeling tired, worn out and for some, at the end of our rope, it is understandable with all the work we have ostensibly done.  However, we are being asked to hold the energy of compassion, love, trust and faith once more as our beloved navigates his way through this new path that is opening to him.  In this sacred agreement between our souls, we have been given the job to remember for them what their truth is.  No we are not to throw it at him (though I am sure some of us want to hahaha), we are not to bombard them with our messages and nor are we to smother them with our love.  We are to hold light for them, we are to hold space within our heart for them to come home to.

I asked Spirit how when we are not speaking at present.  During different points along this journey to union, Archangel Chamuel has popped in to assist me and others into how best utilize the connection with have with our beloved.  I can honestly say when I have heeded his advice, it has always been beneficial.  Archangel Chamuel comes to us now:  Dear one, gentleness and compassion is what is most needed now.  We suggest that you connect with your beloved in the most gentle way possible, through the heart connection that is inherent and strongest between twinflames.   (Read: They are going through something more deeply unraveling in their world than they have ever experienced before and they need a gentleness and acceptance from us.)

Dear ones, it is a vital time of purging for the Divine Masculine. We wish to impart to you that there is a great deal of fear and vulnerability that the Divine Masculine energy is experiencing now.  This is uncharted territory for many of the Divine Masculine, for it is impeding their steps forward, propelling them to look within for the answers, for some, it will be the first time.  (read: They are feeling weak, vulnerable and scared.  I know, I know some of you may say no my twin is not like that, but believe me underlying their perhaps arrogant, selfishness, disconnected behavior they are feeling fear.)   I asked how to best connect with our twinflame, so as to not interfere with the process they must go through. It is important to maintain a conscious heart contact with your twinflame at this time.  This connecting with your beloved in a state of love is ideal for being the beacon of love calling your beloved home.  I asked more specifically, what does that mean.  His suggestion to me
was as follows.  Consciously connecting with your beloved through your heart connection for three times a day, but spending no more than one to three minutes in that connection.  What I am told this will do, is allow our connection to be present and available to them without pulling them away from what it is they are involved in.  They must go through what they are going through to break-free from the old paradigm reality they have been living.   You can simply surround them with a bubble of pink light and sit with them in your heart, your garden, or wherever you like. It is advised not to pressure them nor ask them questions, just let them know you love them and you are willing to be there for them.  (This is not always an easy task for some, but it is what is needed most now.)

For those of you in contact/relationship with your twinflame, remember to be compassionate and gentle with them, recognizing that they are in fact going through something.  It is a very difficult time on the planet for everyone and it may be impacting you as well.  The most important thing for you as the Divine Feminine is maintain your balance through all of this energy.  I know for many of us, we are this way, but we sometimes allow the energies that are pouring in to overwhelm us and we forget that we are here as another half of a soul.  What happens to them happens to us and vice versa.
We do not say that you are meant to dismiss what has been occurring on the planet in your world, instead, we ask that you observe it from a different perspective and feel into how you can best be of service to humanity now from a new way.  Divine Beloveds we are with you, and we ask you to behold the mission ahead, for in that, your union will emerge.~Galactic Federation of Light  

More specifically for twinflames awaiting union, coming into union, we have a job to do; it is not simply a matter of coming together as the love relationship that we perhaps have been focusing upon, we are here for more than that, we are here assist humanity.  Our job is to step on the path of mission brilliantly and know that our beloved twinflame will join us there because we will have created a sacred space within our high vibrational field to allow their energy in, in a non-confrontational way. 
There are many twinflames that are still holding onto the view of relationships that are rooted in the old paradigm, the masculine dominated energy that needs to be released and those beliefs too are up for purging. (read: throw away the fairy tales of the rescued and the rescuer, we are one and the same in this love--there is no need for rescuing and being rescued because it is about divine unconditional love. )  Dear one, we know that it has been a difficult time, but your planet is evolving and there is light prevailing.  We ask you to hold on to your vision for the new earth, the love with your beloved other half and the love you have for all of humanity.  Soon, the reset will take place and you will see what has not been seen.  ~Archangel Chamuel

The balancing of all of humanity begins with balancing the aspects of Divine Feminine and Masculine within each of you and carrying that out into the larger view of your planet.   (read: The twinflame union is a necessary component going forward in creating the new energy, the new earth.)Your mission is calling you to step on it fully; welcome it with open arms, as you will soon welcome your twinflame.


