Monday, May 2, 2016

Inspirational Snippet: I love you

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I was guided to post today's facebook message here for you all because I haven't gotten around to doing an Inspirational Snippet in awhile because quite honestly, my information has been coming in fast and furious and by the time I sit to write it out--new information is being channeled into me.  For me it seems like old news, but for most of you it may not be so I have taken to posting a quick message and energy update on facebook, please check it out and subscribe so you don't miss the messages.

Onto the snippet:

Happy Monday

May 2nd is here and it is a new month, new beginnings and definitely new experiences are on their way. But there are few things we need to look at.

First we must clean up some old, left over things that have been piling up whether it be emotionally, mentally or physically. (on my desk particularly is where I physically witness this).

Second, where to begin? I find the best place to start is by cleaning out the physical manifestation of what is cluttered.  So for me, it was cleaning my house over the weekend--I did it all in steps. The last place I went was the desk and logically-that should have been the first place. But what I discovered was,  that the desk was covered in things I didn't have control over and by piling things up somehow I had control.  The truth is I had to simply just let go of control.  It is often hardest to let go of control when we are trying so hard to "not see it"; hence the piling up of stuff.  My wisdom about that is "just do it".  But you may be asking, how? 

Third, I found that I have the perfect answer for you all. Love is the great motivator! What do you love? d say to yourself: I love you. I am proud of the life you are living and the work you are doing. What do you choose to put your love (focus) upon? Wait for an answer to come through softly and quickly. It will be there, but it will also be fleeting--try not to think about it too much. That is where you start.  Oh work is not included, you say?  (Yes, cleaning my house and my desk was work--yes it was.) Well, sometimes work is the way to show yourself that you love you, but if you give all your time and attention to your job and none to your dreams and goals--then you are not listening fully to that voice inside of you. And, if you are trying hard not to "see"  what is piling up, what else are you missing? This is something for you to ponder. I discovered a lot in that pile---some things that were important to me and I was afraid I had lost.  Oh I did make a smaller pile on one corner of my desk, but the cool thing is that I can see my desk, but even more; I am not hiding from me I am ready to manifest the life I want. By not having that clutter, I make time for listening to me and for loving me.

Take some time today to ponder the mysteries or as I like to call them, truths of your heart. I promise you,if you do this--you will not only gain clarity over your life's problems, but you will be open to receiving more love too!

Who do you love? And are you even in that equation? Take a moment and look into the mirror an

Love to you,