Friday, February 11, 2011

Not Pleiadian or Sirian...but Arcturian?

When we arrived back at the hotel, we all gathered in circle which is a little different than the other circle times--this is mid-afternoon with a beautiful sun shining above us. We gather in circle outside overlooking the Nile River.

It is a beautiful sun filled day and appeared much like I imagined Egypt to be. There was a chill being out by the Nile (boy is is a beautiful river), but boy that sun was so hot! I mean hot as it was beating down on us as we waited for meditation to begin. I even wore a scarf on my head....I looked something like this sporting the Egyptian look. (but this is a picture of me back from Egypt with a scarf I bought in Egypt)

We made sure this wasn't going to last long because of the hot sun; but I must say I was rather enjoying it since in Cairo I was freezing, did I tell you that? hahaha Armunkara Angel led us again into a guided meditation which once again was so powerful. Her voice and channel is so magical that it moves us through space. It was a powerful integration of the energies of Isis. She is so talented with her gift of channel that what appears to be a simple meditation in actuality packs such a wallop and punch that you can't help, but to integrate to realign your spirit! I felt high as a kite after. Then Solara channeled a message from her guides about our experiences at the Temple of Isis. DebRa channeled a message as well about how to remain balanced during our times at these temples because the energy is so powerful that it is easy to get out of balance. Thank you DebRa...great technique. It was an incredible day of receiving channeling information.

Then we did some basic housekeeping stuff with Solara An Ra about our trip back to Cairo. The original plan was to go back on the "nasty train", I mean the first class train (well you all know what I mean if you have been reading along!), but since we were all so resistant to that idea we were given options. To change from the "first class train", would cost us more and I am thinking I would pay more just for the cleaner options. :) The options were the nasty train or take the sleeper train or an airplane. The difference was $100 to $200 US Dollars so it was definitely something to think about. As it was this trip was magical to be able to go to, but one must think about money, but in this instance I felt like money should not be an object-I will ponder I thought...

At the Temple of Isis after the initiation, Solara offered to take pictures with people after the initiation. However, because our time at The Temple of Isis was so rushed and limited many of our group did not have pictures with Solara at the Temple. After our circle, Solara offered to do pictures with the Nile River as a backdrop. The rest of the day was free time so we could do whatever it is we liked. My friend Carole's camera was no longer working so I had offered to take pictures for her.

As Solara stood with each individual, it was like she was initiating them again because her guides came through with a message channeled for each individual. That was awesome to see and I totally loved hearing other people's messages. Very powerful and moving. (I was a little disappointed that I had already had my picture taken back on the Isle of Philae.) Then, as if Solara An Ra read my mind, she offered to channel a message to those of us who had already had their picture taken. I was so excited--doing mini cartwheels inside. I really wanted a message! I mean I am always giving messages to my friends, clients, students and well I want one for me from someone else. :)

Side note, so far on this trip, I haven't really been myself. I mean I am quiet ( I know those of you who know me can't even imagine that, but try...really try.) I felt really reflective and inside myself....almost feeling lost in emotion and stuck, but not really? If that makes any sense. I felt like I just wanted to experience the trip and not think. I was so emotional on my way, that I feel part of me was afraid to feel everything else so I got quiet and stepped into the background...if it were not for the people I interacted with I don't know that anyone would have known I was there. (hmmm...the worthiness thing perhaps? Am I worthy to be here on this trip that truly on paper I cannot afford? Am I worthy to be this kind of light? All these thoughts pervaded my mind from time to time. Was I really this powerful Goddess when I lived in Egypt in other lifetimes? Now this is something I hope to explore later, but just in case...what I learned was that my lifetimes in Egypt have not always been good for me...I mean I have had much pain and trauma in those lifes and I believe once I stepped foot on the sand--those old energetic memories pervaded my life there.)

Back to my message. Now, while she was channeling a message for everyone else...we could each hear it. I heard one person receive the message you have to love yourself more--okay that wasn't the message, but it was the gist of it. So I am standing there thinking...I better not hear that as I have been doing the work to love me. I do love me I really, really do as all or most of you are aware that it is TRUE. Rest assured, that was not my message.

It was my time to received a message from Solara and I was excited, nervous and anticipatory.
She first channeled a sound into me. It was a beautiful sound that didn't sound human. It was very powerful. Then she channeled a message into me which I wish I wrote it down (by the way this is another one of those times that I tell you all to write things down that you think you will remember and then lo and behold, you don't write them down and you don't remember. It is okay--I do that too!) I don't remember the exacting wording that she said, but I do remember most of it. Her guides channeled through her the following information: "You are an Arcturian starseed. Your mission on earth is love. The life you have chosen to live is, in fact, carrying out your mission. It hasn't always been easy, but it is exactly what it is meant to be. You will have a much easier time of it." Okay that is what I remember and I asked from support from my guides to help me with the clarity of it.

In case you are all wondering what is Arcturian? Arcturus is a planet full of light beings. You may have heard of the Pleiadians and the Sirians...well Arcturians is another member of the Galactic Federation. I always knew that I was something--hahaha I often wondered if I was Pleiadian, but now I have received my clarity which is something I have been searching for. So, we will talk more about them in the future...keep your eyes open to Arcturian information..(I'd love whatever you have gathered over I have very little information about then at this point other than what I personally am channeling.)

So, Solara comes out of her channel and says, I don't know anything about the Arcturians and I think, really? Just my luck--I am a being from another mother and no one can help me. No one else on our tour was "seeded" as Arcuturian...(the other people she gave information about "seeding" were either Pleiadian or Sirian)yet again I am different, but I am liking it this time around, I must say. Just disappointed that she didn't have any information or has not worked with Arcturians before me. Someday I will have to ask Solara to ask her guides to channel information about the Arcturians for me.

Onward, we still have the rest of the day...hey I am Arcturian, what are you? Just trying it on for size. :)



  1. Great post! I'm Pleiadian.
    But I see channelled messages from Arcturians a lot. Can tell you more later. Don't worry, you're not alone! I haven't even found other P's to be friends with yet.


  2. Let's exchange notes...I know more P's than A's! hahaha

  3. According to Sheldan Nidle, the Arcturians are tall horse-like beings and they are known for as being great healers. One of them, named, masupa from the GFL, visits him twice a day to adjust his energies. No coincidence you are a healer too in this human life-time.

  4. I too am from the great star system, Arcturus from the planet Yemib, which is also the ancestral home to the feline. There are 37 planets in the Arcturus system. I've had many lives on my home planet and many on Earth. This information was channeled through a neighbor whose wife was my sister and through many lives there and on earth. We are learning so much, but the main lesson is Love. Earth is ill and must heal. Many changes abound with the ascension. Please be aware of the many changes about to occur in life for us all. Clean the body temple to raise your vibration. Love Prevails.

  5. Hello LotusDoll,

    Good to "meet" you a fellow Arcturian! I wish to know more....I am still learning about Arcturus.

  6. MysignaturesaysLionFebruary 12, 2012 at 4:40 PM

    Hi, my brothers and sisters!
    I'm trying to find some kind of tablet with the characteristics for A's, P's, etc. My whole life, here on Earth, I knew that I have a special mission; all that I've managed to do was bringing peace, love, hope in people's life (people that have met me). I'm awake for quite some time, now. Since 28 yo, if someone asked my about my age I was answering:
    "I'm here, on planet Earth for just 28 years" (now I have 31). Thank you all for being! I love you all!
    Oh...there are so many things I would like to share...And I will do that in one of my video projects. I need to find out where I came from. NAMASTE