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Energy Update: You are Leader in Walking the Path of Light

Good day Evening Everyone,

I have had the most incredibly difficult time in sleeping last evening. It is the second time this has happened since we have entered this month of August.  There is so much energy flying around that it is keeping us awake, alert and ready for what is to come. What is to come you ask?  It is more of what we have been seeing I am told.  The massive awakenings are continuing--the pull on the heart strings, the suffering we are witnessing, the doubt in humanity's compassion-- to name a few.  These are trying and scary times for so many.  This time on the planet has put many lightworkers on guard, and ready to pounce to our readiness-- to our rightful place to herald in the new paradigm showing the way.  We are being prompted now to take our roles as healers, teachers, peace promoters, guides, light bearers, leaders and sources of love. As as my guides have said on numerous occasions over the last several months, the dress rehearsal is over--now is the time to step into your mission/role in support of humanity's transition out of the old and into the new.

We have been doing our job in the background lighting up the pathways making the truth come to light. And yes, sometimes the truth appears darker than the light. It isn't that the truth is darker than the light, it is simply that we can finally see it.   Right now, I am going to share words that I wrote on January 3, 2016 below because they bear worth saying again:

 Something that hit me really hard recently about why there is so much anger/hatred in our world towards other people of different religion/gender/race/path/beliefs—I thought to myself how can anyone hate/torture/kill/degrade another human being. (I am being kind with my words today.)   Why is it that so many are so violent and so willing to follow along with violence? I often channel/teach/explain that all we want as humans is to feel safe and loved; thinking about that, I realize that the reason people behave in such way is that ultimately—they hate themselves.  I know hate is a strong, passion-filled word, but it is a strong, passion-filled response so many people have in their life whether is from anger/resentment/regret/trauma/pain/suffering/guilt/shame/fear etc.  Ultimately, it is what individuals feel toward themselves either out of feeling inadequate/unloved/unworthy in the eyes of their loved ones/society etc., feeling unsafe/insecure because of past trauma, feeling overwhelmed by what they have no control over and feeling fear of how to survive. 

 Since I work in energy, I can tell you that most of this is actually part of the person’s experiences on the planet in this lifetime, but it can also be part of their ancestral karma/DNA, geographical karma (their ethnicity/culture/country of origin), soul karma—these are the patternings/behaviors/experiences that they have come to learn about/overcome/change and create anew.   With that being said, I believe it is our job, the people who are awake and aware on the planet at this time,  to step up and change/transmute/clear/release those patterns for all of humanity. It cannot be done alone and it cannot be done if we don’t all choose to be the light that we are.  Yes, it is one thing to shine your light for all of humanity to see in your individual-ness, but it is time for us to come together and stand hand in hand and walk together for truth/love/harmony/peace/balance/freedom for all inhabitants of the planet. 

 I believe we must start locally; and,  I believe that there  is a revolution on the rise, but it need not be a fight/violence filled/chaos, as we have learned from our mistakes as humanity, have we not?  From a Spiritual Perspective we need more love, light and connection to one another.  From a Human Perspective we need more love, light and connection to one another.  Then how does that happen?  We stop letting the prevailing energy out there be one of anger/violence/separation; instead we accomplish this through peace, education, healing and by all means standing together raising one another up human to human.  

 What I wrote then is just as important now, if not, more than it was then.   We are at a time when humanity is seeing the rise of possibilities and we, the lightworkers, as leaders among us, are being given the opportunity to create in a new way of being, and we are asked to bring healing to the mass consciousness with all the tools we have been given. It is now that the rise of the Divine Feminine is imperative.  When I say rise of the Divine Feminine, it does not imply that women must take over and be in power--it is not a literal gender thing, nor is it to be one-sided.  That is to say, our focus (humanity's focus) must be on the qualities of the Divine Feminine--we must embody those aspects of us that have been trampled upon and downplayed over the last several thousand years.  It is time for the qualities of cooperation, forgiveness, intuition, compassion, understanding, communication and connection (read: union) to come into play.

