Saturday, January 6, 2018

Inspirational Snippet: Epiphany

Today is known as the Feast Day of Epiphany which means the day in which Christians recognize Jesus Christ as God incarnate.

Seven years ago today, I left on a flight to a destination that changed my life forever. I went to Egypt and reclaimed parts of my soul that had been lost and I became more fully who I am today. In some ways, that trip to Egypt was my own self discovery that is God incarnate within me (as God is in every living being upon this planet).
Several years prior to that, I would often go to Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine, in Litchfield, CT for peace and sanctuary particularly when I lived in Bristol.  I preferred to go there alone I got more out of it for me.  So one day, I was walking down the "Stations of the Cross" (for those of you who do not know what that is, to put it as simply as possible it is a path that resembles the story of Jesus from death to resurrection).  Near the end of the "Stations", Yeshua (Jesus prefers to be called his Hebrew name) greeted me and walked with me.  "I am the way."  He must have repeated it three times before I stopped to listen to him and understood, really understood for the first time ever!

He said:
"I am the way.  I am (not me the person), but the "I AM" is the way. This is the divinity of God within you and it is your power to create in this earthly realm. Whatever words, thoughts, feelings you place after the words "I AM" creates your reality in the physical world you live in."   ~Yeshua
This was by far one of the most profound experiences I had with Yeshua at that point.  It taught me so much, I remember crying and being really excited with this information, but I had no one to share it with.  Back then, I was still transitioning out of my old life and burgeoning on birthing my new life. The message above is just as significant today as it was back then.   Yeshua is here with me now with another message for humanity. And today, Yeshua stood beside me to fill in the gaps and to add more information for me, for us. 
"It will take you many years to fully comprehend and embody this truth for you will have to undergo deconstruction of a program that has been deeply embedded in your DNA and cellular memory, for when you have incarnated into human form on this planet, you have taken on the prevailing consciousness and your job is to rise above that consciousness to help humanity change the very consciousness that is holding them back.  I will assist you dear one, to reclaim your divinity and essence of light that you are, and have been taught to believe you are not.  You are not a sinner from birth, for you are the light and love of God, the creator of all. As humanity begins to awaken and question what they have been told to believe the more quickly the energy will move upon the planet and the more quickly consciousness will begin to resemble the light that you are.  Your powers of creation are more magnificent than you can imagine from your limited human perspective. Look into your heart and begin to see the transformation of your very being." –Yeshua
Something to truly ponder, what words do you put after your “I am”?   This is journal worthy—take a gander and make a list.  I know one of mine is “I am tired".  I have to find a new way to convey my feelings,perhaps I can reprogram a tired body to feel energized rather than tired.

As many of you know, several years ago, I began studying Judaism and have longed to study Hebrew.  Recently, I have begun to study Hebrew and the gates/doorways of my soul lineage have been opening.  The "I AM" that I am referring to above is not limited to Christianity.  If you study the old testament with Moses when he asked God, what God's name was, the answer was "I am that I am".  This is clearly an earlier teaching of the power of  the "I AM".    I would venture to guess that in every major religion in this world, there is a a teaching about the "I AM". I, of course, have not had the opportunity to study other religions, but I believe this is the most important concept that needs to be taught.  This opens me to so much more that I'd like to share, but perhaps another day because this has already become longer than anticipated.

My suggestion to all of you is to ponder and celebrate the Day of Epiphany, but not as the religious holiday, rather as the celebration of the "I AM" within you, simply because we are all God incarnate. We create the life we live every day in every way.  Blessings to you my soul friend.   
Love to you,

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year Message

2018 is here...the year of 11.

If you don't know the meaning of the Master Number 11, suffice it to say that is all about faith in yourself, faith in your journey and the faith that you have the power to create the life you desire.

onto a message for you...

Dear Humanity,

I want to wish you a happy beginning to a new year in the best way that I can!

Imagine that this time tomorrow you woke up with everything you need and you didn’t have to do a thing other than go to sleep and wake up in the New Year. Well, that is what you will have if you trust that everything you need is right there inside of you. I know, I know some of you may be saying “I don’t have everything I need, like food, relationships, healing, money etc. I hear you and I understand you loud and clear—believe me I have said those things and others too. But what I know for certain is that the outside circumstances do not matter so much as what you are feeling inside of you.

