Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Q&A: Question about the Runner and Chaser Dynamic?

Q&A from Facebook:


I have a question about the Chaser and Runner because, I feel if we identify one as being the other, aren't we too the Runner if we're describing them? Because we too are the one Soul and energetically connected to them so by one being the runner or Chaser, we are in the same boat and by saying only they are running, isn't that thought alone repelling our energy in connecting/uniting with them? I feel of ones not ready, both aren't ready and both cleansing and dealing with the same yet different blocked energies or beliefs and so on and so forth.

I agree with you that sometimes, and more often than not, if one twin is not ready then it is likely that both may have healing to do. However, what I have discovered recently is that often the twin not consciously doing the work may have heavy influence on the twin doing the work. We are all merging at several dimensional levels and at different times. I have merged with my beloved in many different levels so much so that often I do not know where I end and he begins with regard to what comes my way. So while I have done tremendous clearing/healing work for myself and my twin, his energy of fear/worry/doubt etc infiltrates me still--so much so that I sometimes think it is mine,
particularly if I am not feeling balanced often due to not feeling well or not being sure to take care of my daily needs of meditation, grounding, protection and healing.  In this case, I will not recognize it doesn't belong to me and I will automatically attribute it to something I can I identify with (perhaps an old belief, old memory) and I go down that path and it creates a new barrier and block between us.  

Let me share a recent experience with you as an example:  I know for a fact that my twinflame is going through a great of stress, pain, struggles both internally and externally, but that was not in the forefront of my mind nor was I remembering that little tidbit of information.  I started to feel really hungry--like nothing was satisfying me and I was craving all kinds of foods that I never crave.  I just kept wanting to eat (good thing I keep only healthy food in my house), and I hadn't paid attention and I gave in a little.  It was about a day and half after I started feeling that way, when it finally occurred to me--oh my goodness this is him; he is stuffing his emotions and staying in his head.  Once I identified it--I didn't have the cravings and wasn't "hungry" anymore. Why did it happen you ask? Well, I was out and about a lot over the weekend attending family parties, surrounded by so many different people that my energy barriers got a little weakened and I was tired. I didn't do my normal releasing/intensive clearing that I usually do so I let us get out of balance.  And yes, I know there are some of you that caught the "us getting out of balance", but you may be thinking he is out of balance, and it is not my responsibility, but the truth is it is my responsibility to a point.  What do I mean by this?  I mean I am the one who is more aware and have the tools available to me to protect and keep us balanced. If I maintain the balance within me, I am also assisting him to maintain balance too.    

Being more present, this doesn't happen as much and it makes it more identifiable when it is his energy and not mine. In that case, I recognize his needs and respond accordingly. Remember, energetically, we are always in contact with our beloved even when we are not in the physical realm.  We are also always reverberating our energy back and forth with theirs.  

I try not to identify anyone as the runner and chaser and yet that is the metaphor that people use to describe this reverberation back and forth.  I do think if we focus on their "running" and perhaps our "chasing" then that is the energy that grows.  I feel that rather than focusing on that we would be better off focusing on what we need to do to maintain our empowerment and balance despite the external circumstances because internally we only connection, and that we are connected as one.

I hope this makes sense and helps you out!


Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Q&A: What does Overpowering Activity in My Solar Plexus Mean?

I recently received a question from Facebook about Twinflames, and I felt answering it here would be helpful information for everyone, even those that are not on the twinflame journey. 

I had such intense and overwhelming sensations. Yesterday I felt almost over powered by the activity going on in my Solar Plexus. What does that mean if You're a Feminine Twin(if that matters) and feeling that?