What we are witnessing, is the unraveling of the dark template/qualities of the Divine Masculine playing out on our planet. That is to say we are seeing clearly the imbalanced energy of the Divine Masculine without his Divine Feminine.  What does it look like you ask?  It looks like the world we increasingly have been living in: competition, authoritarian control, violence, self-centered dominance, separation, suppression and thoughtless action.

Why do we need to know this?  Because this is where the lightbearers must take their stand and not face darkness with more darkness; we need to use light to combat/undo/release the darkness. We need to give the Divine Masculine permission to let go of what they have erroneously been upholding.  I want to clarify something for those of you who are not aware--when I talk about Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, I am not referring to genders--I am referring to the energy that is expressed by the human individual on the planet at this time. It bears saying that each of us have both of those aspects within us, but one plays a more predominant role in our lives.  For more information on this topic, particularly with regard to Twinflames, please see my blog posts entitled:  Breakfast with Magdalena &Jeshua  and  Message on Relationships .

With accessing more of the Divine Feminine energy and the tools of creation, balance and harmony it is possible to assist the Divine Masculine out of the dark path that he has been treading down and bring in more light to assist him onto his path of ascension.  This is a necessary step for all of humanity to find peace and create the earth they have been wanting collectively.  We do not say that you are meant to dismiss what has been occurring on the planet in your world, instead, we ask that you observe it from a different perspective and feel into how you can best be of service to humanity now from a new way.  Divine Beloveds we are with you, and we ask you to behold the mission ahead, for in that, your union will emerge.~Galactic Federation of Light  

This has gotten to be a longer writing that I expected so I think quite possibly, I will be picking it up again very soon.  We have a lot going on at this time with regard to energy.  Be prepared, Be in love,  Believe you have the power to change.   If you are a twinflame stay tuned there is more to come for you from last evening's writings, check it out Here.


Thoughts on Charlottesville, VA

Hello Everyone,

I have been having some trouble sleeping and wanted to share with you what I posted on my social media today. This past weekend a terrible tragedy occurred in the city of Charlottesville, VA; people were killed and injured, directly and indirectly as a result of racism.  Yes that word that no one likes to talk about. It is real and it is a problem in our society and has been hidden far too long.  You can read here Soul Star Healing my post this morning to my business page.

But what I feel the need to share is that I feel overwhelmed and saddened that our daily life in America has been riddled with anger/pain/suffering/racism/violence etc. The state that our country is in is shocking to so many; and yet, a wake up call to all those who have been silent or have looked the other way for far too long. I have always known that racism existed, but I didn't realize to the capacity it is showing itself now; as if permission was giving to show/act/be hate.

Last year while I was campaigning for Bernie Sanders, I saw for the first time how angry people in my state were and how clearly racism still existed here in a way that I wasn't even aware; I live in what you would call a blue state and I felt safe here. While I understand energy and the bigger picture of why people are reacting the way they are, they don't; they don't understand that there is an agenda by the powers that be to manipulate us; keep us separate from one another, keep the people apart and keep them in the blame game because who benefits?  Not the person in the battle of hate. The benefactors of the divisive rhetoric are those with money, power and control currently; and they are keeping us distracted from what they are doing to harm the earth and her inhabitants, while the rest of us suffer all kinds of fear/violence/suffering/pain etc. We must not give into their agenda, we must remember that we are all in this together to make our country, our world a better place.

While I was driving the other day,  I saw a truck in front of me with two the American Flags on it and I almost immediately felt uncomfortable.  I was taken aback by that feeling and realized it was almost the response of someone with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.   Fear ran through me in that moment and made me uncomfortable.  I recognized the feeling, I know some of you may not understand why I would refer to an illness in describing how I felt, but I do not use that phrase lightly and it is how I would explain that fear response within me. For the first time, I felt like  the racists who call themselves patriots have hijacked our American flag--they hide behind that, saying they love America and want to make it great. (By no means do I mean to imply that all people who consider themselves patriots to be racists, but in a weird, confusing way, I do believe all people who are racists, more specifically, white supremacists believe they are patriots.)  I don't want to go into what/why they want to make America great again, enough has been written on that, but  in my opinion, I think they got it all wrong.

