Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Inspirational Snippet: Expect the Unexpected

I woke this morning with a beautiful I lie in bed making a decision if I was going to sleep in or get up this morning. I chose to wake up early do a little work out, but the big motivator was this message I was given to share with everyone for today. Here is the message I placed on the Soul Star Healing fan page from my guides:

Today's message...Embrace the magic within all of your daily experiences today, including the mundane tasks. Many small, yet wonderful surprises are coming your way. Begin to expect the unexpected and you will begin to see as the miracles occur.

This message so resonated with me today; because I think we all get stuck in our routines or struggle to make it through our daily tasks. Why does that happen? Often we are not able to see the magic that we can create within our day. I know that for me, it happens sometimes too. In my work, I tend to over give and yes people tend to appreciate the work I do at the time, but often my work goes unnoticed otherwise. The days I start to feel like I don’t want to do anything (That is my tell tale sign—and yes it happens to me too!), it is a sign for me to look at my life and see how my balance is. I’ve learned and noticed that once in awhile this happens to me to remind me to take note of what is happening. Often it means that I am working too much, spending too much time with people that are not feeling happy with their life (could be work that is exposing me to this or some friends) or I am not making it fun. It takes a beautiful sunrise to en-LIGHTen my thoughts and remind me to explore the current day differently. Bring back my child-like wonder…Yes that is what I said child-like wonder. Remember as a child everything you saw or experienced was new and exciting; let that be the lead for your new day.

While many people laugh or tease me about how I can spend hours looking out my living room window amused by nature as it plays in front of me or that I find everything, everywhere in the shape of a heart, taking note of these things is what makes magic happen in my life. It sustains me and assists me to not take one moment for granted. I know what helps me to restore my energy to a child-like state of wonder, what do you have that helps you to restore yours?

My wish for you today is to discover what helps you to restore your child-like state of wonder and to embrace the magic in your daily life so that miracles can happen.

Be love,

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