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Channeled Message: Dance of Life, Balance & Twinflames

The day that I started to write this post, I had just turned forty and my writing started to take off on a tangent and then I realized there was much more that I needed to say so I am happy to say that this message comes to you today with love, honor and respect from my Guides, the Arcturian Masters of Light, the Archangelic League of Light in Council to the Twinflames and me. It is a bit of a read, but I promise it is worthwhile.

It all started with a thought: Since when did living become a chore? Since when is to live upon earth supposed to be you get up, you go to work, you make enough money to pay your bills and then you go to bed and do it all over again. There may be some alternate options, such as you get married (because you don't want to be alone and isn't that the ultimate goal is to not be alone? At least I have seen many succumb to it or stay in it to avoid being alone. If one gets really truthful with themselves they would see it too!) and get up, go to work, make enough money to pay your bills, support your family and do it all over again. Or a third scenario: you get married, you get up, you go to work, you make more than enough money to pay your bills so that you can have all the luxuries in life. I know I may be oversimplifying it, but really am I? Is this not what appears to be the status quo for so many?

When you think of life this way, you really can see why people are lost and unsure of what to do next. They are living someone else's story, not their own. The story was told to them by their parents, relatives and friends who learned the story from their parents, relatives and friends. I may not be living that life now, but I understand it well because I lived like that too

But did you ever wonder where they got it from? It came from somewhere, right? It definitely did not come from within. It came from without, perhaps with the advent of Hollywood? Depiction of what one human’s perspective/opinion as the perfect life? –Masters of Light

I remember when I was a teen in high school I took a Current Issues class and at the time the big conflict was Lebanon. (Isn't there always a big political problem in our world? If it is not one country it is another.

World Conflict is a way to focus you each outside of yourselves to keep you away from finding out the secrets of life—simply put you carry the secrets of life inside of you. To teach that, there would be no form of controlling humanity to one human’s perspective of what should be.—Masters of Light

I find that a conflict is often created to support someone's political agenda one person’s perspective that gets fueled by many following by using people's religion, values or ideology to blame on the "conflict", but I digress I’m not here to talk politics, but here to talk about what I discovered in my life so that you could hopefully discover something in your life too.)

This Current Issues class intrigued me so much--I just couldn't understand why people couldn't just get along and accept one another for who they were regardless of everything else. It prompted me to go into school for Political Science. I had the idea that somehow I could change the world by way of the system because of course back then I saw only what I was being programmed to see as a way to change the world. I do believe when America was founded there was much more foresight into changing everything in the world to make it a better place, but somewhere along the way that was lost and we got what we have today. I remember when I was in college and dating, I had several men say to me, what are you going to school for? I would say Political Science and they would say...."Oh an M.R.S. degree?" I had no idea what they meant until one day someone explained it to me; that the only reason a woman would take such a degree was to find a husband and become a MRS. Really? That experience is pure truth as difficult as it is to believe, but that is how people thought. It was hard for me to think that way because I was idealistic and really believed I would change the world. But unfortunately, I was a woman in a male dominated world and that was never going to happen as far as they were concerned.

Being thrown into the world of politics I saw women stop being women (I simply mean they gave up their softer, more intuitive side to fit in) so that they would be taken seriously. They left their hearts and got more into their heads and based decisions more on what was tangible rather than intuitive. (No that pattern didn’t start when I was in school—it started well before; it just became more prominent.) While I was in politics, I saw that all the change the feminine energy could bring to a very masculine government could never happen when women started to take on the role of being masculine energy. The thing that could change our world was the balance of energy, but if women gave up their feminine energy; valuing the ego mind more than their natural inclination toward intuition, then the changes could never occur so instead we got more of the same or worse---we got a world in extremes.