To respond to your solar plexus question--there is a tug of war going on internally for both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.  The energy is pushing each of us (each half of the couple) into their own self empowerment because that is what will bring us together--it may appear initially as if it is pulling us apart. I know for myself a long time I ago I was really afraid of moving forward and continuing my journey on because I was afraid I was leaving my twin behind, but the Archangels, my guide,s the Arcturian Masters of Light have helped me to know that the highest expression of myself is what gives my beloved the ability to see/feel/want to experience his highest expression for himself.  Much of this is not on a conscious level. It is a vibrational frequency.  When we hold our self back, we are amplifying that energy for our beloved too.  I hope this helps when you are feeling activity in your solar plexus know that there is massive change going on in there.   This is the chakra of divine will so you can imagine the energy transformation/resistance/fear/healing that is taking place in there, especially for the twinflame who is still riding out the energy of 3D and not completely understanding their role, ascension, mission. For them, they have really dipped into and bought the idea that the old paradigm is real and some are even clinging to it even tighter than before.  While changes are happening all around them, these twins may be fearing loss of control in their lives, feeling unstable, facing unexpected changes which you can imagine creates a flow of unsteady energy in the lower physical chakras. 

This is a powerful chakra and perhaps, 
you will want to use one or all of these
affirmations when you feeling this energy.  

By the way, when I was struggling with whether I continue to ascend and "move away" from where my twinflame was at energetically, my guides and angels have often reminded me that as twinflames, you are never apart--it is only in physical appearance and a limited belief system that allows you to feel the separation.  They also often confirmed for me, and still do, that I should not worry that I will be beyond him because he will jump to where I am energetically.  I can honestly say that I have seen him transform a lot, particularly in the last two years--in ways that I would have thought impossible.  And it happened without me coaching/reminding/controlling him--it happened because my focus was on me and raising my frequency, and in essence, he did too (perhaps without conscious awareness). 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Q&A: Can Sending Love to Your Twinflame Repel Them?

I recently received a question from a youtube viewer about twinflames, and I felt this would bear helpful information for everyone. 

Part One of the Question:

Do You think by focusing on always sending them (our twinflames) Love everyday that that's a form of control of fear of losing that connection? Sometimes I think, even consciously doing those things are still in some ways repelling them from drawing near? 
To answer your question about sending love to our twins everyday, I truly feel it depends on what your intent is.   Is your intent to keep them connected to you because you haven't had a strong connection recently?  Is your intent to influence your twinflame in some way?  Is your intent to try to hold that connection because you are afraid of losing them? Is your intent to manifest the union? If you answered yes to any of those questions above then yes, there is a form of control and fear in there. This needs to be re-evaluated and perhaps step away from "sending love" until the intention becomes purely unconditional.  The repelling, in this instance, will come from the pressure of conditional love that your twin will feel subconsciously.  
Is your intent pure of heart to simply surround them in unconditional love because you feel love in your heart?   Is your intent knowing they are struggling and you wish to surround them with unconditional love?   If you answered yes to one of these questions, then your intentions are pure. 

I wish to ask you not to jump to quickly to answer those questions, these questions require some serious introspection into you and your motives, beliefs, emotions and understanding.  Albeit, we wish to be pure intention of love, but sometimes there is an underlying fear that may manipulate us into thinking we are doing one thing when underneath a different intent is there because of our own journey of healing; we may have unintended subconscious intentions without realizing it if we don't allow ourselves to step back and see where it is we are coming from. 

Remember in energy, intention is everything.  If it has a controlling component it will most certainly repel our beloved twinflame because they will not feel the love, they will feel the control, get scared and "run" for lack of a better way of saying it.  

 Part Two of the Question:

We all let  (I believe this person meant to say "met") our Twins when our High Selves/Self orchestrated the encounter but, also, we weren't consciously aware and were in the receptive mode because we had no expectations in that moment and that is when the Universe conspired for that encounter to take place in the physical.  

I completely agree with you, as my Guides (the Arcturian Masters of Light and the Archangels) always say, everything is in divine and perfect order.  When we met our twinflames, it was because our energies aligned perfectly at that moment in time; and for many of us we were not looking, simply just trusting our journey.   However, it doesn't mean that now that we are awakened (awakened to the twinflame journey and have more understanding of it), we do nothing. Instead, I believe it means we work really hard at raising our vibration, clearing our personal barriers that we have put up to receiving love, really work at removing distractions. We have many reasons to distract-society has created various ways in which to distract ourselves; and some appear for good cause too.  The utmost important work we are given on this journey is to uphold and maintain faith with regard to the truth within us.

