Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 58: Faith is Still Here

Good Morning World,

I write today about my continuing journey of faith: faith is still here so too is doubt and emotion. Yesterday, I did a lovely channel about the twinflames. Our reunion is inevitable from what my guides tell me and yet I feel a little sadness this morning. I don't understand where that comes from out of nowhere and yet as I sit here and type it. I realize it is not mine. The sadness I feel is his disappointment. Last night, I had some wonderful friends over that I truly enjoyed spending time with; I hadn't seen them in some time. During their visit, I could feel my twinflame looking for me. When they left, I saw him online, but I was blocked. I wanted to talk with him so much, but I did the best I could to resist my wanting to talk with him. I am resisting because he has to come to me fully and permanently as the twinflame that he is reuniting with me. The disappointment was him feeling sad because I was not there to find him last night. I know he wants to talk to me just as much--I really don't like this waiting.

But now that I discovered this emotion I am feeling is about his disappointment, I feel better and can come back to my faith. I do believe we are so near if only he knew. I listened to Tom Lescher's Astrology Report today...and it made so much sense the energy is all about questioning everything. I actually had a conversation with a friend last night saying...what if I am crazy? What if all this stuff is ridiculous and crazy? But I have facts to prove everything that I receive so there is no disputing it. I mean I actually went through an inventory of how I know what I do (that is channeling and knowing he is my twinflame) and why. So this energy is pushing everyone's buttons...don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. The energy is only going to get more intense so grab hold everyone onto your truths and focus your energy on falling in love with you and taking care of will thank me later when you see those who are not heeding that.

Off I go to start my day...

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