Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 72: A Card that Brought Happiness to Me

So, I went for a hike this morning instead of writing and boy was the hike great for me. It was definitely quite the workout, but I must say as I walked I thought about what it would be like to hike with my beloved. Come to think of it, I don't even know if he likes hiking. He said he has done it, but the man is in his 50's I am sure he has done many things. I just don't know if he likes it. I wonder what it would have been like to go hiking with him this morning and finding a beautiful rock to sit up and hold one another as we talked about our journey so far. Oh of the things I can't wait to do with him.

Yesterday was a weird energy day. I felt in the afternoon that I would hear from him and mind you hearing from him can be as simple as a hang up call. I took a small nap before heading out to teach my class last night. I was guiding my students in a meditation and while doing so I allowed myself to drift off to a bit of meditation too. In my meditation, I started to really feel my twin. I feel him and started to think about how to talk with him again and what it would be like. I guided my students once again in a meditation. I did something I never do and this I was drawn to look at my phone. There he was...two missed calls from him. They came at the exact time I had thoughts of him in meditation. It was his concern not mine. As you all must be aware, I was secretly happy to have a phone call from him even if we did not humanly connect.

Then, the last thing did in my class was use my cards to show my students how they can use them in their journey. Usually when I pick cards, I don't have time to clear and remain focus because here I am the facilitator, but it was a smaller class and it alloted me the time to pick the cards. The question I asked was, do you have a message about me and my beloved? I picked the card "Triumphant". I am so excited I loved this speaks of everything coming together after a long struggle at least that is what spoke to my soul.

I was guided to pick a second card as my message for the day and it was LOVE. How truly beautiful it was. I went out for tea with my students after which was a good thing because you all know I would be online looking for him as soon as I got home. But by the time, I arrived home he wasn't there. I miss you, my love. I miss you so much.

Anyway, I went to sleep knowing he misses me too!

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