A side note about my journey with my twinflame regarding sending love.   I spend a few hours in the the morning on me, healing, journaling, crying, writing, stretching, walking, meditating, being in nature. I also spend about an hour in the even on me too. With the work I do, that amount of time is necessary for me.  Within all the time I just mentioned, the most I give to my twin journey in a given day is about 15 minutes, and directly sending love to my twin--1-3 minutes.  I do go into my heart everyday several times a day.  It feels really good to just sit in my own heart and sometimes, more often than not, my twin is there and he is holding my hand while I am sitting on a bench with him.  My intention of going into my heart is not always to connect with my twinflame, it is to keep me in that connection of my heart.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Inspirational Snippet: Twinflames Trust What You Know To Be True

On this 45 Day Journey of Transformation Class that I am not only taking, but attending as well I am discovering so many wonderful things that are helping me to fuel my twinflame faith and trust forward.

This is a snippet that I shared with my class the other day...

Several years back ArchAngel Michael came and spent the day and night with me to teach me about trusting what I know to be true in my heart. (By the way, this was not the only time he has taught me this, but it certainly was the most profound.)  I was going through something that I didn’t know whether to trust what I felt because what I felt was completely different than what I saw in my 3D reality.  He literally spent the day with me—how cool is that to learn from the ArchAngels?  They have been my greatest teachers—when I didn’t have human teachers. (because back when I was looking for human spiritual teachers—it just wasn’t happening—everyone told me to come back when I could afford it financially, really?   Most people give up and most people wouldn’t pursue their healing especially back when I started.  This is why my philosophy in my business is that I will help anyone willing to really work on their healing and evolution—we will figure it out reasonably, of course. ) So the ArchAngels are the ones who stepped in and taught me what I needed to know, and I am so grateful for them every day of my life.   I share some of their wisdom with you on this particular day when  AA Michael told me to trust what I know to be true in my heart above all else.  This whole day he was telling me to listen only with my heart center because it knows the truth. 

On this day, AA Michael even made himself small enough to sit in the passenger seat beside me.  He said that when I had a conversation with someone (this happened to be my twinflame he was referring to) to not listen to the words my twinflame would say, no matter what they were, listen only to what I felt in my heart to be the truth.  This was extremely hard because the words that came across were harsh and painful and at first I nearly gave in—how could I not?  I mean when you are bombarded by human 3D words in your face (reality to most of the world) it is difficult to dispute, is it not?  And honestly it made me cry and get a little lost,  but my guide, AA Michael, kept with me, instructing me to stay in my heart. 

So when I had the conversation with that someone I was instructed to listen to my heart.  As my twinflame spoke, I heard the words he used, but I could easily disregard them because I felt in my heart the truth—the difference was, for this person to speak they could easily use words, but for them to feel was much harder for them to access, but I  COULD FEEL what they were not saying. I could feel the truth from his heart to mine.  Looking back now, it was kind of funny because he spoke and I let him.  I even heard what he had to say, and they were not pleasant words, but I still had this warm smile in my heart and didn’t buy into what he had to say.  He didn’t really understand why I reacted so much the way that I did.  I didn’t cry—I just accepted his words and when I left I knew that what he said was what he thought he must say.

The difference listening with my heart versus listening with my head, was I could feel him—I could feel his truth--his feelings matched what I knew to be true in my heart, but they certainly didn't match his words.  See, it is really easy for us to get caught up in our minds, they are built to protect us—the programs we often run are to keep us from getting hurt—at least that is what our minds think they are doing.  What we don't recognize is that often the old programs are what causes us to get hurt.  Our brain likes to think, resolve situations by filling in the gaps with more thinking not more hearting,  and there is so much stimulation out there for our brains that we more often than not stop listening to our hearts and just focus on our thinking. Unfortunately, the way many of us have been taught is to ignore our heart and focus on what is "real".

