Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Energy Thoughts: Something's Gotta Give

Hello Everyone,

Buckle your seatbelts, we are in for quite the ride!   This week the energy is building like water in a dam and once Mercury goes direct, it will feel like the opening of the floodgates.  This can have many meanings for each individual undergoing life's changes at this time.  I was reading a comment that someone on Facebook had posted, it said, "Something's Gotta Give."  Then, I went to look for a movie to watch on HULU, as that is my only source of entertainment, as I do not have television.  The first movie that popped up for me was Something's Gotta Give.  As I type this, I have a vision of a dress that is too tight and is busting out at the seams, personally I like the visual of the dam holding back the waters.  That "something's gotta give" is this new moon energy of Saturday, March 1st (my birthday--hmmm how magical).  And it is giving--giving us the opportunity to set the tone for the next several months.  This is only the beginning of two months of mass energy pushing forward.

I would like to say that all is good and all will be great, but truly it depends where you are on your path to ascension.  Some of you will coast (more like slammed) through to a new beginning; seeing all that you have desired popping up like daffodils as things begin to manifest for you in your physical world. Yes, I do believe that what you have been holding onto as your truth, even to the dismay of others, will begin to manifest itself into your physical reality.   For myself,  I'm holding out for the miracle of physical healing to my body (I still believe it is possible) and because I am in the business of making miracles happen, I know it will.  I'm also expecting the reunion with my twinflame to appear in ways I couldn't even imagine.   The next couple of days is your opportunity to think about your miracle.  What is the miracle that you have been holding onto/waiting for/expecting?   This energy feels promising for those of us living in our hearts; of course, during the next couple months you will need (be required/expected) to remain in your hearts no matter what transpires.  Don't think it's a challenge?  It may be for some.  For others, I'm sure you have had your practice.  Either way, spend time quietly every day to make room for your heart to balance all else.

On the other hand, others may experience the floodgates opening in ways that their feelings begin to emerge from suppression,  placing their heart/soul's truth front and center.  With the heart/soul truth front and center, these people will be required (forced) to learn to navigate through their hearts.   What decisions/choices does that take you to?  When energy like this is being felt, it makes way for all kinds of chaos to appear in your world and the outer world as well.  I looked up the word, chaos, for all of you wondering what the real definition is and yes, it is what you thought: complete disorder and confusion. Now if you've been trying real hard to suppress your feelings/emotions/desires or making yourself fit/stifled/stuck with where you are, you may really begin to feel this way because a new moon in Pisces is all about heart/soul truth.
Wherever you are on the spectrum of experiencing this new moon energy, one thing is for sure--no one is immune.  Everyone will begin to experience a little of this moon's magic for better or for worse. I know that doesn't sound so optimistic, but it is all perception, dear ones.

What does this mean in real terms?  There are things that most people don't tell you...there is a whole energy that has kept humanity blocked for sometime, and will continue to do so, if it is allowed.  This is the old paradigm, which has no basis any longer in this energy; except that it is only being supported by those who do not question. Question everything, I say!

For example let's talk about the movie, the Secret. It points us in the direction of the old paradigm, not the new.  Yes, the law of attraction--oh everyone loved that movie, The Secret.  I saw it long before it became popular and I remember thinking, but what about the feelings?  Feelings are the navigation tool and they have to match the words. It isn't as simple as saying what you want and it will manifest; you need to bring yourself into alignment with what it is you desire. You can say, "I am happy." or "I am abundant." or even "I am healthy." all that you want, but until you feel that it is a real possibility (and you work at clearing your energy/karma/lessons regarding those things) then it doesn't happen.  Unfortunately, it creates a self -sabotaging cycle where you beat yourself up not knowing how to change that or worse, you wonder what you did wrong.  In the old paradigm, focusing solely on things outside of yourself (ie saying what you want) gives your power away because you haven't learned to match the feelings with the words.  Old paradigm likes to keep you powerless; leading you to believe you have no power to create the world you want.  I want to tell you that you've done nothing wrong!  You are powerful beyond all measure!  You've come here to learn, clear and pave the road for a new consciousness.  But in order to do so, you must pave the way from your heart (new paradigm) not your head (old paradigm).  So if you have some clearing/karma things to be handled to flow from your heart then get on it, if you are not already.  Once you begin, the process will run smoothly and miraculously.  This is how you bring yourself into alignment with that which you desire.

The beauty of the coming months is that the time is now for manifesting the new earth/your physical reality/the paved road. Those of us that have been doing the growing (work/clearing/craziness) are ready and  have gotten/are getting the visions of the future world we intend to create.  I know for myself, I've had ideas/inventions/inspirations/visions of the new earth I intend to create since 2005, but as I was often told, the time is not right (my guides often told me).  And here we are, nearly 10 years later and Spirit is finally giving me and others the go ahead.  But it isn't a full blown go ahead so much as it is a green light followed up with a caution flag.  If  you know auto racing at all (I used to, in my past life in this lifetime.) then you would know that the two flags together would mean you are going forward, but with caution.  You as a driver are definitely not going very fast, but fast enough to continue on.  That is a perfect analogy for going forward in this energy because before you rebuild something, the old has to be broken (destroyed); therefore, caution is recommended because you don't want to rebuild on a weak foundation. Instead, you want to rebuild the foundation too!

No matter the human chaos around us, it is always possible to stay safe/balanced/at peace within.  Remember this as you go forward and see the changes that will begin to take place in your world, externally or internally. 

With deepest love, honor and respect,



  1. Thank you Esta Ra for this beautiful synopsis of what is happening at this time. I too have been getting this signs of things to come. I pray for your continued physical healing. Thank you for the service your are doing for the new earth.

  2. Thank you for your comment. I really appreciate it! It helps to know that someone reads these and finds them helpful! Much love and light to you.