Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 73: A Sweet Torture

Good Morning World,

I want so badly to hear my twin's voice. He called me last night four times. Called and hung up on me. I know it is him. The second call I was available to answer and I heard his breath. No he was not being a breather and doing those perverted calls, rather he was caught off guard as I answered the phone, I heard him breathe and then hang up.

Then he called two more times. I so wanted to say his name and "don't hang up, I'm here." But at the same time, I do know that if things had changed he would just speak to me and not hide his number and even if he did hide his number, he would just speak to me. Oh my God this is a such a sweet torture. I know he loves me and longs for me. He broke his routine of calling once every 7-10 days (well that routine only started in January), but it makes me think that his longing is getting just as great as mine. Pheww...thank goodness I am not alone in feeling it all. I go to work...

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