Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 59: The Path to My Reunion

Yesterday, I was feeling my twinflame all day. As you know from yesterday's blog, I was feeling his disappointment, but even more I was feeling his nerves and his anxiety. I felt all day that I would hear from him. I didn't hear from him, but I saw that he was online. I really really want to talk to him. It takes everything inside me to not let him know I see him. It takes everything inside me to not talk with him. I just simply saw he was online and I said to his spirit, "I love you dear man and I want so badly to talk with you, but you must be fully ready to come to me."

I logged off the computer and proceeded to paint for five hours. I painted a beautiful powerful heart and I kept hearing it is "Heart on fire." Here is the painting...

It didn't stop there...I really wanted to keep my focus away from knowing he was on the computer looking for me. So I threw myself into painting. I created this painting that I like to call "The Path to My Reunion". It was the vision that I saw the day that I married my beloved in the higher dimensions. I refer you to the blog post entitled, "Divine Marriage: Illusion or Reality?". This is the path and door that I saw.

My faith is so strong this morning because I spent the whole night with my twinflame again in the etheric of course, but you have to know it is the most incredible connection to seems all so real. I often wake and don't want to open my eyes to not see him next to me. Anyway, I feel amazing today...and feel full faith on the faith-o-meter. :)

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