Ever have those moments of OCD where your mind just doesn’t stop? I didn’t for the longest time, but then my car accident happened, and my brain started acting that way….the last few years I’ve had to re-learn how to navigate all this again.  Some days I have to admit are easier than others.  It does take practice, just like everything does. 

Why is it so important for twinflames, in particular to pay attention to their heart?  Well this is an easy one, our connection to our twinflames is direct from the heart, and that is the easiest way to hear their truth is through our own heart.   Go into your heart and connect with your beloved and allow the connection to grow--you will feel them, you will begin to hear them--even if you think it is impossible or you can't do that, I am here to tell you absolutely can.   This is the only tool the has really kept me on this journey to union--the truth be known, I've wanted to bail at least a thousand times. hahaha  And no, I am not exaggerating--I really believe it was that many times, if not more.

So I suggest that you start for just one day….ignoring what is in your 3D reality and feeling what you
know to be true in your heart.  Sounds simple enough?  One day? If that seems daunting and to some of us, it is and will be. Okay then let's take an hour at a time until you build up to where you want to be.   It might not be so simple, but it will be the best lesson you could ever teach yourself.   Go ahead and try…I’m here if you need me.  I will take this challenge today for myself—it may be hard for me as you know I've been a little worried about my twin's health over the last few weeks and I haven't gotten a physical confirmation that he is ok yet.  Good luck today on your journey of heart-listening--we all need to do this.


Monday, April 10, 2017

Inspirational Snippet: I am Enough

As you may or may not be aware, I am teaching a daily online class in Transformation.  This morning I feel prompted to share what I have discovered yesterday and have shared with my class.  See, one of the things I do truly love about me is that I never give up on my journey. I keep wanting to grow, learn and expand so while I am "teaching" this class, I am also "attending" as well.  

I am prompted by my guides to share a story with you today that goes along with the theme of manifesting our dreams and the work I’ve given you over the past weeks. What did you  discover the other day on your list? Did you sit with what came up?  Fears?  It is time to relay them back to where they belong….what belief do you hold about YOU (not the situation) that you think maybe blocking you?  This is a hard step that we sometimes can’t get out of our own way with.

I had an epiphany this morning as I preparing for today’s lesson and class  that I needed to revisit worthiness for myself.  With all the work I have done on me, I do recognize that I am valuable, a necessary piece of the puzzle, worthy of all I desire and more.  Now I have always known that in my head, I even felt I understood it fully about myself.  It is easy for me to understand it for others, but what I recognize today is that I need to feel it inside of me again—I need to reconnect with that part of me often—not just when it strikes me or when I have an epiphany.  I have definitely had moments of awareness and worthiness over the last several years of my life, particularly since 2011.  I thank all my beautiful friends for helping me to feel it and assisting me on my journey to worthiness.  The clearing of my past and the unworthiness chain has followed me around for sometime…I am ready now to release another layer. I am ready and willing to release my need to feel unworthy. I am ready to accept I am good enough.  I am worthy. I am worthy of all that I desire. I am worthy because I am.  This is the underlying belief that I discovered –hidden beneath what came up for me is “feelings of not good enough, translating to worthiness.”

Back in 2012, I ran a class on Manifesting Your Dreams through using your thoughts. I had taught a similar class to this in the past, but this time I allowed my guides to teach it.   I mean I channeled everything I talked about. I even remember the second week of the class, I said to my students. I know you had homework, how was it?  What was it?  I seriously didn't remember anything I had said or taught that day, but the message that was clear to me is that there are certain core beliefs each of us developed as young children and carried them forward into our adulthood as inherent pieces of us.  And, it is time to let them go.  (Tip for you---what core belief no longer serves you?  Look at the signs, particularly messages from your homework the other day, in your life and see where that is stuck and really look into the layers of things that are stuck.  You may need assistance with this step many of us do---I’d be happy to help you, but you must be willing to do the work for when we work together the energy gets moving more rapidly. )

