Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 61:

It is the evening of the 61st day of my blog on faith. I have felt so much faith the past few days. I feel so blessed. I am grateful.

So onward with the story of TF and S. So, I discovered they were brothers in our Victorian past life. I started to put pieces together. It was a bit of a love triangle. I was in love with TF; however, S was my husband. So little pieces of that life would come up as time went on. I put it to rest when I realized they were brothers and that I was married to S and TF was the one I was in love with. I figured that is a lot of detail, surely there wasn't any more that I needed to know. I figured again, here lies some fear for my TF. He is afraid to love me because I was married to his brother and hurt him. Then one day, my cousin had a gathering at her home and she had asked me to come and do readings there.

I jumped at the chance--it is a great opportunity to assist people when you give a reading. So, I went there and met this girl who I immediately felt like I knew. I was introduced to her with her real name and I kept calling her Jessica. I felt bad because this girl was like, "Uh my name is K." She and I decided to try trade services for a mini reading and mini-massage. (She was a massage therapist.) We never got to do it that day.

Meanwhile, I learned more details of that particular past life. One of the things I discovered was that the reason I was married to S who was named Harry in the past life, was because his brother who I was in love with Tom (TF) was always traveling to Europe. (Did you catch that? Does that make sense? I (Eleanor), was in love with Tom, but he traveled all the time to Europe and wasn't ready to settle. Meanwhile Tom's brother, Harry, his brother, would escort me to events. I had lots of money in that life..woohoo. I digress...So it was appropriate to have an escort in a past life. Harry escorted me everywhere. He convinced me to not wait for Tom and marry him instead. That is what I did, but the truth in that life was that I was in love with Tom and never stopped really loving him even after I married his brother and started to have a family.)

So my cousin had another event at her house and the same people were invited so I said hello to Jessica (nope her name started with a K, but I couldn't remember it so I relied on the name Jessica unintentionally of course). On this particular occasion, we were able to exchange services. She sat down at my table and I found that she was my daughter, my eldest daughter in that past life named Jessica. I couldn't believe the life came up again. Imagine that the main characters of that life came up, oh and I forgot one of the first things I noticed was that one of my dearest friends in this life, was my dearest friend in that life. She helped me shop for my wedding in that life...and she will probably likely help me shop for my wedding in this life too.

Okay, there is more, yes there is more, but I will stop here and go dream about my beloved....
I have much to write today about me and my twin. I am so madly in love with im. It is so weird, I keep falling in love with him over and over again. It is such a wonderful feeling and all does seem surreal.

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