Monday, March 12, 2012

Inspirational Snippet: Listen to Your Heart

My guidance this morning is to share a message with each of you…the message that I shared on Facebook as the message of today…I only share these when I am prompted to, so if you want to know what the message of the day is you may want to become a fan on the Soul Star Healing Fan Page on facebook (it is usually 3-5 sentences long). Often my snippets are different and like this one more expanded than a 3-5 sentence message.

On to the message I wish to share. I woke up this morning and I thought to myself, what is missing for people? Why do I meet so many people and know so many people who care what other’s think and care even more to remain where they are in life and not strive for what they truly desire? The higher my vibration gets the more information I receive from people even in a five minute conversation and it can be quite overwhelming really. I feel their longings and their discomfort in life even if they are not aware. So I asked my guides what can I share with people today and this was the message:

Today's message is: Listen to your heart. You are being pulled to the longings and callings of your heart. It is time to let go of anything and everything that does not resonate with your heart. How do you know you ask? Your first reaction is like one of a child's nature-- It feels right and limitless in the possibilities because it is fueled by love. ...the second reaction is from your mind not your heart because it sets limits in your old belief system.

The message to me is loud and clear. How many people just live their life day to day not really “feeling alive”. You know what I mean when I say not feeling alive. I mean really not enjoying their moments day to day. I find that I really enjoy my own company more than I ever have because I do feel alive. However, it is nice now and again to be with friends who are likeminded or are supportive of me in the way I think, feel and love. I say that last sentence because I know that I live differently than many of my friends, but I also know that they know I live in my heart. Living in my heart is more important to me than being right, looking right or fitting in. It is more enjoyable to just be me than strive to fit someone else’s ideas of what me is or should be. That is what many people get lost in doing(fitting someone else’s ideas of what is or should be)—sure they think it is their own beliefs, but really if they investigate their beliefs they may discover how they are really familial beliefs or societal beliefs. This brings me to my guides messages of Listen to your heart. It speaks to you every minute of every day…it is the language of your soul and it speaks softly. Too often it does not get heard for the words are drowned out by noise and loud chatter from external sources. Your heart always has something to tell you if you tune in to listen. You will recognize it when you begin to listen to it and feel that child-like sense of wonder that has so gotten lost by the restrictions you have placed upon yourself.

My wish for you today is to listen to your heart’s guidance. Hear your heart speak to you in your day today by way of how it feels to do or not do something. Your heart is waiting for you to heed the call. Will you listen to it? Or will you silent it by obligations and expectations?

Be in Love,

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