Back to that class, I gave my students homework to get to the core belief that was underlying the difficulty they were having in achieving what it is they were wanting.  As you all know, I don't ever give homework to clients or students that I have not done myself so I understand what it is I am giving each of you.  Now, I have noticed that so many people need to first fall in love with themselves.  They often tell me that they love themsleves, but I can feel the lack of love for themselves even with their speaking it.  Loving yourself requires you to be able to look deep within your soul by connecting with your eyes and telling you that you love you (This is the exercise I had given you previously about establishing a soul connection by looking at your eyes and speaking to the little girl or boy inside of you.  Say the following: I love and accept myself just as I am. And watch how magic happens.)

For me that part I can honestly say I got down I can truly look in the mirror and say I love me and really mean it and feel it.  However, as we all know we have layers of stuff (healing that needs to clear).  So I took notice during this class that one of the themes that kept coming up for me was worthiness.  I felt unworthy.  When the physical class ended, I had continued to work with my students in weekly 15-20 minute check in phone conferences.  During our first phone call, I asked them to hold me accountable for my homework of working on my worthiness as I was holding them accountable for their work.  Well, if you know me, you know I really do live the way I speak and off I went on my mission to reclaim my worthiness.  I remember looking in the mirror saying, I am worthy. And hearing, in the back of my mind a voice that said, Are you?  (I swear it felt like it came out of nowhere, but truly it was in the dark recesses of my mind.)  That one moment spawned a whole mess of feelings, emotions and work to do.  So like the good student, I did my work every day; honoring me for the voice  I heard was really me and what really was going on not the words that I spoke out loud.

After a few weeks of doing my mirror exercises of “I am worthy. I am willing to release unworthiness.”  I heard that voice again, but this time it said, "You Are."  Wow!! I achieved it in my thoughts.  I was no longer going against the thoughts in my head, they were now in the new alignment of feeling worthy.   I was so proud, but felt I needed to continue working it.  So I continued and things I had been manifesting, just began to show up (well really continued even into now.)

Then, about four years ago now, I had the car accident.  I began to do all I humanly knew as possible to clear up my injuries as you all know, including every available tool to me in my alternative world in addition to traditional world, but I have to be truthful—the alternative has worked so much more!  Well as you should well know, energy healing really gets things moving on all levels, spiritual, mental, emotional and physical.    It worked my wish to heal this unworthiness issue that I have carried around for so many years has manifested through back pain and feelings of unworthiness.   Without going into too much more detail, people started showing me how worthy I was.  Everything culminated the past four years when I was receiving all these beautiful gifts of love, support and friendship during this most difficult time in my life.  I mean, I am still in my apartment –sometimes I say I don’t know how, but if I step back and really own my value and worthiness—I can honestly say that I manifested it.—wow look at me owning my power.  It feels a little funny—but it is the truth.  My guides have always said I am a Master Manifestor and I have to admit they are right.  Things that were never expected or thought happened; all was extremely needed.

Truthfully, it overwhelmed the heck out of me, but in a good way, (I remember my twinflame saying that I overwhelmed him, but in a good way.  I never understood what he meant until this moment.  But I digress.)  You would think that beautiful things that people gave me or shared with me or helped me with would make me feel so loved and worthy, right?  What I discovered is that it made me feel less, I felt inferior like I couldn't give back to them the way they helped me.  I have always had that independent attitude that I can do everything; I thought I had to.  I had to work through all those feelings to discover, that these beautiful people were not making me feel inferior/unworthy; it is because I make/made me feel this way based on my belief that I am/was not worthy of being here or I am/was not good enough.   I had the assistance of friend who witnessed my emotions and my discoveries of where the beliefs of unworthiness began.  She was an Angel to me in the last year to help me understand that there are layers of it and I have to revisit and maintain my worthiness—just as I need to maintain my self-love.

