Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 71: My Guides Call it the Winds of Change

I woke up this morning not feeling well. I didn't sleep well last night. It has been over a week since my last TF post. I apologize for the delay, but then again I was enjoying my last week and so busy interacting with amazing souls who participated in my Spring Equinox Event that I didn't even contemplate writing.

Just because I stepped out of the writing doesn't mean things were not happening. I am going to share Monday with you. On Monday morning, I woke up and asked my guides, "was that the wind?" They said, "Yes, it is the Winds of Change that you are hearing outside. It is the force with which people (humans) are being moved to make the necessary changes in their life that need to happen. It is the sound of energy sweeping over the planet. It is the visible sign of human potential." Then I smiled knowing that while it may not seem good on the surface for many, I know deep within me that it is what is happening upon our planet at the time as the necessary force to shift human consciousness. Then, they said, "It has begun."
I was surprised because they do not normally speak that way, but it was poignant and fitting. I went about my day feeling on the cusp of emotions all day on Monday. I asked my guides where this is coming from because I have been in a truly amazing place of balance. They told me, "You are experiencing the energy of the collective of human consciousness. You are feeling what others may or may not be expressing about their life." Of course, I didn't ask that question until right before I went to bed and got that clarity. I woke up Monday morning and felt the deep longing for my beloved twinflame. It was so intense and when I sit and think about it (last night I had help of a friend who helped me to discover it) I have been having a deep longing to communicate with my twinflame on Mondays (sometimes Sundays and Tuesdays combined with a Monday), but it is this deep need to hear his voice. Monday was no different and I was near tears all day and parts of the day I cried. Yesterday, I felt that longing on and off all day too. So last night as I talked to my friend, I became aware that I am feeling the longing of my soul group and carrying it for them on some level. My guides thanked me for doing this work. Sometimes it is so hard to be a spiritual being in this human world. On a spiritual level, I am in complete understanding and knowing, but on a human level, I am wondering what the heck this is all about and when??

Anyway, that is my share for the day...

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