The more I was in that world, the more I saw that it was near impossible for some women; especially sensitive women like me. I couldn’t handle quieting my beautiful gifts of intuition so I got physically ill. Other women, I saw succumb to the marriage and family thing not necessarily for love, but because that is what they are supposed to do. I mean if a woman was going to college to find a husband; shouldn’t that be what she did ? Hmmm…makes my pairing up theory (that I recently discovered) sound like it has some weight to it. The emphasis is not on love. Instead it is to make ends meet with the hopes of not being alone and; hey, you are lucky if you like the person you are with, but that is not the requirement--no of course not...the requirement is that the husband bring home the money and work himself nearly to death doing so as long as he has a home, car, family that looks good to the outside world; he has it all. As a woman the requirement is just as bad--as long as she looks like the models in magazines and in the movies (not that that is ever truly possible because what the media fails to divulge to people is that they do a lot of things with technology to make even the models and actresses look a certain unattainable way), become holly homemaker oh and look like you love being a mother even when you are struggling to like yourself. Okay so that may be a bit oversimplified again, but hey we are in 2012 and things have changed; right?
We may be in 2012, but I do I think people are more confused than they ever been were because those two roles I described from the early 1990's have shifted up a bit. Now the men are getting more sensitive with the arrival of the feminine energy on the planet so they are embarking on new territory unsure of what that all means. The women are being called back into their power in a more comfortable way; but everyone is still unhappy. Why? Because everyone is still looking outside themselves for their answers. Even in the holistic arena, where finding yourself should be the main thing on the menu; it isn’t necessarily. It is cool to be spiritual now, to eat healthy now...great if it is capturing people's attention in a healthy way to discover who they are, but being spiritual shouldn't be about a money making opportunity with new clothing, commercialized belief systems; it should be about developing oneself to live in a world that is evolving past what used to be. Oh sure there are many people marketing their stuff, but are they truly called to assist the people of the earth or is it just another ploy to keep people stuck?

Dear ones, pay attention to what things feel like to you, use your discernment for many times humanity has been stuck in the extremes. Humans have a way of turning everything into a distraction so as to keep them from looking within themselves.—Masters of Light

As the feminine energy keeps pouring into the planet, much is occurring. Men are losing their footing and their power centers are off balance for their roles are changing. Women are gaining their footing and power, but their power centers are off balance as well as they begin to lean towards excluding the men; therefore, the male energy. Unfortunately, in that way, it is becoming an extreme for many.

The purpose of the outpouring of feminine energy from above to the earth at this time is to bring about a balance that has been lacking upon the earth. –Masters of Light

As I started rereading my writing from a couple of weeks ago my guides started to clarify things for me which is why you are receiving such a long article from me. This brings me to my new mission upon earth as I know my current mission is nearing completion. The reunion of my twinflame and me is imminent as I am told by my guides because it is necessary at this time.

The mission of the twinflames is far greater than humans can imagine. Only the twinflame energy will carry with it the balance that is so necessary for humanity to go forward and live during these times. The shifting that will occur as a result of the reunions of the twinflames will assist humanity in the transformation of energy from one of extreme to one of balance. This rebalancing needs to occur in order to create an earth in which love will transform the earth to a place that all inhabitants can live upon peacefully.

With the advent of the Spring Equinox, the twinflame reunions will commence. As that happens, twinflames strategically placed around the planet will reunite one after another bringing about the balance of male and female energies. At this time, the reunions are necessary to shift humanity's consciousness from the extremes of planetary imbalance of an all masculine energy or of an all feminine energy. The twinflame reunions will signify the ultimate balance of divine feminine and masculine energies. Upon the lighting up of the planet through the love of the twinflames, each individual human will be reset in their own masculine and feminine energy creating an inner merge of the male/female in each human upon the earth. This is necessary in order to create upon the new fifth dimensional earth--Archangelic League of Light in Council to the Twinflames

A little clarification on the above information about twinflames: Twinflames are truly one half of the other: one twin carries the male energy and the other carries the female energy and with their reunion they become a balance of both energies and become one. Not everyone on the planet at this time has a twinflame incarnated to reunite with them. It is not the path for every soul this time around; however, it is the path for some. The reunion of twinflames is a mission that was written before this earthly incarnation for when the soul is closest to finishing their “work” and ready to go “home” that is when the twinflame contract is brought forward to completion. To be on this path of twinflames involves more than just connecting with a love; there is work to be carried out prior to the reunion and after the reunion as a twinflame. The work involves assisting humanity.

As twinflames reunite, it shifts the energy for the entire planet in terms of human relationships with another. Humans will begin to see another through the eyes of love. They will find that their connections with another come from their heart center and they will find their true soulmates. This will and has created chaos for some as they begin to separate from relationships that are not heart centered. –Archangelic League of Light in Council to the Twinflames

Those people who are not on the twinflame path will still be impacted by the reunification energy as they will have a similar internal reunion of the male and female energies within them. There are far less twin flames incarnated to reunite upon the earth than most people will believe. However, with the internal rebalancing that is occurring for all humans, the potential and possibility of having that soulmate love come your way is far greater than ever before. The only thing that is necessary for you to embark upon that journey is to live from a place of love.

Finally, the roles of humanity are changing and there are several things that need to be learned for one to survive not just succeed in the energetic shifts occurring. Are you ready for the changes? The future is not about how much money you make, the future is not about what you look like, the future is not about what you do; the future is about you truly being you as you are. There are no pretenses and there are no expectations. There is only love.

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