Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Energy Thoughts: 11-11-11 Gateway of LOVE

Happy Tuesday---Happy 11-11-11...We are in a gateway of oneness, wholeness, reunions and love.....

Did you know that today is an 11-11-11 day?  Not just 11-11?  11-11-2014 adds to "11" a Master Number Day.  Hence, 11-11-11.  My suggestion is to set aside some time this evening to connect with the numerous groups of people that are connecting into oneness and wholeness.

I know it has been nearly a month since I last sent out an Energy Thoughts, but again Mercury Retrograde wreaked mild havoc, but it wasn't as bad for me as in the past, but it lent to me not writing so hence it is a month later. I was sitting here eating breakfast and started to feel/remember today is 11-11-11 and boy, what a powerhouse energy it is!   It is take action time! There is no more weighing out thoughts/ideas, it is time to listen to your feelings because they are guiding you to or away from relationships/careers/locations/etc.  For some, the change comes right in time. For some, the change is going to wreak havoc. And for others, the change is what they have been patiently waiting for.  
This Gateway is all about coming back together: reclaiming parts of you that have been lost along the way, parts of you that have never fully been embodied, parts of you that were blocked by fear: it is reunion of your soul time!  Yes, and that means Twinflame Reunions too!

You can walk through the gate softly, slowly and comfortably without a struggle or you can get nudged, pushed and pulled through uncomfortably; the choice is yours.   How do I choose you ask?  The choice is not a conscious one in terms of saying "push me through" or “I'll ride the easy train”, no dear ones it is not that simple.  It is far easier, we think. It is by the choices you make day to day to live your truth, live in your truth, be your truth, speak your truth.  --Masters of the Light

Sounds difficult?  It may be for some of you who have bought into the belief that we are supposed to follow the guidelines/rules laid out before us through society/religion/education/tradition/family.  The interesting thing is that most people don’t even stop to question what it is they follow—they just do follow.  If you are one who has unplugged from traditional society already, it is easier.  If you have not unplugged or are partially unplugged, then you may have a little more work to do to clear the outdated/old belief systems that have been programmed into the very cells of your being. This is not to say that those who are unplugged have finished clearing by any means because unfortunately, there are many distractions.

We tell you to unplug from the world around you and plug into your Higher Self at this time.  Your Higher Self is your master tool of discernment along with the active creator self that is known as your I Am Presence.--Masters of the Light

Your higher self of the light is the all knowing part of you; the part of you that is connected to all things and assists you on your journey, as a compass would upon your path.  We are in the times where the integration of this aspect of your self is necessary in navigating the new earth energy.  Your higher self provides you with knowledge/intuition/guidance/presence that is so needed to clearly view/see the world around you.  My guides mention unplugging and what that means is to simply step out of the program “that is currently playing   The current program is one of fear, separation, violence and lack; it has been running on our planet for sometime which has created the chaos that surrounds us all now.  (On a side note, please do not take this to mean that I do not see or am not aware of the beautiful LOVE that is popping up on the planet because I am very well aware and clear and so excited to say that I am part of it.) All of humanity has been programmed/plugged into the current system from birth.  The institutions of government, education, religion, traditions and, even some family belief systems have been in place to instill and maintain the current program.  These systems have created a very large imbalance in humanity and created a consciousness of control and separation.  This is the global perspective. Now, for the more personal, localized perspective: it is what keeps you stuck in an uncomfortable/abusive/loveless/dutiful relationship for example.   

The 11-11 Gateway, particularly since 2011,  has opened up the current program to dismantling and unraveling.  If you will recall in 2011, my guides referred to the 11-11 Gateway as the Love Train—it was arriving then and has been traversing our globe since, opening up pathways for some, awakening others and breeding new light and awareness into everyone and everywhere.  It has been evident for some time (read: many, many years!)  that the current system was failing us, but since 2011, it has been brought into the light for all to see even those who are not “aware".  By the way, every being on this planet has been awakened  even if you feel they are "unawake"  they are, they are just awakened to a different vibration/level. 
As more and more people unplug/remove themselves from the current program, you will see/have noticed greater evidence of the clamping down control and the pumping out of fear/violence/trauma such as the current issues on the national/global level.  The current system in place has not worked and requires great change.   The changes must happen internally for each being too; for change and transformation must begin individually for it to impact the greater good/whole.  

The calling in/allowing in of your higher self is what will assist you in making better choices, getting clearer answers/messages about your life. (on a side note: you don't have to be psychic and talk to your guides to get clear answers and messages.  You simply need to be present in your life so that you can notice/see the signs that are provided to you.  It can be something as simple/dramatic as three different people mention the same thing to you.  By the way,  I offer session and classes on how to connect with your higher self and utilize that part of you in everything you do.)  

Your I am Presence is your God-self, your divinity and the aspect of you that is creator.  Working with this aspect of yourself, assists you in not only manifesting the life that you so desire, but assists humanity and Mother Earth in laying down the foundation of the new earth, that we as a collective have chosen to create. We are in times of dismantling/tearing down structures that no longer work in our lives, our communities, our countries and the world around us.  But if you are one that gets up goes to work, watches tv and goes to bed and just does it all over again without realizing that you can change/control your life then you are missing out on the greatest opportunity to utilize your I AM presence. I have often taught about how powerful the words "I am" are in our language through my Manifestation Classes.  Whatever you put after the words, "I am" ultimately creates your reality.  Now, if said enough you create pattern and energetic vibration of what it is you are saying and you draw "like" energy to you: hence the Law of Attraction.  The Law of Attraction is neither good or bad, it simply is.