Those of you that know me, know that since my car accident, it has been a constant struggle for me physically, mentally, emotionally, financially and even spiritually to maintain my beliefs, inner truths because everything outside of me appeared as if it were against me; and believe me in many ways it was/has been. I follow my own path and live differently than most can comprehend. That being said, it's the truth inside me that has kept me moving forward—surviving and not diving into a deep, dark depression when the reality is—it would be completely acceptable for me to be in a deep, dark space! The thing is that being in that energy for longer than a day or two is no longer in my DNA—not because someone removed it from me, but because I removed it from me several years ago when I began this journey of shining my light; oh and definitely doing the work to fall in love with myself, connecting with my inner little girl to find her needs and embracing change/my path rather than resisting it. I changed my DNA and you can change yours too.

Some wisdom I'd like to share with you today.

Take some time today to contemplate this year ahead and what it is you would like to experience.   Ask yourself, are you willing to commit yourself to Love - the infinite presence of Spirit in your soul?  Getting in touch with the love within you is the most important step you can take in your life. It is rewarding in so many ways: allows you to be accepting, understanding of yourself and others, vulnerable to allow love in from those willing to give it to you, it gives you the courage to look at your shadow and heal yourself while being supported by the love of Spirit and the soul within. It truly allows you to be who you are!

Every guru of this earthly time that has the ability to channel and receive guidance about life on earth; has imprinted that while things in our physical world may appear to be falling apart around us, the truth is that the falling apart is necessary for the putting/coming together of things. The energy of Love, Miracles and Blessings will be bestowed upon us now; access to these things increase with your vibration.  I know I'm ready to allow mine in, but I also know that it is not without work. But not work in the way we traditionally think of work; instead, it is about how we use what we have learned about living life in this time on our planet. It could mean going against what we used to know, leaving our comfort zone behind and entering uncharted territory.

Is this something you are ready to do? Are you willing to give up your attachment to how things have always been or should be? Are you willing to see real miracles in your life and allow the blessings of abundance to fall upon you? If so, then this is the year for you to change your life to the one you really want to be living. Let go of the attachment to how things have been or how you think they should be. Let things/experiences be just what they are supposed to be---just what they are in this moment. You will be amazed at the boundless opportunities and expansive magic that is available to us now, but it is only accessible moment by moment.

Stay in each moment as best as you can and don't cloud your mind with distractions and useless clutter, instead allow yourself to face things in your life as they may happen. We’ve allowed so much to clutter us and prevent us from going forward. It is time to be present in our life, our community and the global world around us. We are the light we have been waiting for…it is time for us to speak our truth, lead by way of doing and join in the energy that is building the momentum of change in our country, our planet. It is our time to shine our light for all to see and share our love for all to feel.

Blessings of love and magic to you all and happy 2018!

EstaRa April

Friday, December 15, 2017

Quick Energy Update: 12.15.2017

Hello Everyone,
On 12:12, I performed an Energy Body Upgrade for my clients and channeled a message to them verbally from the Masters of Light, but then some other details from the Elohim and that is what I am sharing here with you today.

I am being told that all that is not in alignment with these shifts/changes will likely surface so understand that the world is not falling apart around you (well I will joke here--if you are in America--it might be lol), but seriously while things may seem glum, it is simply you letting go of an old energetic and egoic template, one that no longer is being supported, because with your guides you have selected a path that is more in alignment with your energetic frequency.  Basically, they are telling me as I type this that the old path you were on was not allowing you to fully step into your mission; it only allowed you to move through in a specific, limited 3D way keeping you from evolving past that.  Now, your path, your mission and union (union: if that is part of your mission) are the most important things and this new energy infusion will assist you in leaving behind the limitations embedded in your old path/blueprint.  We are already in a new time; yet,  still clinging to the old way, when the truth is that everything is possible, but our programming/systems have been trapped in the old. 

Imagine an older computer (I have one) and you add a new programming to it, but the old programming running on your computer does not allow the new programming to run because they are not compatible, that is the time that we are in.   We cannot implement the new without the releasing/clearing/purging of the old; that is why it seems so difficult during these times we are in.  The new programming is not compatible with what you are currently running, but because we are in the new energy, the clearing/purging/releasing are having a lasting impact as you face these things as they come up.