I mean do they understand America, have they read the constitution? Do they understand that the beauty of this country we live in is that it is made up of all immigrants coming from everywhere? That without the different cultures, educational backgrounds, etc we wouldn't have a country that was/is so dynamic in many ways. That the only true natives are the Native American People? I could go on, but I won't for the sake of my time and yours.

My degree is in Political Science and Public Administration and I believed in our system of democracy. I tell you that because I believed that our flag stood for so much. To me it represented freedom, our rights, the American Dream.    I loved our flag and our country, but now with all that is transpiring and being allowed to happen in our country from the event in Charlottesville, Va to the abuse of power and violence in some of our Police Departments to the hatred that has risen to the level of acceptable---I don't feel the same. I am disappointed in our system, I am disappointed in our country and at present the flag does not represent to me what it once did; instead, the flag  makes me think of the extreme hatred/racism that the white supremacist movement stands for.  I long for it to change, and I am sure you do too.

This is not something we can do alone--it is something we all must come together to do and stand up for our beliefs; we need to drop the ego about who is doing what and focus on the world we wish to create. We need to not fight it with more anger/violence/hate, we need to fight it with love, truth and unity. Perhaps, we don't even use the word fight, perhaps we just love, show support, come together in unity celebrations rather than protests.  Let us celebrate what America really is; a place where all can come together; and share and appreciate all our differences and strive to live comfortably, compassionately together.

I fear that this event is rippling out more acts of violence, unnecessary fear and divisiveness; and that is what these people strive to do.  I certainly hope that each of us is ready to take a stand for our truth and our country.  We need to love one another now more than ever.

In light, love and unity,
EstaRa April 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Lion's Gate Energy Update

Another Quick Energy Update:

The energy coming in through this Lion's Gate is now building upon the energies that have been coming in previously (read: light building upon light), so in essence the energy compounds on top of what was previously brought in.

This energy can become a burden for those who have not built a solid foundation, forcing a collapse of the old ways of being, forcing change; how quickly that happens is determined by your frequency and vibration and your ascension path. The weight of the energy will always weigh you down if you're not building upon a foundation in your soul's truth or soul's light. For those of you who have been building a solid foundation (read: those that are awake) then the energy will continue to grow your light quotient and become a partner in your expansion and creation. Therefore the energy can be viewed as a gift or a burden.

We ask you to recognize if it feels like a burden, then use this time for you to heal, clear and re-align.
We encourage you to allow the collapsing of the old because that is the falling away of old timeline potentials that existed in the now old paradigm. This opens the doorways and gateways to new paradigm potentials that had not existed previously or had been blocked. Some of the timeline potentials have always been there, but were not available to you or have been blocked, not by entities or energies; instead, they have been sealed off or unattainable to you due to vibration or frequency.

This energy is allowing for massive transformation and upgrade in your life. It will open up the magic within you. We wish for you to know that you are safe and you are loved, and no matter how you experience these current energies, remember you are safe and you are loved.

Namaste ~Arcturian Masters of Light through EstaRa

Monday, August 7, 2017

Quick Energy Update for August 2017

This month's energy has come tumbling in and rolling over everything in its way--anything that is not rooted in your soul's truth or in the highest light possible will be turned upside down, trampled over and up for deep release.

What the heck does this mean? It means let it happen. It means that you are advancing forward on this journey to a new you... It means for some this is what you have been waiting for and for others it means roll up your sleeves and get to work facing what is surfacing. 

Yesterday, I had a visit with the Goddess Sekhmet and this morning, I had a visit with Sanat Kumara both are nudging me forward on my path explaining it is time to hunker down and get to work on the things I wish or desire. They imbued the same wisdom for you as well. Get those shields of courage ready to brave through the thickness of this energy and by all means--allow, allow, allow.

As I once told my beloved twinflame in person and in the etheric--resistance is futile. At this time, resistance is not only futile, but it will be painful physically, mentally and emotionally. Embrace what is being shown to you--let go and allow the energy to shift within you...your entire existence has been created for this time on the planet.