Several years ago, when I began this part of my journey, I was walking through Our Lady of Lourdes Shrine in Litchfield, CT.  Now, many of you know that I was raised Catholic and that I tried really hard to be a good Catholic for many years, but it never really sat well with me.  Even when I was a child, I would question the Bible to my parents; I recall highlighting passages in my Bible with a yellow highlighter, the passages where Jesus spoke of light.  I would go to my parents and say why don't they talk about this in Church?  Why is it the same old stuff that is about death and sin?  Why can't we talk about being the light and not hiding it under something? They would get frustrated with me, but I think it wasn't so much that they didn't like my questions and perhaps, it wasn't even that they didn't agree; I think it is because of the programming of humanity--that is is just how it is done; don't question it.  Two of the verses I am referring to are: 
  •   Matthew 5:15  Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.
  • Luke 11:33"No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light. and  they often had the word light in them. 
Anyway I digress, back to the Shrine.  I would often go there for peace and sanctuary particularly when I lived in Bristol. I would often take someone with me to experience the peace and beauty,  but truly I preferred to go there alone I got more out of it for me.  So one day (gosh it has to be 10-12 years ago now), I was walking down the "Stations of the Cross" (for those of you who do not know what that is, to put it as simply as possible it is a path that resembles the story of Jesus from death to resurrection).  Near the end of the "Stations", Yeshua (Jesus prefers to be called his Hebrew name) greeted me and walked with me.  "I am the way."  He must have repeated it three times before I stopped to listen to him and understand, really understand for the first time ever! 
He said:

"I am the way.  I am (not me the person), but the "I AM" is the way. This is the divinity of God within you and it is your power to create in this earthly realm. Whatever words, thoughts, feelings you place after the words "I AM" creates your reality in the physical world you live in."   ~Yeshua

This was by far one of the most profound experiences I have had with Yeshua.  It taught me so much, I remember crying and being really excited with this information, but I had no one to share it with.  Back then, I was still transitioning out of my old life and burgeoning on birthing my new life. The message above is just as significant today as it was back then.   Yeshua is here with me now with another message for humanity. And today, Yeshua stood beside me to fill in the gaps and add more information for me, for us. 

"It will take you many years to fully comprehend and embody this truth for you will have to undergo deconstruction of a program that has been deeply embedded in your DNA and cellular memory, for when you have incarnated into human form on this planet, you have taken on the prevailing consciousness and your job is to rise above that consciousness to help humanity change the very consciousness that is holding them back.  I will assist you dear one, to reclaim your divinity and essence of light that you are, and have been taught to believe you are not.  You are not a sinner from birth, for you are the light and love of God, the creator of all. As humanity begins to awaken and question what they have been told to believe the more quickly the energy will move upon the planet and the more quickly consciousness will begin to resemble the light that you are.  Your powers of creation are more magnificent than you can imagine from your limited human perspective. Look into your heart and begin to see the transformation of your very being." --Yeshua

I just finished typing up Yeshua's message and I heard the words "Land of Illusion",  and it brought me back to the song by Genesis (from the 80's) Land of Confusion, do you all remember this?  Oh my wow. I looked it up on You Tube and the most recent version is from a Group called: Disturbed. Not sure what is more disturbing the group's name or the song.  Either way, here's the video, this has the lyrics in it and worth a watch.

One caveat to the song/lyrics, they say,  "not enough love to go around".  I agree and disagree.  I feel there is a belief in lack and not enough so that is truth, but I know that there is plenty of LOVE to go around--it is simply being withheld.  Each of us has our own programs of fear/lack/pain/hurt that holds up back. In addition, there have been numerous messages implanted into us through the world we live in to look externally for the answers, when in truth, if we look in, we will find that we are love and light that Yeshua speaks of.  Like the Masters of Light suggest, it is time to unplug from external sources (they are distractions--and can be as simple as never staying home to just relax, never turning off the noise or even mindchatter) and plug into your higher self (this is to say plugging into your heart and soul to carry out your truth which again is love and light). 

If we can unlearn bad behaviors (and in case you didn't know, you can!), then we can un-program bad beliefs too.  Back to this 11:11:11 Gateway, you are being given the opportunity to break free/step out of/change into who you are and take action to make your life/existence better. It is a time to remember and reunite all parts of yourself. And a special message  for Twinflames:

The time is now dear ones.  Things may not appear different, but they are. Your twinflamess may not appear different, but they are.  It is necessary now to step into your full power of acceptance and love for yourself and your twin.  Remember, that what you experience in your reality is being experienced in their reality and vice versa. So if you are undergoing great change and challenges, so too is your twin.  The more awakened twin may ride through a little easier while the other twin may experience more bumps in the road.  Trust that all will happen as according to your highest good. Your reunions are needed now to set the planet on the path of wholeness and oneness.  The balance of your souls represents the balance of humanity; the coming together represents the coming together of humanity and the fulfillment of your love represents the anchoring of the new earth for humanity.  It is expected that you will fulfill your mission to bring a new experience/view of love to the planet.  It is with great anticipation we say to you that the time is now.  It is with love, honor and respect that we bring this message to you. ~Masters of Light

In love and light,




  1. Hello I love the stuff you write, I am a twin flame, and I am love.
    thank you! :) lets bring the love here!

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you! I really appreciate your comment. Sometimes I write these things and I wonder if anyone ever hears them. It has been such a long journey, and yet at times it feels like it is just getting started. May the love of all twin flames transform our world to one in which beauty, peace, harmony, love and light are honored as primary over fear, competition, violence and such. Blessings to you and your twin--may our reunited love light this world on fire with magic! ~EstaRa