I know, I know many of us have been through all of this clearing/purging/healing before, and you are probably thinking, been there and done that.   What has been given to me this day clearly is that the tools/healing/clearing that we have done, was being managed within the old programming that had set limits because of the 3D reality we were born into.  Because there have been a great deal of delays along the way to ascension, many of us have been trying to navigate the two worlds, so to speak, (3D/5D) and the new was not able to flow harmoniously (read: collided/stumped our old templates) and allow for permanent shift.   Over the past year we have been downloading new templates/upgrades, but have been still clinging to the old ways as the world around us has not changed greatly.  While the world around us in the physical reality may appear that change hasn't happened, it truly has for each of us internally; it is a matter of letting go of the old beliefs that have been so embedded that many of us are trying to bring those along to the new.  Those beliefs cannot simultaneously exist.  (example: you can't hold a belief  that says "you are not good enough" from your past and expect to see/experience in this new time that you are good enough by way of holding a belief such as: "life is good to me and I get everything I need."  Instead, your energy has been invested in holding the old belief that the new one can't take hold.)Now, is the time to recognize the possibilities of having a new life and experience upon this planet.   There are vast differences/possibilities in this energy, but we must be willing to allow them in.  In doing so, we need to clear/purge/heal those beliefs permanently that have been showing up in your life.  Unfortunately, those beliefs do not coming knocking on your door and say, here I am; instead, they are shown to us through life experience. 

What will you do with this information?  The times, my dear souls, the times are a changing, will you change too?

This message was brought to you today through me with the assistance of the Elohim.   Namaste.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Quick Energy Update 11/28/2017

Quick Energy Update:

Do you remember when you were a child and your biggest concern was having your homework done for school the next day? I have been having a ton of flashbacks to those times/memories over the last weeks, but I am beginning to realize that is not the case.

Instead, I believe I/we are integrating different timelines into my new multi-dimensional lightbody. I know my guides told me I/we would start to wear that "new body suit" (multi-dimensional lightbody) last year and would experience several upgrades and shifts to make it fit over this past year. Well, I think it fits and integration of the many timelines/dimensions are finally integrating.

I see it like a patchwork coat that I/we are wearing; a patch representing different experiences over different times/spaces making us complete, but first showing us what needs tailoring so to speak. It appears some of the most difficult aspects to integrate come from childhood which is why some childhood memories are surfacing as inner child aspects to be healed/tailored to fit more comfortably within that coat. Please heed some of those memories, they are like the keys to unlock your potential/future/dreams.

As we enter this time of massive integration, you will experience several personal internal shifts as
well as external shifts in your life. We are entering Mercury Retrograde Shadow period which will allow room for this integration to take place. I have been working through a great deal of inner child healing and I am going to be sharing that with all of you in the coming weeks. I will be hosting an Inner Child Healing Workshop for my clients--stay tuned for the details in December. Meanwhile, let your inner child speak to you. Allow he/she to play as well as teach you what you have been avoiding--there is great wisdom to be had at this time.

Namaste. EstaRa

Art: Duguay

Monday, November 27, 2017

Energy Thoughts: I Want to Give Up

Hi Everyone,

IF you are experiencing doubt, fear of the future and wanting to give up, then this message is for you. 

If you are a twinflame on this journey at this time, there is plenty of doubt about the path, what direction to go in and what the next steps are.  I wanted to send out a little message of support for those of you doubting.   

It seems in the last several months, the energy of doubt has amped up for so many of us, that we are questioning our next steps, trying to comprehend what is transpiring in our worlds, most particularly, I feel the twinflames that are awakened to what the journey is, have been hit the hardest.   Please know that no matter where you are on this journey, you are not alone.  You may be wondering, why now?  I have been so strong and so clear about this, but now I just don't know.  I just want to throw in the towel, give it up and have a boring, easier life.   Sound familiar? 

Well, I have been spending time alone over the past weekend due to my back really acting up--I literally couldn't walk, let alone sit, stand or enjoy the American Holiday of Thanksgiving--I was alone.  I spent a great deal of time feeling a host of feelings that were uncomfortable at best, ranging from I hate my life to I just need to get better.  One of them in particular was "I feel like giving up, I don't want to do this anymore."   I was in so much pain that I actually had to take medicine which makes it near impossible to keep my vibration as high as I like,  so accessing words of wisdom from my guides was difficult at best. 

