Thursday, January 20, 2011


Group Circle Meeting...

Tonight we gathered together as a group of 33 for the first time in a circle. This is the official beginning of the trip. I felt a little left out that so people knew each other because they had been on many journeys before with Solara En Ra. This was my first. We gathered together and each person said their name. It was amazing that as each person spoke, they gave their “3-D name” or their spiritual name which they received on other trips, and chose to offer whichever they wanted to be called. When it came to my turn, I gave my name as “Ra'chel” just came out of my mouth. By the way, you need to pronounce in the Hebrew way where you clear your throat before pronouncing “chel”. It was amazing. I thought in my head I am April, but my spirit took over and "I am Ra'chel" was what came out. Solara en Ra's guides confirmed that is what I was supposed to be called on this journey. So I was no longer April, but Ra'chel and that is what people began calling me. Phenomenal. We just finished and I am now off to sleep on for the journey tomorrow to Saqqara, the oldest pyramid in is a step pyramid. We have to meet in the lobby at 7 a.m. so good luck to me miss not so early to bed and jet lagged. See you tomorrow night.


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