Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Energy Thoughts: 10:10 Gateway Brings Major Shift, New Beginnings and Union

Good Day Everyone,

I have been trying to get this blog post out since last Thursday, but my lower back went out and sitting is not my friend.  So let's hope I can get through this at least as much as I can in the next 20 minutes. I am only allowed to sit for ten minutes and then up I have to move and then sit for another ten minutes.   This is part channel and part me.   Channel is italicized.

Greetings Dear Ones,

It is with love, honor and respect that we bring you this message today.  You are exactly where you need to be as you ready yourself to move into another level of ascension on your personal, individual ascension ladder and as your planet moves into a new paradigm.  The groundwork has been laid out over the last several years as to what needs to be deconstructed, reorganized and rearranged.

Well, October is here and along with it the New Black Moon.  Much has been said about the Black Moon  bringing opportunities not yet seen, but it is more than that dear ones.  We are moving into another timeline one that doesn't have the confines, limitations or even structures of the old way of doing things.  This is where we have been asking you to recognize and reside.  This energy is about to change the way things are and have been.  If you take notice, the old way of doing things have left you, have you not noticed the changes, epiphanies and truths coming up in you?  The old ways are no longer accessible when you are in a higher frequency.  Take a breath and step back for one moment and look over the past 6 weeks of transformation.  Do you feel like the same person from 1 month ago, let alone 3 months ago? Okay so I know most of you would say, I am the same, nothing has changed.  Is that true, I ask you?   Do you cope differently? Are you finding that you are handling matters in a different way?  Expressing yourself more or less?  Giving voice and credence to who you are?  Just  a few things to keep in mind.  We have undergone HUGE changes as a human and our light body has been upgraded to reflect that. 

The last several weeks you have been giving the opportunity to try on/embody the new you!  The new multi-dimensional you, expanded light body and all the bells and whistles of the new you.  Some ways of viewing what has been happening is to look over your life over the last several weeks. Have you recognized time shifts?  Like you don't have enough time, but you have accomplished so much?  Have you recognized that you are no longer responding/acting/reacting the way you had in the past?  Have you tried out the new you?  Well, if you say no to what EstaRa is suggesting dear ones, then you haven't been paying attention and have been far less present in your day to day life than you think.  You have changed!! EstaRa has had quite the month of challenges, have you?  Those challenges only brought her closer to her goal and closer to the alignment of her truth.  (Okay so I believe them and feel what they are saying, but I'm open to hearing more.) She is being asked to stay present and focused on what it is she wants and removing herself from people, places and things that do not represent her truth.  Was it hard for her?  Perhaps it would have been if spirit didn't intervene (read: computer, internet and technology problems).    This was all about getting comfortable with the new her.  Much of her experiences required for her to do a do over.  What is a do over? It means that she would make a decision not based on her truth--based on her head and listen to other humans and their advice rather than what her spirit was telling her or not even taking the breath to seek what her spirit was telling her.  So each time she did something--she literally had to do it again.  It caused frustration and stress for her, but in the end it helped her to see that her advice is the best advice. This is practice in her new light body--you can do it over and get it right.  The times we have been in and are in are quite malleable. Nothing is set in stone as of yet, but soon it will be. (read: wish I had paid attention...if you experienced my past month--I felt I didn't have time to breathe, partly because time was moving quickly, but so many things were coming up and at me--at least that is how it felt and I am told--that is kind of how it was. Did you experience that too?)

This month of October is a continuation of the full embodiment of the new you--the new important you. The you that you have been embodying since August.  Many of you feel and believe that all that is happening in your present timeline is by accident or coincidence, but dear ones, you have all chosen collectively to use whatever means necessary to move into a higher dimension and frequency.  Humanity, as a collective,  has decided this long before this time what needed to happen, who the players will be and how it would transpire. Each of you have concurred that the direction of your planet was to be changed and moved into higher frequency. As a result of these decisions, the energy has to be restructured and often that takes destruction and tearing down of systems that have been put/held into place.   It may appear as chaos in your personal lives, the community around you and even globally, but we encourage you to look more closely at the beauty of what is happening for without breaking down there can be no change. (read: this is what I was going through last month personally as were many others.)

