Sunday, January 23, 2011

Great Pyramid, Open Hearts, High Priets of Melchizedek

When we arrived in the Queen's Chamber, we gathered in circle and began delayering ourself because it was so warm. We made some beautiful music with our voices led by the angelic voices of many of the lightworkers in the room. It was phenomenal the echo...remember we are in a four walled rock room. hahaha The vision of angels flying around the room was so incredible that I felt like I could reach up and touch them. By the way, the Queen's Chamber is not some beautiful room that you would see in a European castle like the name reflects, rather is an empty room with walls and horrible fluorescent lighting provided by the tourism industry in Egypt. Though, I am very thankful for the lighting believe me...not knocking the lighting that is probably the one thing that made me feel safest.

Just as we began to cool off, Solara An Ra, said, "It's time to make our way to the King's chamber." What she didn't say was that we would have to once again crouch our way out of the Queen's Chamber and walk vertically up the pyramid once again to get to the King's Chamber. Now, the one thought in my mind was "OMG" it is really hot and I want to rest before going any further. Not to mention I want to leave every bit of clothing I had on in the Queen's Chamber. So we walk out and find a little area where we can stand at full height and we can see where we are going to walk to. Mind you, I do not believe that this picture gives you the full effect of what we had to climb, but a mall idea perhaps?

At the place where we could stand upright there was a part of the wall that was almost like a bench, or we all wanted to visualize it as a bench and use it to store our clothing cause that is exactly what we did. For me, I left my blanket, my backpack and all contents of it, my sweatshirt, hat, scarf. Now I was making my way up in a lot less than I entered the pyramid with. The steps up were fine as long as you didn't look up and didn't look back. Top step a little slippery, but we had lots of help...everyone helped one another whether they knew you or not. (I think to myself, if only that is how the rest of the world operated in the everyday world--what an amazing place it will be. Hopefully, at the end of this trip each of us will bring back that energy and anyone who comes in contact with us will feel it too!)

We get to the King's Chamber and how incredible the energy is in there...heavy, but quickly filling with light. We walk in and find a place to place down our stuff. At the other end of the room from the entrance, there is the Sarcophagus that held the dead king. It is empty now and it is broken on one end. Now, the night before Solara An Ra and her guides said that if we felt inclined to lay down in the sarcophagus we will receive a third eye activation. The night before, I was thinking I am not likely to lay in a tomb, but I will wait and see what the experience holds and if I feel so inclined.

We quickly set up and altar going towards the sarcophagus in the middle of our circle with our crystals that we brought along.

We began by holding hands and calling in the light into this time and space as we wanted to fill the sound chamber with all the light possible. We know how many people will walk in and out of here going forward and we want to be sure that light touches upon them when they enter the pyramid and leave just a little bit differently (for the good) than when they came in. We stepped back as Solara An Ra prepared the way to channel. I felt guided to place my hands in a prayer posistion. I feel as though I drifted in and out of Solara's channeling as I heard some of what she said and then none of what she said.

All of a sudden, I felt someone place their hand at my left waist from the back. I opened my eyes to look to see if one of my fellow lightworkers had reached over to touch me, but no one had. Still Solara was channeling, but I wasn't hearing what she had to say. Then, I felt another hand placed on my right shoulder, I again opened my eyes, but each of us was in our "own world" if you will. And at that exact moment, I heard Solara loud and clearly channeling about Sacred Couples and Sacred lovemaking. It was as if that part of her channel was just meant for me to hear. I don't even remember her exact words, but in that instant I realized that the hands on my low back left waist and my right shoulder were my beloved twin's standing to my right (as he often comes in energetically on my right) holding me as this part of the channel was being said. It was as if he wanted to get my attention to listen about our job as twinflames to bring light and love to heal gaia. There is more I am sure I will recount as time goes on or as I get more clear, but for now that was incredible.

After this amazing experience, Solara An Ra asked each of us if there was anything we wished to add and Crealo Ra added for us to use the Violet Flame to clear out what is not needed in preparation for our work there. (See this journey was more than just visiting sacred places and getting activated, it was a journey to work by way of healing the places we visited with our energy of love and light!)

Then a beloved soul and friend, Sopdet Ra, began to channel the most beautiful light language message. It was truly powerful, moving and transformational (mind you there is no way that those words could ever really convey the powerful message that Sopdet Ra was able to bring to us). Her channel of light language moved some of us to tears and emotions opening our hearts. (We found out later after digesting our day that the channel was intended to open our hearts even further.) I believe it not only opened hearts, but melted some as well.

Another warrior of the light, came forth with a message about releasing the bondage of lifetimes for women. Interestingly, I had received a very similar message at a full moon meditation group I attended personally last month. We are not only bringing in the energy of the Divine Feminine to this earth with our work, but we are healing past misconceptions of the female over many lifetimes. Incredible how we all felt this powerful energy just moving through us.

Then as if time stopped back 1000's of years earlier, we (each and every one of us) took our places as priests and priestesses in the King's Chamber. Some of us sat around the altar in the center of the room (room now only lit by candles and the light of our spirits), began drumming, playing the toning bowls, chanting, voice toning, singing while others began to perform healing. Still others took their place around the sarcophagus as each person (initiate) decided to lay down in the sarcophagus for their activation of their third eye. My role was to support the initiates as they entered the sarcophagus one by one and help in the healing that took place in the sarcophagus. I found sounds coming out of my mouth that I never heard some were beautiful, some were powerful and some didn't sound human. I found that my arms naturally raised up as if opening my wings. It was so incredible that each of us just did this without words a remembered initiation of old. If it were to be orchestrated it could never have been as beautiful or as smooth.

When it was my turn to lay down in the sarcophagus, one person anointed my third eye while another person placed their hands at my back in preparation for the activation (giving me healing). Then, they helped me in and I laid down in the sarcophagus which was not as intimidating perhaps because I wasn't thinking I was just in the energy of it was my turn. I closed my eyes and immediately I felt energy at my third eye and I felt as if I was transferred to another place. I was out. The next thing I knew was someone was tapping my leg telling me to come out, but I didn't want to come out. I wanted to stay where I was. I came out and then no longer did sound or healing, I took my place around the circle to absorb the energy, the process of what just happened. I toned softly as I sat around the altar with other beings. It was like we changed the guard because the people that were working before were not sitting down in the circle and those that were in the circle were not working.

Then the lights in the King's Chamber turned on and brought us back in our physical bodies (somewhat). It was getting time for us to leave there (now remember we had a private showing of the pyramid that cost a great deal of money, but the thing is that they were going to be opening to the public soon.) We had to move quickly to leave there as I believe we overstayed by a little bit. We had to make our way down that long vertical walk...not so bad when you are naturally high on the energy of spirit. I felt like I was floating down the steps. I gathered up my stuff and I really did start floating that when I got to the last three steps, I slipped and landed on my back. I didn't even notice it as the others had. I sat out for a little while as others exited. Everyone was so extremely helpful.

We made our way into the morning sky with the sun is the view from the pyramid upon exiting...

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