Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Channeled Message: Winds of Change

Channeled Message from The Masters of Light through EstaRa in Guilford, CT on Wednesday, March 28, 2012.

This is just a brief message about the energy this week:

On Monday morning, I woke up and asked my guides, "was that the wind?"

They said, "Yes, it is the Winds of Change that you are hearing outside. It is the force with which people (humans) are being moved to make the necessary changes in their life that need to happen. It is the sound of energy sweeping over the planet. It is the visible sign of human potential."

Then I smiled knowing that while it may not seem good on the surface for many, I know deep within me that what is happening upon our planet at this time is the necessary force to shift human consciousness. Then, they said, "It has begun."

I was surprised because they do not normally speak that way, but it was poignant and fitting. I went about my day feeling on the cusp of emotions all day on Monday. I asked my guides where this is coming from because I have been in a truly amazing place of balance. They told me, "You are experiencing the energy of the collective of human consciousness. You are feeling what others may or may not be expressing about their life."

A little clarity on "It has begun" please is what I next asked my guides.

"The changes, dear one, are happening. There isn't time left to be lingering on decisions the time has come that those decisions must be made. Everyone is being moved into place." (This I know they were referring to the whole of humanity—not particular to my life.)

I said I know it is not easy for some, but I am excited about it. It makes all that I have seen as possible.

They then told me, "Dear one, the twinflame reunions have begun as well. Soon you shall see and understand that which we speak of."

Last night, they gave me a visual of gears and how they are clicking into place. The gears weren't moving until each piece of the puzzle moved into place. Wow...I love it.

The gears represent humanity and as each piece of the puzzle is moved into place, then the shift can move and as more and more people move into place then the gears begin to move faster. Between the movement of energy and humanity, the shift of human consciousness will happen in no time and no space.

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