So this morning while laying in bed, contemplating getting up and navigating another day with horrible back and neck pain; (I did move from a walker to a cane--huge difference),  I felt into what is going on with me.  Why is my twin so unavailable to me when I need him the most?  Is he really ever gonna do what he needs to do?   Are we ever going to come to the place of full divine union and leave behind the crumbs of connection?

I am going to share some answers that I received, they brought me a bit of comfort, I hope they bring some help to you too.  I asked my guides what is going on and they answered:

"Dearest EstaRa, we do see the difficult time that you are embodying right now.  We ask you to continue to trust, have patience and faith as everything is being moved into divine and perfect order for you."   ~ Arcturian Masters of Light (You can imagine my thoughts--really???!!??) 

"The Divine Masculine is/has been awakening to the world around them more. Over the past year, the embodiment of their multi-dimensional reality cannot not in their world while maintaining that which they have been carrying.  It has come time for them to shed their old and start anew." ~ Arcturian Masters of Light

What does that mean I asked?  "It means as they are awakening more to the reality they are living in, the more discomfort they are feeling, the more the promptings of their soul begin to take precedent." ~ Arcturian Masters of Light  Read: The things they do/did to distract/hide/run from all that is uncomfortable are having little to no affect on them, and they are growing restless/frustrated/afraid of what it is they are feeling.  "The Divine Masculine has been experiencing the longings of their soul when they began to expand their heart energy over this past earth year that you are living in." ~ Arcturian Masters of Light They are feeling uncomfortable with their circumstances, especially if they are in relationships or jobs that have long been completed or that have been suppressing their power as a divine masculine on the planet.  The divine masculine is getting a huge wakeup call as to what it is they have been hiding from themselves; as my guides have implied: there is no room to hide.

"Beloved one, know that your beloved is dealing with so much that he has not allowed into his reality. He no longer has a choice to ignore and avoid; he is being forced to deal with his truths." ~ Arcturian Masters of Light

In addition, since the Eclipse sandwich in August of this past year, much of the suppressed issues from childhood are surfacing for everyone.   Those inner child patterns are coming up to be viewed, particularly the ones you have long forgotten, but have left strong imprints on your life through behaviors, fears; even blocks to living a life of love.  If you notice, there has been a shakeup in humanity with regard to sexual predators, sexual abuse and sexual harassment over the last several months. These revelations will continue to play out center stage for all of humanity to purge itself from the distorted energy around sex and sexuality as well as around the roles  each individual plays with regard to this.   "The inner child plays a prominent role in human behavior and attitudes.  Much of humanity's fears are as a result of distorted perceptions in childhood experiences." ~ Arcturian Masters of Light  These distortions to sexuality are core wounds for the inner child within each of us in humanity.  It is important to recognize  that as this inner child energy gets stirred up through experiences, actions and news media around you, that your inner child is trying to have a dialogue with you about what needs to be healed.  "The issues surfacing at this time are looking to be released from what may have been suppressed by you, what has been stored in your ancestral DNA, what has been experienced within your soul group and the roles in which you have played in humanity with regard to this over various lifetimes."  ~ Arcturian Masters of Light

"What may not be evident to humanity as the release of sexual distortion comes to the surface is that as a result of that behavior, several other distortions/beliefs/patterns/ behaviors are appearing now."  ~ Arcturian Masters of Light Read:  sense of guilt, shame, worthiness, self esteem to name a few.  Those are coming up for clearing and release.  "We ask you to not judge yourself or another, for each of you are moving through this purging.  The best use of your energy at this time is to flow with the energy of release and recognize those patterns of behavior within you to begin to move through it.  We ask you to become more of an observer to identify where you are blocked, and once recognized, we encourage you to use tools to move through it." ~ Arcturian Masters of Light Read:  Get real with yourself and see what you have not accomplished in life and recognize where you feel insignificant, stuck or blocked and start working through it.  This will assist you during this time more than you know and beyond that it will assist humanity in shifting. The more we shift, the more we shift humanity.

