Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Channeled Message: Twinflames Will Set the Planet Free

Greetings Beloved Twinflames,

Here is a little snippet for Twinflames that came out of one of my channeled Energy Thoughts.

Notice if you will, that your twinflame's heart once open cannot be closed again during this time, this period on the planet--this is the time we, as twinflames, have been waiting for. 

Dear Ones, This time on the planet is what you as twinflames have been created for.  Your mission on this planet is one to awaken humanity from its slumber with regard to love, relationships and marriage.  It is more vast than any being on earth can imagine. The carriers of the Twinflame Energy have been given the mission to reconnect and reunite in physical union.   For this union to occur you will be required to perform energetic clearing of those belief systems that have been embedded in your planets template. (Read:  You will clear out religious, cultural, familial, societal baggage and more Many of us have already been performing this part of our mission and will continue to do so.)  In union, you will send a vibrational frequency out to your planet and its inhabitants that will amplify the evolution of humanity's consciousness with regard to love amongst other truths that will be revealed within each twinflame's union.  For each twinflame couple has its own blueprint for their union and mission.  EstaRa &; EtaRa are Carriers of the Blue Diamond Light,  It is their responsibility as Carriers of the Blue Diamond Light to unite in physical union.  Once union commences fully they will be downloaded with the codes to unlock their next steps on the journey.  The union is far more than the romantic love that each twinflame feels and longs for.  Each Twinflame couple will be signaled for union building up to and on the advent of the upcoming Equinox.  This energy will bring more Twinflames together in union.  The Twinflame connection has never been meant to be lived solely in other dimensional experiences; as an earth human it is meant to be lived in your physical reality. ~Galactic Federation of Light   

If this is your mission on the planet, (only you will know that answer, no one else can provide that to you, for if you are a twinflame you will have a sense of knowing) you will have begun to remember or "awakened" to the memory over the last several years.  The huge wake-up call was put out around 11-11-11, but long before that twinflames have been waking up.  I remember when I was five years old that I came back here to find my other half. (The word twinflame came to me in the last several years, but the feeling/memory/truth has always been known.)

The last several months have created numerous opportunities for all of humanity to break open their hearts.  EstaRa likes to use that term, break open their hearts. It is rather fitting for the experiences that many have encountered over the last several months. The planet Venus has direct impact on relationships on your earth.  As such with it in a retrograde motion it has created ample experience for you and your beloved to explore the truth of your soul; true meaning of love, relationships with your self and others.  This energy is leading your twinflame to union with you. It may not appear so at present because as the energy of Venus begins moving direct, it may bring about a quick influx of confusion or sense of urgency for your twin to get things in order, particularly those twinflames that have been stuck more deeply in the 3D matrix. ~Galactic Federation of Light  

If you are reading this, then you are the more spiritually awakened one. Have you noticed that?  One twinflame is more aware, awake to their mission and path?  And the other one, has seemed to drag their feet within the 3D illusion?  It was set up this way so that you both could do a vast amount of clearing for humanity. The twinflames have taken on some of the darkest paths, beliefs, karma to act as a catalyst for change on the planet--for in their choosing to clear and transmute those things that have held back humanity, they will set the planet free.~Galactic Federation of Light    (read: clearing karmic drama and trauma)   It may benefit you to view the twin caught up in 3D as having taken on a deeper, darker shadowy side.  In exchange for them taken on so much of the darker energies to transmute, recognize that they must be extricated by you, but here is the secret--you can't go kidnap them from their current reality.  (I know, I know if you are like me, you have been ready, willing and able to do so for the past several years. If not planned  the steps to do so. hahaha  sorry--had to add some twinflame humor)   Instead, you have/had to bring your focus on you/your journey/your clearing which seems the opposite of trying to "make it work". 

The trying to make it work is the old paradigm of energy.  Have you gotten caught up in that?  I know I sure did from time to time after meeting my twinflame.  Trying to force the energy to manifest what I desire?  Does that sound/feel familiar?  Well, it is like the "kidnap" energy I mentioned above--it doesn't work that way.  (Though, isn't it what we have been taught on our planet? If we martyr ourselves, sacrifice ourselves and put others needs before our own then we are a good person--especially within terms of relationships.  Those beliefs don't work, do they?  Oh yes, you can belittle yourself so much that you can manage to stay in an unhealthy, unhappy relationship, but does it work?  My flat out easy answer is NO!  It created the relationships/marriages that we have seen that surely don't work, the old paradigm of beliefs, and that is what we are here to change as twinflames.)

So it may seem that all the work you are doing/have done on you has been futile with regard to your relationship with your twin, especially if you have not noticed real physical change as of yet. I was told by my guides that I must continue to do my journey and move forward, even when it appeared that I was moving forward without my twin; they promised me that he would jump to where I am energetically.  I know, I know seems so difficult to comprehend when you are in it and so hard to do as well.  I remember I was almost afraid to continue to grow because I thought I would grow so far beyond him and you know what I am discovering?  I am discovering that the more I have grown--the more he has grown too.  He may not be beside me yet, but he is certainly within my line of sight and will surely be beside me.  Each of us must step into what we are meant to do.  Each of us must explore our past and present beliefs and clear and transmute anything that no longer holds true for us on our journey or in the new paradigm of love.  It is our job to raise ourselves in vibrational alignment with the truth of our soul/our mission as twinflames. This raising of our vibration is what gives/gave them permission to shift within the very core of themselves. This is what will bring them to us!

I know, it is scary to say the least especially if you have been going at it the old paradigm way like a bull in a china shop.  I know for myself, I long so deeply for my beloved to be here in my arms that I would forgo all other human things to just be with him, but even that dear friends is not a reality that can be held as truth on this planet nor for our mission.  No, it is more imperative that we learn what our baggage is and clear it out, so we can be free to love one another without that cumbersome baggage.   It sounds simple and it is that simple.  For many of us, we have been on the path a long time, but only in recent years have the tools and knowledge been readily available for us to use to clear out the karma keeping us from union. 

A final thought for you all:  To be a twinflame at this time on the planet is magnificent because the time is coming for us to join together if you haven't already--and nothing will stop the union and nothing will stop the change that will be created.

In love and light,

Feel free to share this energy update as long as you give credit to me as the author.  EstaRa (April D’Amato). ©


  1. *Thank you for this beautiful post, April.....It is SO time for us Twin Flames now! Sending you Lots of Love for a Powerful & Passionate Reunion....*

    1. It is now!!!! I feel the now they have been speaking about is NOW! Let the magic roll out and let all love shine....and may all twinflames expand in consciousness through union and passion. Sending love and blessings to you and your twin...may the magic be here now.

  2. Thank you April. You are spot on with kidnapping. I tried it many times ��. This journey is so challenging and majical at same time. It brings me to the point to question my sanity ��. Love and blessings ❤❤❤.

    1. Oh dear one, I have questioned my sanity numerous times and even his!! lol I also have tried the kidnapping, but not in the literal sense, or course, but it did cross my mind. This has been one of the most difficult paths to endure--especially when I used to be surrounded by people who had no idea of what this kind of love was/is. I now work really hard to surround myself with others of like mind and either are on a similar path (ie: twinflame path) or supportive of my journey. I no longer have energy to give for those around me who judge me and try to make me change my mind. I know this is my mission and this is where I am supposed to be. I have been directionless with it many times due to my own doubts and fears, but no longer. I embrace it. I wish you well dear one, and may your reunion be a blissful piece of magic!