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Wow! Incredible sight of the Step Pyramid. So we meet at the bus at 7:15 and the bus takes us on a ride to Saqqara. Driving is a little better with the bus since they must have to have some kind of driving permit to lug around a bunch of tourists who fear for their life in cabs, right? I digress.

Driving to Saqqara was an adventure, the road has cars, buses and wagons pulled by donkeys on it. Yes, all are part of the traffic and not to mention people carrying things on their heads and just walking in and out of traffic. Amazing it is somehow an orderly chaos because I did not witness an accident or running over of a person. Still this all feels so surreal. This part of Egypt looks like what you see in movies with the donkey carts on the side of the road selling fruits and vegetables, particularly bright orange oranges, but warning they are not always juicy!

We arrive at the the Step Pyramid of King Joser. It was really cold so I thank Brittney (a wonderful soul and my friend for my Christmas gift) for my beautiful wool shawl as that came in very handy as did the mini-quilt my mother gave to me. To get to the Step Pyramid, you have to walk into this temple like building. It is so tall and there is no roof tons of natural light coming in. There is no way humans with our height or even a little taller could have built this. I mean it looks near impossible. I did take pictures and hope that they are worth posting so you can see. We walk into the entrance, and travel through what appears to be a long hallway with pillars and empty spaces on each side. Our tour guide tells us that it is believed to have had statues in those empty spaces between those columns. We walk the hallway and come out onto the other side of this long “hallway” (I put that in quotes because the hallway isn't a hallway like we know them to be) to what looks like a huge sand covered (not covered that is the earth) courtyard. Completely open space that looks to me to be a huge courtyard surrounded by a large wall of stone and little “areas” cut into maze-like inserts along the outside of the wall for full and partial statues that remain(as much has been destroyed over time as well as that the word? hmmm). It almost reminds me of a Catholic know the little areas along the outside walls on the way to the altar or front sides surrounding the altar area. The altar in this case would be the step pyramid where we find out that we cannot enter because they are doing restoration.

This pyramid is huge, but I know from what people are saying not as huge as the Great Pyramid in Giza. It is being worked on by many men and I took a picture to give you the idea of the pyramid and how it looks being worked on. And the fact that the men look like ants upon it and only when you focus your eyes in the sunlight you can make out the movement of men...I mean ants don't wear white clothing, or do they? Again, I don't think this was something that humans could have made—at least not alone that is. My spirit tells me that they had a lot of help from star doubt.

So, we gather in a circle on the cold sand and sit while Solara connects with her Pleaidian Guides and any other energy at Saqqara that has a message for us. I was cold and the last thing I wanted to do was relax and connect with my guides...oh and not to mention there is no place to pee except on the moving bus! So we 33 tourists gather in a circle a bit intimidating to the other tourists there and guards. Our tour guides appear a little nervous as they say they will stand outside the circle and ward off the guards (the guards with machine guns). I think they may have been afraid of being in the circle with these weird people setting up an altar in the middle with crystals and any other precious item we had to share. We begin by alternate nostril breathing (loving it—totally takes me to a natural high vibration quicker than any other form of breathing look out students you are going to learn it too!).

Solara en Ra channels information about this pyramid and about our mission on this trip. Did I mention that this trip is more of a journey to heal Gaia and the sacred sites of Egypt? Our mission is to bring light and love into the very earth of all the places we will visit on this trip. What better way to effect change connect with the high frequencies of light residing in Egypt than to light our path and the path of thousands of people who will tour after us to these places. We ground our light into the earth there and then disperse to look around on our own.

Solara's guides found an area that they would like her to channel a little more as it is more private than the open "courtyard" by the way because of the restoration we are not allowed too close to this pyramid nor inside of it. We all formed a semi circle as she channeled...sometimes it is obvious that she is channeling and surprisingly we don't get into trouble. After she finished the message was about how we must trust that we are meant to be where we are and to trust and honor our highest guidance available while at this ancient place. Much will happen on this journey she shares with us. The second half of her message is about how important self love is to our journey in general not just Egypt—see everyone it is not just me preaching about self love it is something everyone channels which tells me that as a collective of humans on this planet we are not doing a very good job at it. We are in need of the constant reminders to hold that vibration of love. Some of us stay to feel the energy of the statue with our hands not placing our hands on the broken statue, but rather sending and receiving energy. The guards surround us and say no no. They motioned to us no pray no pray. You are not allowed to pray in sacred places in Egypt...apparently not openly. We tried to say we were not praying, instead just feeling the energy, but they didn't understand energy; so instead the guard had each of us stand up in front of the statue for a picture to be taken. They understand traditional tourist things, but not these "crazy people". Thankfully our tour guides were not far from us and helped to explain we were just looking.

So we move on by ourselves or groups of two to wherever we feel guided. I found a place on a wall to sit where I grounded my light again and just felt high. It felt amazing to overlook the step pyramid. Meanwhile, all these people kept trying to sell me something it is too much so I learned quickly how to say no, thank you in Arabic. “La, shochkrun” spelling may be way off, but still close enough.

Then, we walked over to where camels were (climbing several steps) because there was an amazing view. I wanted a picture of the camel—just the camel. I heard one of my fellow travelers taking a picture and the man wanted “Bachsheit” (again Arabic spelling is not so great.) which is a tip. He did nothing, but wanted a tip for his camel having had its picture taken. Oy this trip may cost a little more than I expected.

We made our way back through the large “hallway” and Solara suggested that we stand where the statues may have been in between the columns see what we sensed. Did we feel like statues were there? She also instructed us to call light into this “time and space”. Walking down that "hallway", immediately I was guided to walk directly to one of them, not the one I thought I would have been guided to as on the way in I could feel energy all around me pulling me in different directions.

The space between the columns that I was guided to pulled me right in. I stood there and could definitely feel energy pull me in further as I stepped inside. Then, I stood there for a moment calling in the light with my eyes closed and hands out and open; the next thing I know...I opened my eyes and felt like I was plucked back into my body. Whew--what was that? Where did I go? It felt like it was just a couple of minutes, but as I stepped out of the space I didn't recognize a soul as it must have been a long time because no one I know from my group was around me, but there were a bunch of obnoxious tourists running through. Clearly the length of time was a lot longer.

We sure didn't have a traditional breakdown of what this place is, instead we had a beautiful spiritual experience, but I have to say that I look forward to going home and looking up the historical “thoughts” on this place as I am sure it is different than what we are experiencing spiritually.

I walk out to find my peeps in a circle waiting for us slackers (that would be me off in the universe somewhere) to listen to our guide talk about the place. As he talked, I was not listening at all as I was still trying to figure out where I went for that time in between the columns. Amazing...tonight we gather in circle, but since it is much colder than anyone anticipated (glad I was not the only one thinking that it would be warm) we are meeting on the green in a circle at 4:00 p.m.

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  1. This post is so enthralling...I could see it in my head like scenes in a movie.