Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Apologies for delay in Posting from Egypt

Hello Dear Ones,

I apologize for interrupting your regularly posted blogs, but internet access is not easy to come by here in Egypt so I am not sure how many more posts I will be able to send before I leave this hotel, but I am hoping at the very least...so much to write and so much to tell..it is amazing here...

Just an FYI--it was just 11:11 here on January, 11, 2011...be sureto take a view minutes to honor the energy...11 is also known as twinflame energy. I will be writing to you again. Must love, light and blessings...from Egypt..my adventures in Egypt along with spiritual expressions will be journaled and blogged during opportunities I have to log on...if I don't I will post them upon my return to America.

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