We are ready to embark on an even bigger journey than we can imagine. There is magic to be had at this time...but first you must drop away the safeguards, the falsehoods, the stories you have been telling yourself and the stories that have been told to you about you. What is you wish to create? Use this month to garner the courage, gather the support and embrace the wisdom.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Q&A: Is He/She My Twinflame & How Do You Know?

Hello Everyone,

This is probably the single most important questions for twinflames, particularly those that are waking up to the notion that they are/may be a twinflame.  I get asked this question at least 3times a week and today I am going to answer it to the best of my ability.


One client asked:   I have been told that "A" is my twinflame and also that he is a karmic soulmate  I guess it is all about the journey, so maybe that doesn't matter so much, but it does to me somehow though.   Do you ever receive clarification on that?  

One client wrote:  Please let me know if he is my twin or if I am just crazy.

One client wrote:  How can he be my twinflame? I mean I feel like he is, but it just doesn't make sense, may he is just a soulmate.

These are just a few samples of what I get asked in my readings, or just in email.  I feel you, I hear you and I totally understand.


The clarification comes when we stop denying our inner truth for what we are hearing/seeing/experiencing outside of ourself.   Often times, we have been programmed from a very young age to not trust what we know to be true in our heart.  For example, when a child talks about their imaginary friend and the parent ignores it or even more the parent tells the child there is no such thing.  This dismissing of the child's experience or perception begins the pattern of learning not to trust their own instincts/intuition/inner guidance.   Breaking free from that pattern is one of the obstacles on the Twinflame Path that we must overcome.  Many times, everything outside our ourselves with regard to our twinflame plays on that belief pattern-our external physical experience often contradicts our internal spiritual truth/experience. 

The journey to twinflame union is also the journey to self discovery which involves awakening the power of self within.  Archangel Michael was my biggest cheerleader to look within and also my biggest supporter to remind me that what I knew to be truth inside was really the truth.   A great example came when I had an experience with my own twinflame.  Archangel Michael prepared me on my drive to see him.  AA Michael said, "trust what you know to be true inside of you.  Do not listen to his words, listen with your heart."    When I saw my twin that night, I was well prepped by Archangel Michael thankfully so.   My twin and I embraced immediately when we saw each other and I heard his heart speak to mine, I heard almost in a whisper (it was internal from his spirit), "I'm home."   I nearly cried when I heard it with my heart.  But as the night went on my twin's fear kicked in and he said to me, "I don't feel the way you do."   But trusting Archangel Michael as my teacher, I held onto the "I'm home" knowing that was in fact our truth, not the fear.

My guides have guided me to never tell anyone directly that they are or are not twinflames as that is their journey to self (trusting their own inner voice).  That will not be an answer I will ever give you. What I do know is that I have known since I was five years old is that I was here to find my other half and at seven I knew I would find him and marry him.   Throughout most of my life, I knew he was out there, I just hadn't met him, until I met him.  When I did I knew the first time I heard his voice I was in love.  But did I doubt/question/harrass my guides absolutely every chance that I got.  I literally asked for clear indisputable signs that he was my twinflame for six years; until I finally got my most amazing answers in Egypt and promised I would not doubt who he was again. I accepted he was my twinflame.

Then I had to work on accepting that he loved me even when he doesn't appear to care. I had to work on the doubt that  I felt, the doubt that he loved me because he didn't just run to me like I imagined he would when I was a little girl. (You know the old paradigm story of Prince Charming?--had to scratch that from my mental/emotional body. lol)  I have been "educated" quite a bit by the Archangels, Mary Magdalene and Jeshua to recognize his love for and his showing it or not showing it has/had nothing to do with me at all--it was about him and where he has/is at on his journey.  This was the hurdle I worked a lot to get over.  I now know and trust his love for me.

I am at the final stage I suppose where I get plagued occasionally with the doubt that this will ever happen. I have been on this journey for a long time, but even as I write this truth to you--I have a smile. I know inside that we will be together--the when --not so sure, but I know it is so. 
So I have to say this stage is much smoother and getting easier to work through than the previous two. :)

I hope this helps.