Finally,  I just want to come around full circle to my fellow twinflame brothers and sisters.  Take a moment and recognize what is happening for all of humanity and recognize how hard hit we are, and even more so, our beloveds because they are unprepared at this bombardment of energy surfacing in their reality.  Their inability to handle what is happening is ultimately reverberating into our reality by way of amplifying what we are feeling or showing us what we still need to work on.  What does that mean for us and how do get through ? Our experience is  intensified!  We need to start looking at us once again and begin the process with ourselves.

While I was working on clearing away some pain this past weekend, I found this video on EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also known as Tapping.  I used it and it has helped put my life in a better perspective.  Does it make me want to jump right in and not give up?  No--but it certainly makes me want to give up a lot less.  I hope this helps you too, what do you have to lose? Just try it.

Namaste~ EstaRa

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Quick Energy Update: November 1, 2017

Energy Update:
Happy November!

Happy 11-11 Day. Yes, it is an 11-11 Day. What does that mean? Prepare for the Love train to start moving forward's's coming....

Meanwhile, back in your day to day life, so much energy floating around the ethers waiting and ready for you to pluck it up and put it into play. What am I supposed to do with that, you may be wondering. Well, the energy is all about transformation/shifting/embodiment. That means we are in a pretty, deep, dark place where there is only one way to go and that is through it. We are being given a massive opportunity right now to shift things that have been stuck quickly, smoothly and easily. The universe is preparing you to jump on that love train and embody the energy of union and connection.
This month provides the blueprint for your future to come alive. Are you ready to embody who you are? Are you ready to create from a place of love? Are you ready to drop and let go of old patterns/beliefs and ways of creating?

Remember, we are no longer in the old paradigm, but many of us are still trying to straddle the past with the present/future. (I am seeing and image of one person standing with their feet on two boats--one on one and the water is spreading the boats further apart. See this and realize we can only stay this way for so long before we fall.) Spirit is guiding us to take the plunge and jump into the ocean to make it easier for us to choose the new boat rather than being unprepared and falling in to the change.
Either way, spirit loves you and supports you on this journey.

Blessings for this new month....magic will happen...believe.

EstaRa April #energyupdate #soulstarhealing #estara

Monday, October 23, 2017

Quick Energy Update: Do Not Give Up

Quick Energy Update:

Do you feel it? The tide is changing and things are becoming more clear and more chaotic at the same time. How is that possible you ask? It is possible because the clearer some things become the more foggy the other things become. It is a miraculous time on this earth. What you once thought made sense may now seem overwhelmingly clear or overwhelmingly confusing.

What you have been working on manifesting for some time is beginning to evolve into a place where it is attainable. The strong message for today is DO NOT GIVE UP before it arrives. There will be many questions, many worries, even past fears jumping up now to be seen loud and clear--this should be used as a measurement to be seen as how close you are to manifesting that which you desire and how much of your fear is/has been getting in the way. There is a difficulty for some when they hear the word FEAR. Many people perceive the existence of fear as something that is consciously experienced, but dear ones you carry many unconscious fears/patterns of behavior/beliefs that have been impeding you all along. In this time you are being shown/given (read: forced to review) what it is you have been hiding from yourself, particularly in the unconscious. This is a tough one for many because that means for a little while you step out of the role of denial and step into the role of true observer. It is a lesson in self love that often many do not understand or allow themselves to comprehend because it is uncomfortable for those particularly by the standards of the new energies.
There is a belief that life is not to be so so difficult and I am willing to concur I believe this as well; however, to get to that place, we must clear all blocks and obstacles within us that are impeding our progress. In other words, we need to get real with ourselves to see what it is that we are holding ourselves back from/how we are and why we are. That is getting to the core of the problem and extricating it at the root so that we may move forward more smoothly and gently.

This energy we are in is heightened purposefully for all humanity to learn to grab a hold of what they want. Unfortunately, it can't be all rainbows and dreams of manifestation--there is real, legitimate work that needs to be done to get to the place where dreams and rainbows can be the playground. If you are in a waste site, surely you are not going build or create there without cleaning it up first. That is what the purging energy of this time is all about: really looking inside your energy of creator to remove all the things that you carry subconsciously that has been stopping you. My guides wish to say if you haven't yet manifested what it is you want, then look more closely at what spirit is showing you now. But by all means, DO NOT GIVE UP! It is simply a matter of re-aligning yourself to that which you need to do as the next step, knowing full well that what you desire as an outcome is just around the corner.

Namaste EstaRa April