Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Portal Perhaps?

Still between the paws of the Sphinx for another meditation (yes still sitting on the sand well there is a paper thing blanket between my butt and the sand...get the picture? It is like having my butt directly on the sand anyway with the coldness of it.)

Now, I am not sure you can grasp the enormity of this statue and just how large those paws are so I will throw this extra picture of me trying to squeeze in between the paws to get warm (yea right, stone paws to keep me warm. hey the pyramid held a lot of heat?)

Then, Armukara Angel (another beautiful soul who supported Solara An Ra on this journey with her Sirian Channelings) guided us all into a beautiful meditation integrating the energies of The Sphinx and the all too surreal experience of the Great Pyramid. It was incredible--I could feel my body expanding (my light body that is); it felt like we we filled that space with all our lightbodies. The Sirians really do pack a punch when it comes to meditation...incredible experience. It actually warmed me up so much physically too.

Then we had a little more time to walk around and view the grounds around the Sphinx. There were ruins.

Then as we walked back up the steps and out there was an area with doorways which looked like it may have been a building at some point, but it didn't have a roof of any sort and no one seemed to mention it, but I saw a doorway that really seemed to pull me over to it. Others of us were viewing this area too.
This doorway felt to me to be a portal of something. You can see by my picture, "Sol" felt the same thing, he was feeling the energy of this gateway. My intuitive impression is that we were viewing it backwards. This is another picture from someone else's album hopefully it helps to convey what I am about to say.
It appears to me where you see the wood door that was the entrance into this complex at the Sphinx. I think people entered from the "road" there and walked down through (where you see Sol touching the door facing out, I believe he was facing the wrong way). I believe when people entered through this "door" it was a portal into a higher dimension. It was like people (priest, high priestesses, humans) entered through this gateway to "worship" into this sacred place through a different dimension. It is like as soon as they crossed the threshold of that doorway they moved into higher awareness, energy and the like. I will try to explain humanly--sometimes it is hard for me to convey what I am feeling in words on paper...at least in person I get to use my hands, motion my body, draw pictures. hahaha So here it goes, it is kind of like when you go to a Catholic Church, a Jewish Synagogue or any place of worship really, if you are sensitive you can feel the energy of prayer and healing by walking in because in these places of worship much love and light is located in there...so you are transformed by just being present. Even if people who attend do not "follow" they are uplifted by those who do. Not sure that is clear as I don't attend church any longer, but I do go to Temple (Synagogue) from time to time and I can uplifted and "high" feel alive when the prayers are being recited. It is mighty powerful. By the way, I was Jewish in many past lifetimes and particularly several times in Egypt (as a female I was named Ra'chel and as a male I was name "Ari" that just came to me)...this is a story for another time, but promise to tell you that one day. Though, I do believe one of the lifetimes will come out on this journey...onto the Camel ride...all of this happening before 10:00 a.m. Imagine that...

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