After thinking about it I realize I do give back ME  and that ME IS ENOUGH. I am good enough.  I am worthy. I want to shout it out to the world so everyone knows and perhaps it will get through to me too—once and for all!  I think the truth is that I am the only one it has to get through no one else—everyone else already seems to know that I am worthy.  It needs to be my truth every moment of every day of my life.

My wish for you today is to see your own beliefs that may need to be upgraded, revisited or explored a little more. No specific journal homework for you today--instead, I would like you to ponder some of these deep questions for you.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Energy Thoughts: Segments of Clarity

Greetings Fellow Beings of Light,

WOW!  WHOA!! AHHH! AWWWW!!! Just a few words to describe what we may all be feeling right about now.   (read: Holy Heck, Seriously, Finally, Still?)  We have just past through the Equinox Gate which provides a much needed rebalancing of our energies at this time.   Yet, it seems this clearing, healing and purging is never ending, right?  Well, when March started off I was hopeful for drastic change. (It was my birthday of course and, well I am entitled to dream.)  T
o be fair, spirit did tell me that after the last eclipse at the end of February that the next six weeks would be more of the same (read: amplified by a million, so it seems.)  but in more like a Clifford the Big Red Dog shaking off fleas kind of way. (Good image huh? Remember that cartoon character?)  It is a perfect description of what this energy feels like, large, awkward, red (passionate) and shaking all that is loose off.  Sound like anything happening in your world these days?   Well, hang on a little while longer, it takes time to lose the remaining fleas. ;-)  

The responsibility for creation, magnification and destruction is by way of thoughts, beliefs and decisions. While it is a collective responsibility to make manifest what you wish and desire for the earth; it starts with the individual taking responsibility for his or her actions, beliefs, thoughts and decisions daily. If each person upon earth chose peace, happiness and love to be their focus each day then that is the vibration sent out. Know that even 10 people who do this have multiplied the light quotient by 10 upon the planet. It does not mean all darkness will be gone, but it does mean there will be less of it available to grow. We do not assume or imply that it is easy to do at this time or in any time upon your earth as it requires vigilance to stay in balance and focus to stay in peace, happiness and love—but we tell you that each day that becomes the focus then each day it gets easier—each day solutions to problems appear—each day what is not in alignment with peace, happiness and love will show itself—it will make clear what needs to be viewed and worked through. You may think that is a bad thing when light is shed upon darkness; but dear ones, how can you change what is –if you do not know what is in need of change? ~Arcturian Masters of Light

All these lessons/issues that keep surfacing and resurfacing for some odd unknown reason are leading to the root of what must has been blocking you and what may be causing difficulty as we enter into this 5D reality on the planet.  Do you remember back in the fall I said we were starting to embody our 5D selves and we entered a new timeline potential? Later on I said that the next several months we would be learning how to navigate our way into BE-ing?   We had the practice, dress rehearsal so to speak, and now, we are set free to explore the ever more accessible/present 5D energy of creation and manifestation.  With it comes responsibility, truth, revelation, and did I say, responsibility?    With re-balancing comes breaking down, restructuring, remembering and realignment of our priorities.   My guides showed me an image during my Energy Body Upgrade last week of how everyone on the planet has their foundations falling apart--it doesn't matter how advanced one is  on their path of ascension, the energy is breaking apart anything that is not divinely guided (meaning from one's soul/heart energy) and is not created/built in the energy of purity.  Some physical, mental, emotional patterns are surfacing now that are showing each individual where their resistance to enlightenment is--showing where one may be continuing to try techniques/patterns/behaviors that are old ways of manifesting/creating/being.   These will continue to collapse at a much faster rate than it appears.  The patterns will surface, but at a rate much more manageable?! -Arcturian Masters of Light (Read: I laugh really?  how much more healing can humanity take on?  How does one manage the falling apart of things? lol--I digress.)