Now, if you get comfortable living in this new embodiment then you can start to use this energy to manifest what you desire. If you are not yet comfortable, there is still room for practice.  We encourage you to look at this month as a new time, new energy and one that  has many benefits in a time that is seemingly disruptive to the flow you have been trying to experience.

October 10, is a 10:10 Gateway.  This gateway is concerning the true transition into a new time, new frequency for the planet.  (read: a rebirth of sorts)   When this new frequency comes in, you dear human will be entering the new timeline; anything that is from the past cannot easily reside in this timeline; therefore it will not be able to pass through this gateway.  Read:  old beliefs/patterns/ideas about relationship, your wisdom and power as well as your mission will have changed to adapt to the higher frequency.  You have already begun to do that with the changes that have been taking place within you and now you shall see the changes showing up in your external life in exponential ways I am told.  Many of the first wavers/pathpavers/wayshowers are now evolving quickly up your ladder of ascension where they may have appeared not to be.  With regard to your beloved twinflame, dear EstaRa, as promised he is jumping up to where you are.  This is so for many twinflame couples.  After the 10:10 Gateway, much movement in the energy of union will be available.. (read: I liken my twin's ascension currently to being in mid-jump. lol)    The energy of this Gateway will open up opportunities that have not yet been there and present you with easier steps to move forward.  Learning to navigate all the changes you have been through will continue to make the journey you are on smoother.   "Twinflames are preparing to come together in record numbers over the next several earth months, watch for reconnections, signs, synchronicities to show up in your world.  Each couple has decided how quickly their union will come to pass based on the frequency that they are residing in most of the time.  The higher the frequency the more quickly energy will move for you and your beloved."~Twinflame Collective

We encourage you at this time to watch how this new energy unfolds before you.   All that has been happening in the unseen realms will soon appear in a physical manifestation in your personal lives as well as externally and more globally.  No area of your world will remain untouched.  It is time to see the changes come into full effect.  We ask you to learn to navigate in this new energy field and recognize what may appear to you as mistakes are just one step closer to learning what it is that is leaving you.  You are learning to be the masters as you embody more and more of who you are.    

We love you and are here for you as you traverse through your ascension.
We are the Arcturian Masters of Light.  Namaste.

This message resonates so deeply with me. I love my guides, all of them!  They have been telling me to hold on till the first quarter moon of October; that is, October 7th and the opening of the 10:10 Gateway Energies moving in.  They told me up until that point we will be cleaning out, lining up old vestiges of stuff/ick/yuck/human stuff.  I laugh, but that is truly what is is----I am sure you have your own worlds you can insert there.  I've also been reminded throughout the month of September of several things, but the most important was we have the tools already inside of us to move through any challenges/changes that may come our way.  I was also blessed to receive glimpses of what I was manifesting and boy did it feel good. :) To consciously create your life/experience is not a gift, it is a necessity.  Remove all barriers you have placed between you and that ability--you will be amazed how incredible life will be.

To quickly summarize what has been said above:  Clear/Close/Wrap up all that no longer serves and will not move forward; Prepare for Internal Shifts to Show Outwardly as well as Unseen Shifts to Show up
Externally, New Beginnings, Twinflames coming into Union and Magic Happening.

I will stop rambling and get this out to all of you.  Anyway, I finished and not like I wanted to yesterday, but I am now done

EstaRa April

 Feel free to share this energy update as long as you give credit to me as the author.  EstaRa (April D’Amato). ©  For more information like this, please visit my blog: www.aprildamato.blogspot.com .


  1. Spot on as usual April/EstaRa ...((HUGS)) ❤ ✌ ☮ :-D

  2. Wow! Does this resonate! In the last few days, I had a major epiphany in which I realized that my biggest stumbling block is a belief that I didn't deserve to ask for or receive help. After writing about it in my blog, I received such outpouring of love and understanding and an offer of help I was happy and comfortable accepting. The fact that I could accept without reservation is a HUGE step for me after a lifetime of being independent to a fault and a true control freak (and I don't say that as a good thing any more!). Thank you for sharing this wonderful post.

    1. Thank you! And soooo excited for you!! Great revelation! Totally understand that one--been there too!