Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 49: Quest to Keep the Faith is Stronger Today

Well, I have started to write several times over the last few days, but then the information was way off tangent and had nothing to do with my twinflame and yet it did. I have decided along with my guides to post my writings as a separate article or snippet over the coming days.

I am sitting here in my apartment finished with appointments for the day and spent the last hour and half working on a painting I am creating for my niece for her birthday. It has to be something simple and yet I want to place much of my vibration into it for her to take. I have felt like I don't want to do anything for the past several days, but I realize this is not my personal feeling. I feel like this is my twinflame's feelings. I have been feeling his stuff more than anything lately.

So much happened since I last wrote in the blog. I talked with my twin again very briefly on Saturday. I felt his urgency to talk with me and felt his need to escape whatever is happening in his life at this moment. Our conversation was not as amazing as it was the couple of days prior. My friend intuited a message for me that resonated and that was to ignore the second conversation that it wasn't the changed him..it was the old him trying to avoid dealing with what is necessary for him at the moment. That was really hard to hear, but understandable.

Then on Sunday, I felt him for a good part of the day. Sometimes when I feel him I feel his love, I feel his physical anxiety or his physical body aches like stomach or headaches and often I have to question it to determine if it is mine or if it is his. I felt all of the above on Sunday.

Then I went to see a movie and on my drive, all of a sudden I had this wave of energy that kept coming over my body. I was covered in head to toe with tingling...waves over an over again. The only feeling I got and my friend confirmed was that my beloved twin had a realization--a wake up call if you will. He realizes what he needs to do. It was like his adrenaline lf discovery. It was amazing really. Because of this magnificent energy on Sunday, I felt more confident when I woke up yesterday morning. The quest to keep the faith gets easier and more difficult at the same time, but the truth remains the faith is much stronger than it used to be.

Okay off to finish up something else....

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