Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 51: One Day Closer

Good Afternoon World,

I was up early and ready to start my day. I woke up yesterday feeling a bit of relief after I experienced a bit of heaviness the past couple of days. I woke this morning feeling that I am one day closer to the reunion with my twinflame. I feel it...look out world because when we come together the whole world will feel it--that I am sure of!

I was out the door early and feeling excited to start my day, I can feel the momentum of life picking up. Something is coming I feel it.......and then I spoke to my guides and they told me to turn the radio on now. They As I turned it on, I heard the news on the radio station stating that there is a Solar Storm that may interrupt electronics. I smiled and my guides said "good one Lil Grasshopper" (they like to be funny). The congratulated me on knowing it once again. I tend to experience the "symptoms" if you will prior to the event.

As I sit here out on my back deck in the beautiful warm day in Guilford, I think of how people think the solar flares will only impact electronics, but I know differently--it will "light up" each and every one on the planet. It is here to assist in the ascension process; how else would people light up? Especially the ones resisting, my guides are telling me as I type this. Boy, I think to myself, my twin must glow in the dark by now with all the light that has come his way and yet he is still not with me as of yet. Oy!!

Anyway, I digress, the word is ...I feel one day closer....what is the date? I have no idea, but then again I don't think I am supposed to know....I just know it is soon. hahaha

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