The message above could explain why the last week or so since the Equinox, I, along with many others have felt a little off and weird as a result of the Energy of Re balancing.  (I have been trying to write this upgrade now since Thursday of last week and here I am on a Monday. I have had numerous stops and starts--feeling out of body, confused, disconnected, difficulty maintaining focus.) What I have discovered over the last week, during my what I like to refer to as Segments of Clarity in the midst of murky energy communing with my beloved guides, is that much of the feeling off was relating to a shifting of priorities for everyone on the planet.  With the influx of energy from the Equinox, it has put pressure upon everyone resisting their new realities , the 5D energy.  Well, if the Equinox Energy was here to re-balance us as stated above, then havoc may be wreaked for everyone resisting their enlightenment, but for most of us some energy body adjustments are occurring that seem a little pesky such as random bouts of dizziness, night sweats, sluggishness, overeating or not eating. I see it as all just a part of the journey into higher frequency--I feel we are all just navigating our new light bodies in the 5D....I liken it to the movie Avatar--when they got that new body it was awkward and weird things happening--until it got comfortable and became part of them. It is all about fully transitioning into who we really are without the human training wheels---this time it is all us.

As a Twinflame on this journey, it gets a little more complicated because what is yours is yours and what is your twin's is yours too.  The more in divine alignment you are with your beloved, the more merged you are in this reality and the more you will be experiencing each other's energy.  With the help of some friends and my guides, I have recognized a lot of what I've been feeling is actually my twinflame's feelings.  I know, I know I should know by now that we are so merged and I feel everything that he is feeling.   Because our energy is so entwined, I don't always know where he ends and I begin.   I am saying this because believe me what you are experiencing is what your twin is experiencing, perhaps in a different way or to a different extent, but they are feeling something.  

Many twinflames that are not yet in union are experiencing an acceleration of sorts.  There is one divine counterpart that is more in their awareness as a twinflame while the other may still be holding (read: clinging for dear life for some) to the old ways of living/coping/being and Spirit has called TIME OUT and has decided to shake things up a bit.  Dear ones a large part of your shift in consciousness is the shift in your sensitivity—you will feel if you have not already felt and experience a breaking open of your heart chakra center –that is, the walls of immunity that you have built will begin to crumble and you will begin to experience life differently. ~Arcturian Masters of Light

This is rippling out throughout the Twinflame Soul Groups; everyone is experiencing massive change.  For example: the more aware twinflame, please know that the doubt/fear is creeping in because your beloved is likely doubting/fearing his/her soul's call to action.  It may show up as your lack of faith in your twin, but recognize it is likely your twin's lack of faith in themselves.  As I was just typing this, I was hearing the old commercial that said: This is a test, it is only a test. (Some of you may remember the Emergency Broadcast System from when you were a child on your tv.  Hmmm..I don't know if they still do that or not--I haven't had tv in years so I wouldn't know. lol)   See this time as a test, a test of you living your truth now that you are in 5D.   Consciousness is key!  Wow, I type that and I think--boy do I have  to really remember to navigate this reality more consciously; and remember, that my beloved is not trying to cause me pain/suffering/frustration/fear, but my beloved is just trying to learn to navigate his new being.  For my beloved (and likely yours too), his journey right now must feel like he is trying to ride a bike the first time ever without training wheels.  What he doesn't realize is that he is already an expert bicyclist, he just has to remember to tap into that part of him.

As for us, I hope we are discovering the old ways of doing things no longer work, that drama is a thing of the past, that some people need to stay in the past (a Mercury Retrograde is coming up so I had to throw this one in here) that our well-being is of utmost importance (read: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual--meaning you can't keep just one of those levels/bodies okay and think the rest is safe in well-being), that we require adjustments, tune-ups and changes to the plans we have set forth for ourself. (read: particularly if you set it up in your head not your heart.  Yes that is a loaded one, huh?) We will endure challenges and changes on this journey, make no mistake, but with this New Moon coming in, we have all the tools we need to move forward along our path.    You will find as you become more and more comfortable recognizing your power, your segments of clarity will grow.

Till next time.
Love, light and blessings,